Today we have the z, blaze, stratos ii, Music, now im going to do an unboxing and if youve never seen one of my reviews, then you dont really know im gon na take this guy out of the box. Show you how it works. What comes out of the box and uh then go wear it for a few days and come back with a full uh, fair and honest review. Now i paid for this with my own money. So this is a completely unbiased review out of the main shipping box. It looks like the cradle came separate now, itll be interesting to see if the company threw this in as a spare. If theres one in the box, i dont know it looks like a glass screen protector here, maybe some nice little extras. I ordered this from aliexpress im excited about this watch. I ordered it. The very first date was available worldwide. That was at the end of may and its almost the end of april uh. This just got here today and the rationale behind buying this watch with my own money, as i reached out to the company company and asked them. If this watch has a kayaking mode and in kayaking mode does it have? Does it turn on the gps, and they said yes to both of those questions, so we shall see now. The watch i have been wearing for a few weeks now is the cr130, its branded under a whole bunch of different names.

I bought this because one of the modes in here actually is kayaking. However, this watch does not turn on the gps when im kayaking, so it just gives me my time, kayaking calorie burn estimate and all that built in gps. Uh lets see what comes out of this box: okay, some sort of a warranty, the watch itself, which looks very nice and attractive um, very much like the amazfit stratos kind of the same concept. Now the z blade stratos two um also has uh and always on display. Allegedly now you do see a charging cradle in the box, so the one that came in the shipping container was a spare thats nice. So ive got two of those now and uh. Ive got the user manual. This actually feels like a reasonably good user manual and it does walk through the steps. Nice diagrams. Okay, so were good here i like this and it looks like the app is going to be infoware, so i dont know what that app is thats new to me. Let me peel off the screen protector here. This is the best part of reviewing any sort of electronics is taking that off for the first time, because it is so satisfying. Lets. Take a look at the watch im going to press the button here and see if it comes to life. Well, give it a few seconds: yes, its coming to life im just going to let this sit here, im going to go, install the app im going to go charge, this thing up and im just going to test the always on display here on camera here.

This is supposed to always be on uh, well test that out so hey thats. What you get out of the box, you get a charging cradle, you get the watch again. I think it looks very nice. I like the sporty design and when im out, kayaking and bright sunlight, i should be able to just glance down and read the screen with, if its always on and uh there we go, that is the z blaze, stratos chew. I cant wait to wear this for a few days, go kayaking with it and give you my full fair, honest review and youre about to get that over the next five to six minutes. Okay, this review can be rather short and sweet. This watch did not do what i thought it would do. I thought this was the next generation z blaze stratos. They call it the z blaze stratos chew, but it takes away a lot of the sports modes that the previous stratos had and im going to be doing a review of that one very soon. But you get into your main display here. Its a beautiful nice display its a 1.3 inch 360 pixels by 360 pixels. There is an always on display mode and well take a little deeper look at that later. You can swipe you get your heart rate and beats per minute. You get your blood oxygen saturation again, nice, big color screen and ive got the brightness turned down somewhat here.

You get your sleep analysis. Uh your light sleep versus deep sleep, a sleep score. Well, look at the app in a minute. You can pull in your weather, local weather, and you have music controls here now. This is not an mp3 player, but it will control the music function on your phone. You get some totals of your todays calories steps, uh standing and if you go into your workout mode here are your workouts. So you have outdoor running treadmill, outdoor walking, outdoor cycling, indoor, cycling, freestyle table, tennis, basketball, soccer, badminton cricket tennis trail run rock climbing zumba elliptical yoga all right. So there is no kayaking mode here. I was uh either wrong. I read something wrong or was misled um. That was what i was really hoping for its not there. You can get a breakdown of your activity for the day your kilocalorie burn again continuous heart rate. It keeps track of your workouts and exercises there. You have statistics summary: you can get your heart rate. You can do that on demand, your blood oxygen saturation, sleep news now this is not pulling in for me for some reason, ill have to play with that, a little more, the weather, your music controller, its got a stopwatch and a timer which is pretty cool. Its got to find your phone uh function and its got some settings in here where you can change. Your watch famous faces the brightness of the face, so i just turned it out always on display.

Now in the description for this watch, it says always on display. Keep in mind thats optional, you can depend, you can decide to turn that on or not, and you can have it only active during certain hours of the day through the app so thats actually pretty good, but i think by default, the always on display is not On all right, so keep that in mind: auto lock, system settings qr code about and thats about it, its um, not what i thought it was. If you like the looks and stylings of this as an outdoor active watch, it does have gps and the gps works. Just fine so thats good, so its not as advanced as i thought it would be with all the exercise modes, its sort of a basic chinese smart watch for about 60. 65, something like that. It depends what youre looking for, if you like the stylings. This might do it for you um. At this point, the original amaze fit stratos has come down within about 10 to 15 dollars. Of this i would say if you want an always on display in an outdoor gps, watch, go for the amaze fit stratos. But if you like this styling id say you know its a its an okay buy for the money, its feels a little bit light and cheap. I must say its not as heavy duty as i was hoping lets, go. Look at the app the app is called infoware and all in all is an app its okay, its laid out pretty nice.

You scroll down to sync your watch, the phone ive been aware, ive been wearing it for three days now, and the battery is still at 92 percent, so thats pretty incredible um. They claim. If youre in battery saver mode, you can get up to 25 days of battery life with this typical use 15 days, heavy usage up to 10 days and gps continuous use up to 40 hours, so theres, a big selling point is the battery life. On this thing. It will receive uh push messages from your phone that works, so you know all this stuff. You would typically expect expect from a basic um. Smart watch youve got your step count and for all of these screens you can tap in to get more detail. For you know the days the weeks you can go through the months uh your distance for the day, your calorie burn, your heart rate. It gives you your i have this turned on to do continuous heart rate. It gives you, your high, your low and your average heart rate over the course of the day. Your sleep um tracking analysis. It gives you your deep versus light sleep, okay um, so you know you can look at that over the weeks and months and get a handle on your sleep. Your exercise record heres a freestyle, uh exercise. I did in the gym today. It does your continuous heart rate again in your kilocalorie burn, and i think i can go back to previous days im sure i can you just have to go back and click on the days lets see if i find one with some exercise in it lets see What i did friday heres another freestyle, all right, so you get the same kind of graphs for all of your workouts and it keeps track of all those workouts blood oxygen saturation.

I showed you that well take a look at that again in a minute, your effective standing im not really sure what that is standing exercise. I dont really know. I think this is a reminder to tell you to stand. If you sit too long, there are your exercise modes where you can turn on the gps for outdoor cycling, outdoor walking and outdoor running the device itself. Various settings heres. Where you will change your settings, reminder settings continuous heart rate weather settings. You can shake the watch to take a photo to you know remotely trigger it from your trigger your phone camera from your watch and some more settings and personal information. And again, if you go into that continuous im, sorry, the spl2 mode! If you want to do heart rate im, sorry blood, oxygen saturation, you just click into it and then it tells you to hold still and then you see its got, both the green and the red diodes here all right. So i like that um. The watch feels you know a little bit light and cheap, as i mentioned, and there you go. It is the z blaze, stratos ii um. It is okay um for the money, i would say its okay, its not great im, not a raving fan, as it does not really give me anything over and above basic, smart watch functionality. But if you like the looks of it and youre. Okay, like the 65 dollar price point uh for gps watch that can have an always on display, turned on with good battery life.

Id say check it out. Maybe this is the one for you until next time be healthy, be strong, stay, safe and check me out at www.davethekayaker.