It just arrived well a couple days ago. Actually ive been out of town, so i just caught up with it today, im going to open this guy up, show you what comes out of the box and then youll charge it up, wear it for several days. This is a watch that has 120 sports modes on it and one of those modes is kayaking and allegedly, when you do kayaking on this watch, it will turn the gps on. So that is the holy grail of smart watches, in my opinion, thats, why? I keep looking because i havent found it yet, so we have a user manual here that looks sort of you know. Like your average user manual, you have the smart watch itself, which i kind of like the looks of it, the bezels kind of notched, um boy, its telling me its the xeroneur app so lets see what else is in the box here im guessing its going to Be a charging cable or charging cradle yep charging cradle, so the watch will uh lets lets see here. It will rest in this cradle and the contacts will be im guessing magnetic all right, yep magnetic so thats how youll charge this up and lets peel the screen protector off. This is always such a satisfying thing to do with new electronics lets. Take that screen protector off and let me hold press and hold the button and see if anything happens here, lets see if it comes to life, if theres any juice.

Yes, there is okay, so theres some life here, im gon na get this thing set up. English is my language theres, the splash screen, okay, its giving me the time and date – and i dont know anything about this watch yet, but just by swiping from right to left, i get it into all the sports modes and, like i said, theres like 120 in Here and im just going to scroll through quickly lets go into the custom and lets see if we can find kayaking in here, swimming elliptical wow, you know, theres a plus sign here, get more and more im, not seeing it immediately, but theres indoor, fitness, theres, free Training group training, dumbbells, squats, okay, a whole set of exercises that are indoor and im guessing. If i keep scrolling theres going to be a whole bunch, outdoor um, ball, wow, just tons and tons of sports modes aquatics, okay, we might be getting close jet ski ah kayaking there. It is kayaking first, smart watch, ive ever well. Second, smart watch ive ever seen with kayaking mode. The first watch i saw had that mode, but it did not turn on gps when you were doing it so thats. Why im so hopeful for this watch? Let me get it charged up. Let me install the app, let me get it connected. Let me wear it for a few days and i will be back with my full, fair and honest review, all right, so ive been living with and wearing this watch for several days now.

So let me give you my opinion, but first let me walk you through the features. Youve got a beautiful display here, its a 1.52 inch high resolution. Color display is 360 pixels by 360 pixels. This watch is water resistant to 50 meters. The bezel is a zinc alloy. The case that ill flip it over at the end here is the carbon fiber, reinforced polymer and the buckle and the uh. The button is stainless steel. The wristband is silicone 22 millimeter, so its easily replaceable by many other bands. If we swipe down, we get into a screen where you can turn it on do not disturb mode. You can adjust the brightness level of the screen, theres a handy little flashlight mode, where, if youre in a perfectly dark situation and need some light, you can just turn every pixel on the watch onto white. You can get into your settings and heres where you can change things like 24 hour, heart rate, whether you want 12 or 24 hour time turn on smart tracks. It gives you a little bit better accuracy when youre tracking yourself, you can decide what sport you want to get into. When you press and long hold the button this watch, you can actually set the date and time from the watch uh. In most of my videos, i i stress the point, especially in the comments section people ask: how do you set the time on the watch and the answer is almost always sync it with your phone.

It gets the that information from your phone with this watch. You can actually set the time and date through the watch itself. You can do a total reset of the watch and you can turn it off through this feature as well. If you swipe up you go to your messages, these work, i just deleted all mine before i went on the camera here, but rest assured they do work, and then we swipe from left to right. That gets you into your sports modes and uh. This has like 120 different sports modes, heres, the kayaking, alas, it does not turn on gps or use gps when youre kayaking, so that was the whole reason i bought this watch. So its a huge swing and a miss one of the vendors told me. Yes, when youre kayaking gps comes on well, that person was just either misinformed, uh or wrong, or they were just lying to sell a watch. This does not use gps while kayaking, which is disappointing, um, so theres, all your sports modes theres another menu. You can get into and you can actually see your elapsed time. This is actually kayaking. I did yesterday it kind of actually counted my strokes there and it gives you the amount of time you spent in the various aerobic zones and then, if we scroll some more, it does vo2 max. It can calculate that somehow i dont know how its not important to me. So ive not done it.

This is your heart rate and beats per minute. Ive got that turned on for 24 hours. It takes a stress reading, which again is the inverse of heart rate. Variability so the the more variable, your heart rate, the less stress youre under so in general. If you have a high hrv value, that means youre more relaxed your heart is relaxed enough to go into. I wont call it an irregular beat, but a more relaxed beat youre, not forcing it into really really um highly predictable low variable state when youre relaxed it. Actually, you know the time between your heart beats actually becomes slightly more variable. So this again is the inverse of that. You want your hrv to be high. Therefore your stress is low. This just gives you the measure of stress and i think, its a scale of 0 to 100 and im just letting this roll in real time. Here you see that red uh circle on the outer outer outskirts of the watch theyre slowly filling in um as its building up this measurement. This has the red diode, along with the green dial. To take this measurement, i mean i like that you dont always get that red diode at the lower end of the market. In these watches, so thats really good seems very accurate. I have spo2 thats blood oxygen saturation same deal here. I think this is very accurate. No problems there and then you can kind of get into your settings.

Uh back to settings. You can. You know, look at your calendar, its got a built in compass. You can do some breathing exercises here. Theres uh, you know your their heart health. You can turn that on or off and ill show you that in the app it gives you an indication of what your heart is doing and then you can set up like custom dials and you just scroll through the one i started with the one. Is the one i like the best, but you know you can see dials theres more in the app itself and thats about it. Lets go look at the app the app here is zeroner and i can get my sort of my progress for the day. My kilocalorie burn my number of steps, um estimated calorie burn. You get your exercises in this next panel here and ive done. Some hikes. Ive done some walking, um and here are – is all my free training. This is the kayaking i did yesterday. It keeps track of your heart rate, your total time engaged in the activity. It labels it at the top and thats really. The only reason you would go in the kayaking mode is just to put that label on it, so it doesnt count paddle, strokes or anything like that exercise consumption. How much time you spent in each of the heart rate zones, and then it gives you this – that statistically as well and theres, some other things in here.

This was strength. Training in the gym gives you all the same statistics, no matter what sport you choose. So i im not even sure why they do 120 different sports modes if theyre all basically giving you the same data, its just putting a different label on the top of the screen. We go back into the app and it does a sleep analysis. Your total sleep versus deep sleep versus light sleep. I like that it seems fairly accurate, but i will say it is kind of a larger style watch to sleep with. I im aware that its on my wrist at night and uh, you know thats kind of a personal thing, but um it is a little bit thick, its a nice looking watch, i really like it, but its maybe a little bit awkward to sleep with heres. Your heart rate in beats per minute again i have this turned on to continuously track it throughout the course of the day. It gives you, your highest heart rate, beats per minute, your lowest 54, and you know thats about it. There and i have heart health turned on so here you can go into some statistics and it gives you a lorentz scatter diagram and it gives you an indication if theres something going on with your heart. Mine is normal. But if you click on information, you can see the various shaped patterns and what they indicate. Now. This is not going to warn you or tell you that somethings wrong.

Then it would be a diagnostic tool which it is not, but it gives you the data and it gives you what the various things like heres a super super ventricular premature, beat heres the normal rhythm, theres, afib, atrial flutter. You get the idea of what these little. How you interpret these patterns, so it gives you the description and it gives you your chart and it tells you whether or not its normal, and then you know if you see something you dont like you would go see a doctor heres your blood oxygen saturation. Again, you have to take these measurements manually from the watch. It does not do this automatically in the background heres. Your stress level mines 48, which its a little bit high now because im in front of the camera and its the end of a long day. But you know its still normal im, usually down around 28 29 – something like that and i think i can actually go back. Can i go to a previous day here? Yeah. If i go to the previous day, which is this click right here – you see im at 21, there 40 and you can see my readings 28, so um yeah im a little. A little stressed right now. Um go easy on me. If we go into the device settings it tells you how much battery life you have. You can change your watch style here. You can set alarms smart reminders.

You can use the watch as a trigger for the camera on your phone. You can turn on a sedentary reminder to remind you to get up and walk around if you sat too long raised to wake um. That means to turn the watch face on. I always turn that off to save battery bright screen time. I turned it up to 60 seconds for this video but im going to turn it back to my normal, normal here five seconds again. This is what i do to save battery life imperial versus metric um month, day, format wearing hand left or right hand the vibration reminders. You can update the firmware, and then you get into your profile here. You can set some personal goals for yourself. A number of steps calorie burn – you can link it with strava or link it to google fit and some other settings in here change the password your units and thats about it. The app hey i like the app its pretty good um. No complaints here easy to use easy to understand. I give the app a thumbs up so thats the watch it does have built in gps and theres that uh carbon fiber reinforced polymer case there uh the green and the red sensors. I like this watch. I am im disappointed. It does not turn on gps when kayaking, but hey in this price point in the 50 to 60 dollar price range, its a really good watch, if youre an outdoors person and want gps and some you know indications of your heart, health and health in general, sleeping And relaxation stress level uh its pretty good um.

I would definitely recommend it and you know people are going to ask so headed off at the past, how it compares to the z, blade stratos too honestly other than the number of sports modes, its pretty much. The same watch in a different case, so this is the stratos one. This is the z blade stratos ii. It just depends which one you like the looks of more really theyre um about the same thickness about the same size. One just has its more. I would say more rugged sporty looking design than the other, so z, blaze, stratos, there you go. Would i recommend it yeah? I would im disappointed with it for what i wanted it to do, but i can i can honestly say i would recommend this watch um. Its just its a just a really cool decent uh gps watch, so you know what to do like this video share. This video leave a comment. This channel is primarily about kayaking, so go check out my blog at davethekayaker.