Today, we’re going to unbox the new zblaze gtr in today’s video we’ll, see what we have from this device. What we have in the box in the software, we will run some tests and see how this watch will perform in the next video. We will see how to connect it with android and ios and we will run the test, see what we got in the apps and we will know, is this watch worth to buy or not? We have the box in front of us now. The z plays gtr, as you can see, the gts is in the background we saw that before. So we have all the hard drive monitoring. We have blood pressure metering, tango based exercise, female cycle, tracker, sleep, quality, motoring, sleep, tracking, calorie burn, daily step goal. Real time pace we have notifications, walk, one click, reject and mute calls. We have weather, forecast, fine phone turn, rest detection, music control, etc. So you can see we have quite a few options here and the gtr. You can see the charger, the straps that are very soft and good quality and the watch itself with protection to not scratch it. We have 1.3 inch display, colorful and 30 meter water resistant. Also, we have a 30 day power, saving battery life or 18 days typical, using scenario you can see the user manual. We have different uh languages, so it’s very easy for all of us to use it. To put the bands on is very simple.

You just have to click them in the place we i saw. I showed you this method plenty of times peel the protection off and let’s start the gtrc. What we got as you can see. We have very good good screen, colorful and very low brightness. I noticed so let’s go to the menu and immediately try to raise it see if we can raise it well. The second button you enter the menu let’s go down below and see if we can raise the brightness, as you can see now, it’s at the 5, and we can go up to 12 now we have a very bad, better display. So let’s begin here immediately to see what we got in details in this watch. You can see we have, as i said, a very good color uh face to change the face. You just press and hold the face, so we can change and download more and the app. These are only the ones that we already downloaded and or downloaded here. So we can change immediately, you can see we change it, we changed it immediately and the touch bar. We have time date percentage of battery. We have the brightness that we went and the settings to change. We have to disturb alarm information and find the phone down below you can see the low battery sign down below. We have the messages and the right. We have steps kilometer and other information. Throughout the day, sleep we have here the weather, heart rate, blood oxygen and that’s all in the menu.

If we press the second button like we saw before we can go to the first option, that is, sports, sleep steps, heart rate, blood pressure, notifications, alarm, stop, watch, timer, music control, fine phone, female photograph, weather and the settings in the settings we have brightness, auto, lock, Switch message, settings dial, settings device and clear data, so these are all the options that we have in the z place. Gtr so let’s go ahead and try some of them in the menu let’s go again to the top and see the sports what type of source we have we have here outdoor we have here outdoor run, outdoor walk, hiking indoor run, indoor, walk, stair, stopper outdoor cycling, Stationer bike, elliptical and lower machine. We have quite a few options here and if you press one of them as you can see, we have calories heart rate time and in the second page we have steps space and the distance as well, not too much information. But i think these are the main ones that we need to know and the left. We have the music control in the right. You can add the session and the result will be saved in the watch and in the app as well after the sport. We have to try the hoard rate and blood pressure. Let’S start with hard rig, which is the second option that we can try in the menu and we have immediately the result you can see we have highest and lowest, and that was the final result when it shut the watch.

Next, we have the blood oxygen. As you can see, we can see the percentage of the blood oxygen that we have and also again these data will be saved in the app. So we can check the statistic on what we did throughout the day. This is the final result of the blood pressure. Let’S go ahead down below see. If we can find anything you can see, we have the female option for the latest and for us we don’t have anything else to test here so guys. Well, this was all for today’s video.