With this one, you can track your blood oxygen saturation level at all times you get more than enough sport mods to cover all of your needs. You get a weather forecast for the next couple of days and you get a sleep tracker that you dont want to miss out on hey folks. My name is leonard youre, watching the product review and thats me, of course, all right. This budget smartwatch has a lot to offer for just a little price of 55 euros. You get a rather big 1.78 inch ammo touch display with resolution of 368 by 448 pixel, so it actually has the same resolution and size as the apple watch series 6.. Overall, the body measures 45 by 37 by 11 millimeters, which makes it look rather big on most wrists, maybe not so much of mine, but just keep that in mind. Okay, on the backside of the watch, we get two sensors one for the heart rate and one for the bar oxygen saturation and both of them work rather precise. I compared the spo2 tracker from this watch to a real spo2 tracker for a finger and both almost gave me the exact same stats. The watch was off by like one to two percent at most on average, which is still pretty good. Now the heart rate was doing alright. Is you do get a few spikes for no reason at all, but it comes back down pretty fast now up to the straps, you do get exchangeable straps on this watch and all you have to do to exchange these straps is to pull back the metal pin On the back side of the watch, and you can attach any new 20 millimeter silicon strap or ladder strap or whatever strap to it and as well as this watch weighs in at 48 gram and it is compatible with ios, 11 above and android 6 and above Alright, now that we got all the specs knocked out of the way lets talk about some of the other features that we get on this watch and the first one i would like to talk about are the different watch faces now on default.

We only get like five different watch faces, which isnt a lot, but all of them kind of reminds me of the default watch faces that we get on the apple watch as well. So we get a few analog watch faces some with lots of metrics and stairs and one very simple one. Just so you know you cannot interact with any of these watch faces and theyre not customizable as well, not like on apple watch, samsung watch on the fossil watch. Now i would really love to that. Hylu brings a watch face door to the app, so we can download some more so we have a little bigger variety of watch faces to choose from, but enough of that so lets skip over to the sport mode and the activity tracking. This watch has 12 different sport modes, starting from jogging, fast walking, biking, climbing spinning, yogurt indoor running integrated training, which is probably strength, training, gymnastics, basketball, football and rowing. So, as you can see, we do not get a swimming mode, since this watch is only ip68 waterproof. So that will be enough for splash waters if you wash your hands or if you sweat a lot while youre doing any exercises. Also, you got to keep in mind that we have no business gps, so we cannot track any routes period, but at least you get to see all of your past workouts on the watch and the accuracy of the stats seems to be alright.

Now on this watch, you can receive all kinds of notifications you just have to swipe up from your home screen click on the message icon and you can start reading all of your notifications. Now this what you receive just about any notification that you would normally get on your smartphone as well, so sms you get instagram! You get whatsapp messages, emails and stuff like that. If you swipe down you get to your quick panel, on which you have your dnd mode, brightness settings find my phone and the settings. One thing i just have to mention about the watch is that its very responsive so open up new applications or if you swipe, left and right up and down all of that feels very nice and fluent now. You would think that all of that, having a bright ammo touch display an all day, spo2 level tracker and a heart rate tracker, would cause a lot of battery consumption, but thats not true, so you actually have 7 to 10 days of battery life, depending on how Much youre using it, so it can be a little bit more or a little bit less, but one week of battery life still rains at top. If we talk about battery life, consumption of smart watches, now, if we swipe up again, we see all of our other applications. This watch, of course, has a little weather widget, with a three day weather forecast, a sleep tracker that tracks you deep and light sleep as well.

As your time awake, we get a basic music player that is compatible with most music playing apps that you have on your smartphone, just for example, spotify. But with this one you can skip a track, go back a track. You can play and pause and you can even adjust the volume. Of course we get the standard stuff like a timer and a stopwatch and a one to two minute guide to breathing exercise. Now all of your health stats can be looked up on your smartphone on the hilu fun app as well. You can check out your stats from the past week month and even the whole year from over. Here. You can also start exercises set targets for the distance total time and burn calories, very basic, not complicated and very user friendly and folks thats. All i have to say about the smartwatch.