This is a very cheap smartwatch with an amoled display, so lets jump right in and see what we got Music. So starting with the build quality of this watch. This watch is 67. I think and um the first well start with the strap. The strap here is rubber, its fluoro elastomer. I will say that the feel of this strap is a little bit less powdery than what you get with like an apple watcher and a mace bit not to say powdery is bad or worse, quality, its just a different preference. So this one is a lot um smoother it doesnt have that kind of, like subtle grain or, like velvet, feel you get with like with like the floral elastomer straps um. I prefer this um. That being said, the rubber here is a tiny bit stiff. So if you wear it for a little bit, it does start irritating like it started, irritating my wrist a little bit quicker than i would have liked, but otherwise its you know what its its its decent um. I also kind of like how this strap over here has. I dont know what you call it, but you see it has tabs. It has tabs here that, basically, whenever you uh put the watch on like this itll actually go into one of these tabs and it keeps it very secure so its much better than other straps that dont have tabs, where its just flat kind of like the bottom.

Over here, where you know its its kind of flat like this kind of thing, but when it has tabs like this, it basically never moves which is which is quite nice, so i i quite enjoy that and then of course, these straps here are removable uh. As you can see, they have these uh things here that you can push to enable or to lock and to unlock the straps in place, and then, of course, the body of this watch here is plastic, which makes it very light, which is very nice, because you Basically cannot feel it on your wrist in terms of weight, so thats thats, quite nice right there in terms of weight. The face here is metal because its fairly cold, so its nice, its stainless steel. It has etched designs in here with the red arrows. Its also got knight four screws here, some words and, of course you have three buttons here right. You have your regular button, your menu button, and then you have a sport mode or sport button which lets you quick, quick, quickly, start your workouts and then, of course you go to the back and on the back here you have your oxygen sensor, heart rate sensor, On the back, and of course you have your charging pins over there, which actually go along with this guy and it magnetically snaps on like this, so not bad, um, yeah, so thats, the body of the watch uh.

It was fairly comfortable, but i will say right now right now that if youre a smaller person like, i would say, if youre shorter than five nine thats, 173 centimeters and youre a man, this watch is going to be a little bit too big. Depending on how big your wrists are because my wrists are pretty small so as you can see its pretty big on my wrist, so if you have bigger hands bigger wrist, this will look decent on you, but if you have smaller hands smaller wrist, this wont look As good on you and i think, if youre a female, this is its just way too big. So just from the size like women, shouldnt get this okay. This test, we will put this watch underwater and well see if it fails yeah it works. I mean the touchscreen doesnt work on the water, but lets see if the touchscreen works above water. It does so. It looks like if its under water, your touchscreen, just doesnt work buttons still work, though so, but your touchscreen does not work. What, if you put it above water touchscreen works again, but yes, this is a waterproof device, so there you go all right. Everybody lets go through the features of this watch, so im gon na actually turn the brightness up. Just a tiny bit. Oh nope, there we go so um im going through the features of this watch. This watch here has an always on display option if you want, otherwise, it turns off after a pre determined time like this for 10 seconds and then of course, itll switch to always on like this, and so the screen is always on so thats quite nice.

Basically, because i like watches where i can glance at it, i dont have to wait, but if you jerk it im trying to do it, but there we go see, you can see that it switches to uh the actual watch face uh. It takes a little bit. It takes about a quarter of a second, so if youre really fast, you know you flip your wrist up like like this too fast. It actually wont wont register. It wont be fast enough. Um and itll still stay in the always on display mode and of course the touch is also disabled when youre in always on display. Of course, you press this button thats the main button. You can press the menu button to go to your menu. You can press the support button to go to a thats, basically a quick button, so you can start recording something like this and then you go here. You can check basically a workout, your activities, stats, sleep news, weather, etc, etc, etc. And then, if you want to access those same things instead of pressing here, you can also just swipe down, and it brings you to all this as well. So here we have a vibration intensity. We have uh. Wake for five minutes is off. We have lock to touch press up lock screen and then you just keep going. Then you just press and hold there. We go and it unlocks so thats. If you really need to not, you know, disturb your watch and thats do not disturb mode.

So you get no notifications. This is power saving mode. I will not do that, which is actually quite good ill talk about that later and, of course, settings you have watch faces, you can get a lot more watch faces on the phone and ill show you that later, but i wont do any of these and then, If you go more to settings, you have brightness, which i just showed you always on display, which i just showed you as well. As you can see, that is um always on off screen dial. You can select between a pointer and a digital. I chose digital and then, of course, you have activation time of where you can choose uh. What time you want it on or you want to active all day. So i have it set to 8 am to 10 pm and of course, you have auto lock, which is a 10 second setting that i have right now and system settings which basically restart power off reset qr code. This one is for you to download the app which i will talk about in a bit and then about which talks about the uh information on the watch, and, of course you want to swipe this way you can go to other settings like you know, beats per Minute oxygen, sleep data, weather songs and then, of course, todays data, which i have not done much today, so youll notice. One thing is that the interface of the watch isnt super smooth, so you can see that its a bit laggy.

It seems like the refresh rate and the software arent very good. So as a result, it feels a little bit laggy as youre swiping through things, so it doesnt feel amazing. But then again it is 70 dollars. So cant complain too much about that, especially when youre getting an amoled display and hopefully theyll fix it in a future update, but for right now, youll have to live with slow interface in terms of the watch um. You know what lets talk about battery life now. So, first of all is the standby time standby on. This is really really good, like i left it for 48 hours and it didnt even drop. I think it dropped to one percent in 48 hours so standby time. Absolutely amazing, of course, the always on display in this case was off because, if they always on display is on, then your standby time goes down so thats. The first thing. The other thing is talking about the daily usage of the watch, so i started using it on friday and it died on monday, so friday, saturday, sunday, monday so four days, but it was super intense use. I did notice that the website said that, with this watch with an always on display like this, you can use this for 10 days. Intense use, i dont know if maybe my use was just super intense, but i could not get it 10 days. I got four days um. That being said, the always on display was on all right, so uh and basically i hit 81 by the end of the day on friday and every day so friday, saturday and monday.

Actually so three days i did exercise and sunday. I did not, but i was wearing the watch. 20. Im. Sorry, not 24. 7. anytime. I was awake when i was asleep. I took the watch off to use and yeah, so i would say that with very heavy use you can get five days. I or you know four or five days. I would not trust their 10 day number just because i was not able to get 10 days and, of course, if you turn on power, saving mode like this, like battery life, just gets extended even longer, like, i think, with power saving mode. It lasted when, when did it last, it lasted for seven hours from five five percent to three percent, so thats really not bad at all. But im going to turn that off for now thats your battery snapshot, i would say four or five days is good for a heavy use and then, if you maybe you turn the always on display off youre gon na get longer than five days, maybe ten days, Um, but with it always on display youre gon na get four or five days on this watch. All right lets talk about this app over here. Um its functional ill go through all the functions later, but this app is very Music. Sketchy is not the right word. Its just its very unknown untested, so you dont know if its a good or a bad app right.

Like you know, it collects a lot of your data. There is an option here for you to actually delete your data, so you can actually go. I think here uh personal information, uh feedback. There was a place. You can go to actually delete their cancel your account and then you can delete your data as well. So they do have that option. Then again, you dont know how much data they actually delete. So i just want to caution you this one cannot be connected with google fit so thats the sad part of that, because otherwise i would just use google fit much better, so this app right here ill go through. Basically the cards you can choose you, for example. Here you have step count and, of course, im going to go to month and you can see that ive taken 28 000 steps in one two, three four five days right and so 20.65 kilometers in one two. Three four five days is actually not bad and then, of course, you can go to weak mode as well. If you want and day mode uh, which is, you know, useful as well uh distance same thing day week month, ill go to month. Same thing, 28. 590 steps, and, of course this is just steps as well, um so and then, of course, calories burned same thing. You have the same bar graph. You know that shows you the kind of calories youre bringing so a thousand calories is really not a lot.

I dont know how how im so skinny i should be really fat and then, of course, heart rate same thing. This records your um, your average heart rate. As you can see here, we have maximum of 154 thats, quite high minimum of 60, okay average of 90.. So maybe i should go to a doctor anyway, exercise record this one is a little bit different because, as you can see, there, isnt uh information presented in the same way. So the reason for that is because its actually getting stuff from the watch, and so as you can see here, i did outdoor cycling 16 minutes so here it shows google map, i dont, know why its not showing up, but it shows google maps that shows the Path by which you actually went and actually ill show you the strava map that i use, because i actually record the same thing in strava just to be sure and ill show you exactly where i went as well. So so like this right. So thats, where i went you know strava map, so the same app is shown in that app as well, not sure why its not showing but well keep going and then, of course, theres a graph that shows a graph of heart rate throughout the exercise. Quite i want to say useful, but its quite interesting, because im not a elite athlete, so i dont really care what my heart rate is over the entire time calories burnt and, of course, detailed uh.

You have estimations of you know warm up, fat, burning, aerobic endurance, anaerobic endurance, etc, of course distance, speed kilometers per hour. So this is nice. This does have gps. I i didnt mention that, but it does have gps, yes, and then i did a high intensity interval. Workout, so this one i didnt, really move around. I stayed in the same room, same thing, heart rate, calories details. You have all your stuff over here, exercise, time, etc sleep. I didnt, do it because i couldnt fall asleep with the watch on so im. Very sorry guys, but i didnt really test this for you. I really do apologize. I just cant sleep with watches on blood oxygen now were back to the same format of month. As you can see, blood oxygen shows max oxygen saturation. I dont know how useful or accurate this is so take. Whatever you see here with a grain of salt, effective standing is an interesting metric that they measure here. They say you know, standing standing exercise, not really exercise, but they basically measure how long youre standing effectively standing in a day. I dont know how useful this is again, but i mean it might be useful for some people. Now we go into the next tab and here is the exercise where you can actually go, and you can start start your exercise like this, but im gon na cancel it. How do i cancel it? Stop stop stop confirm device so thats, where you can start it as well.

I usually start it on the watch because its more easy, but you can do it on the device as well. So here you can actually select some of the settings on the watch. You can actually just change it from here if its easier. So for first thing you can do, is you click here? You can turn on power. Saving. You can turn off power saving. You can do race to wake which, if you race or if you move the watch into a position, itll wake it up, which is fine, find device there. We go anyway and then you have time settings brightness, settings, vibration, settings device, language, restart, bluetooth and device. So you have all the settings that you can do here as well and then this one is fairly important. You need to enable this to. You know, push notifications to this watch, so you need to enable background access and then here you have a dial center. So you see this dial i chose. I chose this one right so thats that right there oops right and then you can actually go online and look at all the other dials. I think theres about 100 dials here so theres. Quite a good selection. I dont know if theyre going to add more or anything but as you can see, theres a lot of dials you can choose here. I chose that one because i think it looks quite nice, but of course you can choose something else.

So, for example, if you want, i dont know pigment. For example, you can click sync dial and what itll do itll actually push that dial to the watch, itll transfer it and then itll install it and enable it on your behalf, so its very easy to use. Not bad and then as its installing ill just browse to other places and look at the dials that i like, so i actually dont remember which one i used before, but so it goes like this bam now its red. I dont like this as much. I, like black, dials because notice the amoled screen here like theres, a black ring thats, not a screen, so its kind of like a bezel. I dont like that. Look very much so, as you can see, i dont think it looks quite as nice but thats up to you but yeah you can choose any of these dials no problem well, keep moving. We have message notification settings. Basically, what you want to do is you want to enable all these well, maybe not miss calls and third party apps, and then you basically enable whatsapp or other apps to notify you on here. So you can well. I dont have any news right now, but you can receive notifications. I will say that if youre receiving like a trillion notifications, itll keep vibrating and every. And if you want to turn off um notifications, you are not able to because, as youre trying to swipe down here and click on, do not disturb the notifications.

Keep going off and they keep moving you back up to this screen over here. So i dont, i dont, want to say its poor design, but i dont know how theyre going to solve that and then, of course you have reminder settings as well alarm sedentary drink water, medication reminder you can set all those on the watch. I havent really set any because i dont really need anybody can set those continuous heart rate monitoring. I have that i had that turned off, but you turn that, on its gon na turn, like kill your battery life, so its gon na be even worse. So i suspect, with this on youre, probably down to two three days of battery life, which is not bad but uh. Very far. From their 10 day estimation, weather settings can set your city and it shows the weather shake to take photos. I dont i didnt use that and then of course theres other stuff here: personal information unit target settings, map feedback, etc, so yeah so thats, the watch um. What ill say about the watch is that its a decent watch, obviously the app the application that you have on your phone is the weak point in most of these cheaper chinese watches, because most more expensive watches connect to google fit cheaper chinese watchers use weird apps Thats your weakness right here with this watch, because otherwise the only other weakness would be the slowness in swiping, because everything else is there like.

Basically, everything you would want in a smartwatch, you get that here, then its only 69 and the screen is always on the battery. Life is actually quite good, like its not as good as the blaze claims, but its quite good. So its definitely good enough for most people. So would i recommend this watch, i think at 69. I actually would um just be aware of the two downsides number one sketchy chinese apps in cheaper, smart watches and number two. It is a little bit laggy, as you can see, when youre swiping, i think, thats just the nature of the device, its probably not super fast, but thats what you have to contend with. So let me know what you think in the comments down below. Let me know if you want to buy this watch if you want to theres a link in the description down below.