Smart watch guys youre watching youtube and if its your first time here, thank you. So much for clicking here to review smartwatch, smartphones and all sort of tech with detailed comparison surf into tech. You must consider subscribing everything. Is time coded along the video timeline for ease of viewing so lets start with price availability and design banggood and ecommerce website sent out this review unit of the zebra stratos gps smartwatch for me to test it out and provide my unbiased opinion. This smartwatch is listed on banggood for just 84 canadian dollar. The price may vary itself discretion. There is a special discount code in the video description, be sure to use it. If you decide to get the smart watch so for this budget price range, you get a bold and a stunning smart watch a while back. I did a review of the zblaze vibe 6, which has a built in speaker for on bluetooth, audio calls and on board music storage for offline playback. The video is linked at the end, be sure to check it out once youre done watching this one. However, the vibe 6 smart watch lag fitness tracking features and gps, which are fulfilled by this zebla stratos. Both the smartwatch have a solid, bold design that looks great on a masculine wrist. In my opinion, comment down below which one would you pick in terms of design? My personal favorite will be the zebra stratos, which is made of zinc alloy, giving it a nice and a premium feel on the right side.

There is a power key with the red accent, color and a mode key. Both of these key are made of stainless steel and the body itself is made of reinforced carbon fiber polymer. Now, at the back, i really like the carbon fiber design. However, compared to vibe 6, this stratos has four sensors versus just two on the vibe six. We will test these sensors out later during the video. There are four charging pins for its proprietary charger. There is a 22 millimeter user, replaceable durable silicon wristband. So overall for the price you paid, the design and the build quality is great. Now lets briefly talk about the setup process and the xeronor app, which is available for free, both on apple app store and android play store for the most part, the app is same on both apple and android. For this video i have paired the watch with my galaxy z. Flip 3. setup process is pretty self explanatory download the app go under devices from the bottom tab. You should see the stratos watch pop up follow the prompts, and that is it here. You get all these options that are pretty self explanatory. You have to set an alarm from here, as you cannot do that from the watch. Smart reminder is basically notifications. Remote camera is basically a camera control which, unfortunately, you have to access it from here, as there is no access to the camera control shortcut straight from the watch, but its good to have this feature.

I wish there was a direct access to alarms and camera control straight from the watch. I really like the customizable race to wake feature and you can see i have selected in a way that the display wont turn on during bedtime. If i were to move around, the other option on this page are pretty basic now under profile page from the bottom tab. You can access your account, which you have to create with this app in order to backup your health data in case, if you were to pair this watch to another phone, and here is where you can also set your goals and link the data from this app To google fit and strava, which is quite rare with most of the budget smartwatch. So if you are a strava user, you will like this. Finally, under data page from the bottom tab, you can access all your health data like workout, sleep, heart rate, spo2 and stress now, with the app being done. Lets briefly talk about the specs and battery life. Just pause, this video to read through all the specs of this watch, but in nutshell, this watch has an adequately bright 1.3 inch touch display, even while youre outdoors now. This watch has bluetooth 5.0 with no wi fi, lte or nfc, but it does have four satellite high precision, gps with glonass galileo and video more about gps route tracking later during the video, this watch is 50 meter water resistant and has all the needed sensors.

Like heart rate blood, oxygen accelerometer, and not just that, it also has uncommon sensors for a budget. Smart watch like altimeter magnetometer for compass and barometer, even some of the premium watches, does not have these sensors. The dimension of this watch is 47 millimeter by 14 millimeter. With 60 grams in weight with the band, so this watch is bulky and its not suitable for smaller wrist. But with this bulky form factor comes a hefty battery with 580 million per capacity, allowing this watch to go about 12 to 14 days from my testing and with the watch only or battery saver mode. This watch will easily go about a month per charge and if you were to use gps continuously, which is very rare, it would still last a maximum of 40 hours, which is truly amazing. Now this watch charges with a proprietary pogo pin charging puck, which you wont need to carry along, as you wont, be charging this watch very often due to its amazing battery life, guys if you made it this far in the video. I thank you so much for sticking around. Please go ahead and hit that like button as it really helps out my channel consider subscribing come on guys just do it. Its free now lets talk about navigation, apps and watch faces from the main watch face screen slide down to access quick settings like do not disturb mode brightness, where you do have option to auto, adjust brightness flashlight, stopwatch timer settings with the battery level, icon and bluetooth Connected icon on the top in time at the bottom now swipe up from the main watch face screen to access messages and notifications.

The good part is, messages can be easily distinguished with the icon of the app it came from, but you cant reply or interact with any of the notification. Despite of this watch being paired with an android phone, you cannot even read special characters or emojis and for a longer message you have to go on your phone, but hey at least you will know. What did you get in terms of message now when you swipe right or left from the main watch face screen, you will go through all the widgets, like sports training status, that is basically vo2 max heart rate stress spo2. Now there is no such thing as menu, except this animated rotating style menu, icons which pretty much has settings in the center and other apps like breathing heart rate watch face language where you can select from a wide variety of languages going back events compass. Yes, this watch has a fully functional compost that works great now under settings. You get options like continuous heart rate, monitoring 12 hour to 24 hour time format. So here is where you can change 12 hours to military time. Format next is smart track. That is basically auto workout detection. Next is the option to customize the bottom right button, which, on long pressing will start an outdoor walk. That is, in my case next is set date time about reset and shutdown. Now i dont see the find my phone app, which would be certainly nice to have comment down below what other apps.

Would you guys like to see on these budget? Smart watches now lets talk about calls watch, faces fitness tracking and wrap this video up with my final save, you do get call notifications with the name or the number of the contact, but you cannot answer a call, as this watch does not have built in speaker Or microphone if calling or talking straight from the watch is your priority, then you must check out the z blaze vibe 6, as it can do that now, where this zebra stratos shines over the vibe 6 is fitness tracking now, in terms of watch faces, you can Toggle between 10 preset watch faces straight from the watch by press holding on the main watch face screen and all the default watch faces are great in my opinion. But if you are not satisfied with these watches, then head on to the mobile xeronor, app coder devices, and here is where you will find a whole bunch of watch faces, and i am sure you will find something that you really like. You can also get a watch face with your custom image. On the background now this zebra stratos smart watch has a very robust heart rate sensor, which can continuously measure your heart rate, even in the background now lets. Compare it against this fda, approved o2 ring my value, for which i have done a detailed review and its linked up in the card section. You can check it out once youre done watching this one and, as you can see its pretty accurate, the heart rate readings were quite consistent with the galaxy watch 4 and the apple watch.

Series 7. now lets test out the spo2 reading against this o2 ring, and you can see it is also on par. So this stratos smartwatch is pretty good at heart rate and blood, oxygen tracking and the readings were quite similar to the apple watch series 7.. However, this watch will not measure the night time spo2 or heart rate variation. Now this straight or smart watch can also measure your stress level, and if you find yourself stressed or anxious, you can even take a breathing session by going in the menu and selecting the breathing exercises. Here is where youll find modes like deep, relax, nervous regulation, replenishing energy and self reconciliation. You can select either mode and a preset timed breathing session will start. The best part is the watch, will vibrate three times on inhalation cycle and once on the exhalation cycle. So you will know when to breathe in and out without even looking at your watch kudos for that now in terms of workout, this watch offers 120 plus gold based workouts and im sure you will find pretty much any form of workout that youre looking for and Not just that this watch has a high accuracy, gps tracking, to precisely track your outdoor workouts and the best heart rate sensor out of all the budget. Smart watches that i have tested on this channel. This watch even records different heart rate zone like warm up fat, burn, aerobic, anaerobic and extreme, which not a lot of budget smartwatch does now.

I took this watch for an outdoor walk against the latest apple watch series 7 and, to my surprise, this watch did an excellent job at gps route tracking. It precisely recorded every single corner and turn right on par with the series 7., not just that it was even pretty accurate with distance step, heart rate, pace and speed. It even plotted the continuous heart rate measurement during the workout, with average highest and lowest heart rate. Various heart rate zones and pace, as well as a stride chart so far in terms of workout tracking. This is the best budget smartwatch that i have ever tested. This watch can also track your sleep apple watch. Series 7 at this point in time still does not have a built in detailed sleep tracker, but this zebla stratos precisely detected sleep and wake up time. But from my comparison of your sleep stages against the galaxy watch 4, it was a bit inconsistent, but it does give you a sleep score to quantify your sleep with all that said here are my final thoughts with most of these budget, smart watches or so called Under 100 dollar, smart watches, you will miss out one or the other features like the z blaze. Vibe 6 has a speaker microphone and 128 megabytes of onboard storage, but it does not have gps and good fitness tracking. So this zebla stratos smartwatch is great at fitness. Tracking but like speakers and microphone, so if you are starting out with smart watches – and you would like a bold and imposing smart watch with excellent gps and fitness tracking, then this zebra stratos will be a good choice.

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