Okay, today we’re going to unbox the zapronix smartwatch, they had a zebronics brand name and fit4220ch it’s a model name and inside of the box. It have more options in this watch. I think it’s very, very good. You know and it had a price tag and it had a calling function with the bike and speakers it’s a very, very super well, and it had a separate app to control the watch in the behind of the box. It had so much of options. Okay, now we unbox the box and when we unbox the box it had a watch on the watch. Making quality is very good, with a full of metal and rubber strap and what are the inside. It had a magnetic charger, it uh very nice, and then it had a user manual it’s not necessary and we kept it all behind. Okay, now the watch was very very light weight, but it had fully metal. Okay, when on the watch it had a zebronics, always a hit display and always again the face was face: it’s, a very, very nice one and it had a step counts and phone calls pp spo to shoot a player. It has like a bluetooth speaker, you mentioned, had a speaker and the mic it’s very, very nice, watching this when we move to the left. It had so much of options: uh like alarm power of settings, bluetooth, settings it’s like so much of options, it’s very nice, and it also have a smooth touch and it had so much of options like Music and we have the notification of like walks of facebook.

Messengers it’s very, very useful to read, and we just read only we could not reply to others, but it’s. Very nice. Mobile function is very good. The watch was very comfortable when we are it’s very, very comfortable. The watch faces are very nice and we have a customize. The watch faces. Okay now we get to them uh it had so much of options like bp, sugar raspy would do. We can control our all like of activities and it had a sports activities like a six sports activities are here and the five brightness level is given this very nice, and when we go out okay, now the charging time is good. It’S. One end of time, like mobile phones and the charging backup, also very good, like four to three days: heavy use but it’s a watches, better performance let’s remove to the app with the pin. We have open the app the front pages have a step slips. Heart rate continuous portrait, it’s a very, very nice one. We can see the last seven seven days activities in this that it’s useful to improve our activities like a sports or heart rate, it’s, something it’s good. When we go to main menu, it had a watch versus notification, alarms, shooter favorite contacts and others it’s very nice one in the favorite context. We can save eight contacts and the shooter also is very good at the camera quality making good only and the more and more watch faces is there it’s, like apple uh samsung.

It had more watch faces, uh like so much it’s a very nice one. Only when the calls are outgoing or incoming it had is shown in your watch, you can talk with.