So here we have an affordable rugged. Smart fitness watch with a premium amoled display good battery life all day, heart rate sensor, youve got sb02 sleep, tracking, stress, tracking and guess what you even got built in gps. Now the watch itself is made from a plastic watch case finished in mostly black, but the bezel is finished in this gun, metal, silver, color and the back cover is also made from plastic now over here you can see your health, sensors and charger pins and ill Quickly show you the charger in action, so youre getting a usb magnetic charging plate and you simply line it up with the pins, its a magnetic connection, and it does take around 90 minutes to fully charge but will give you typically 14 days battery life. Now, on the side of the watch, we have three buttons which are actually made from stainless steel. First button is your menu function button, the middle button? Is your power slash home button and the last button is actually customizable, so i have it to open my workouts, but you can customize it to open any app you like and on the front. You are looking at a beautiful 1.3 inch, amoled display with a screen res of 360 by 360., its a nice bright colorful display with a very decent responsive touch screen. Also, this is running a custom os by z, blaze, which appears to be quite user friendly. Furthermore, the watch does connect to your smartphone via bluetooth and it uses bluetooth version 5.

, and i must add, this watch does not have any built in wi fi, but you do have a multi satellite gps built in which is actually quite rare. At this price point – and i can also confirm that this watch does not support bluetooth phone calls. Instead, if someone calls you, you will see a notification with the option to drop the call, but you cannot answer the call on the watch now. You also have 24 hour heart rate. Monitoring sbo2, however, is on demand, so you cant monitor your sbo2 constantly. That option is just not there. The watch can also automatically track and monitor your sleep, and the sleep tracking is actually quite good and accurate, and all your health activities can be viewed from your smartphone and the smartphone app supporting both android and ios, and the smartphone app is called the infoware app. Now you have your health page at a glance showing you all your health metrics as soon as you open up the app it also automatically pairs and syncs all the data to your phone, and you can view detailed reports on any of these metrics by simply tapping On them, and then it will give you a daily weekly or monthly view of your stats. You can also initiate workouts directly from the phone. You can see a map and you just hit the start button or you can do it directly on the watch and leave the phone at home, because this watch does have gps built in now under device info.

You will see all your watch settings and features if you tap on the watch name. It will take you to the watch settings from here. You can see. We have power, saving settings which is actually off. If you activate power saving mode, it will disable always on display notifications and the brightness will be switched to the lowest setting from here. You can also configure the race to wake and the option to actually find your watch. If you lose it and under more settings, you can configure your time format so 12 hours or 24 hours youve got your brightness levels, you have your vibration settings languages, device restart and from here you can also initiate firmware updates by simply tapping on the device firmware Update and if there is an update available, it will immediately start downloading now. If you go back and you tap on dial center, it will show you all your watch faces. Youve got four watch faces to begin with. The top three are your built in system watch faces, and the fourth watch face is your downloaded watch face if you click on online dial, youll have a whole bunch of watch faces that you can download from. These are in fact categories. So if you tap more, they will give you quite. A large selection of watch faces that you can choose from most watch faces, are around half a megabyte in size and it takes around 40 seconds to transfer the watch face to the watch.

But unfortunately – and i am surprised to see this youre only able to have any four watch faces at one time, so the fourth watch face is your downloaded watch face. If you download another one, it will overwrite that fourth watch face, so these three will always be there and the fourth one will be your downloaded watch face. So unfortunately, only four watch faces at any one time. If we go back under message, notification settings and over here youll be able to toggle your required notifications and by default notifications are actually off, so you do need to go in and configure it accordingly. Now we also have a reminder section under which you have alarms sedentary drink water and medication reminders for health tracking. You only have the option for continuous heart rate monitoring and by default this is actually off. So if you want to monitor your heart rate 24 7, you need to go into settings and switch that on. There is no option for 24 7 spo2 monitoring. Spo2 is demand manual. Only so you check your spo2 when you need to its not going to automatically do it for you and finally, you have your weather settings and options to activate shaking your wrist to take a photo so ill show you what that looks like. So if you tap that it will open up the camera, if you imagine im wearing the watch on my wrist shake the watch and youll see a three second countdown and your photo is taken.

So that is basically a remote camera and under the my tab you will see your personal information units, you can set your goals and targets etc, and i know some of you are going to ask so ill. Just show you it straight away. Yes, you can integrate with apple health and strava if youre using strava, so the smartphone app is informative and has an easy to use interface. Coming back to the watch, we have 5 atm waterproof certification, so its good for swimming, and it will track your swimming strokes, etc. Now the watch dimensions its 46 millimeters in diameter with a thickness of 12.9 millimeters and apparently it weighs 52 grams, but we are going to test that out right now, so ill zoom in on that way, just make sure you can see it 52.6 grams with the Straps on now talking about the straps you have silicon straps finished in black. The buckle is in fact made from plastic and the straps do have a quick release on the back, so you can replace them with your own 22. Millimeter strap now lets check out the watch faces now. This is your default watch face and if you want to change your watch face, you just keep the center pressed for a few seconds, youre not going to feel any haptics, but the screen will zoom out slightly and then you can simply swipe left or right and Select a different watch face and again – and there are only four watch – faces – that youre going to be able to choose from – and here is a closer look at the four watch faces that are available on this watch.

Music, all right so time to check out the watch features if you swipe down from the top youre gon na see your notifications, and these are notifications, pushed from your phone and they are read only so. You cant reply to any of these notifications. They are simply read only now. If we swipe up from the bottom, you will get some quick toggles for common settings like battery saver, brightness screen lock and lots more. If we swipe to the left or the right, you will see your health tiles so starting off with heart rate sensor, then we have sbo2 monitoring sleep, tracking, local weather, music player. So there is no internal storage for music. This is simply a music remote control. So, when music is playing on your phone, this lets you control it and if you swipe again, it will give you todays health data at a glance and then take you back to the watch face so lets quickly go through the system. Apps. If you press the top button, it will show you all the apps, starting from the top youve got your workouts activity, stats, heart rate, blood, oxygen, sleep, monitoring, news, weather, music control, stopwatch timer, find phone and settings so ill quickly. Show you some of these youve got workouts and there are quite a few built in workouts that you can choose from so lots of workout options: okay, its now time to test out the health sensors. I want to know how accurate these health sensors are at this price point.

You cant expect medical grade standards, but i do have a medical grade sensor right here. This is the o2 ring which you wear on your thumb and it will give you medical grade accuracy for your heart rate and blood oxygen. So watch is on my wrist and the o2 ring is ready as well. So lets swipe and begin with testing our heart rate, so the o2 ring is showing us a heart rate. Reading of 93. lets see what we get 94 93 91 on the o2 ring 92 on the watch and 92 on both now thats, not bad im. Actually, accepting that okay, so we are now going to compare the blood oxygen reading here we go im going to try to stay absolutely still for this reading you can see the o2 ring is giving us a blood oxygen of 97, all right 99 on the watch. Now, usually these type of watches when they give a 99 reading, it means that its not actually working to prove that i will try it again and if it gives us 99 again, then you know that the blood oxygen reading is not actually doing what it should Be doing and ive got this on proper, tight and ive got the desk raised so im just literally resting my arm on this desk. So trying again three two one: here we go so 97 blood oxygen on the o2 ring any reading under 99 is all i want right now lets see what the watch can do.

99, so thats going to be 99 blood oxygen, no matter how many times i try. Unfortunately, that is the case. So there you have it guys zblaze stratos 2, an affordable, rugged. Smart fitness watch, giving you a good balance of premium features for the low price. I have a wrist circumference of 7 inches. The watch does have a bit of bulk to it. Its supposed to be a rugged designed watch, but it doesnt feel heavy 52 grams is super light on the wrist. So i can wear this all day long with no issues now really nice to have that beautiful amoled display along with 580m water resistance – and you also get built in gps – build quality is mostly plastic. Although the watch does look quite metallic in design also, there is no automatic spo2 monitoring. Also the accuracy of the manual sbo2 tracking does not seem very accurate other than that touchscreen is super. Responsive software and ui is pretty user friendly. Now battery life is pretty good. You can expect around 9 to 10 days with normal use, and if you switch on the battery saver mode, you can achieve around realistically 20 days battery life. So, all in all its good for the money definitely check out the zblaze stratos 2 links will be in the description for your convenience. I hope you found this video useful hit the like button.