It is the zero smartwatch from the box. We can see that the highlight of the smartwatch is seen and the thickness is about eight millimeter we can check later and in the back. There are some product features, the size is 43.4 millimeter. What case is aluminium alloy and the band is silicon gel? It is magnetic charging, it has three colors black gold and silver main screen is 1.69 hd ips screen pixel is 240 by 280 and the app is the david app now lets open the box inside. We see the watch and the silicon band, and then here is the magnetic charger and the menu. The age is very thin, just 6.6 millimeter. It is very easy to put on the straps and lets have a look at the watch. It has only one side button, and here is the back. There is a protective cover in the back now lets power on the watch then lets check the watch face. We can long press the screen and we can see that this watch has 5 watch face inside and we can go to this watch face to check the age of both end seems. There is no much difference and the screen size is 1.69 inch, and this screen is 2.5 d. Curved screen now lets check the quick actions from top to the bottom. We can see that the bluetooth connection, vibration, flashlight and theater. We can move the screen to adjust the brightness and weather and setting then from the right to the left.

We can go to the spot and the sleep monitor heart rate and the exercise. We can open you workout and it has many sports exercise and then the blood pressure and spo2 and the weather. It can show the next one, two three four five six next six days weather and the shutter and the player theres no extra component from the right to the left. We can go to the main menu, which is the night apps view and from the bottom to the top. Is the messaging notification in the setting. We can go to the menu view and we can see that this watch has two menu style, and this is the list style now lets check the functions one by one. First, the shutter. We can just press the watch boom, we are taking picture and the weather and the music player, you can click the player, then the music will play and the sound will coming from the phone due to this watch do not have speaker and alarm clock and the Spots and the sleeve monitor and heart rate and the exercise and the blood pressure and spo2 and the brace chaining we can focus the brace and follow the screen to inhale and exhale to practice and stop watch and the countdown it has. Many settings such as one minute three minutes five minutes and the flashlight then the setting, firstly, the menu wheel. We can change the menu style here and the brightness vibration theater reset power off and about and find it the app.

We can scan this qr code to download app, and this is a tarfit app in this table. It has three pages first, which is to synchronize the data from the watch to the phone, and the second page is the device page and the function page. Third page is the my page, and in this page we can connect the word with the phone and also we can add extra word face. Also it has many more watch faces inside the app and most are free. You can just install 3d, and in this page we can just add the and then select picture click. Save then the new watch face will be cyclonized to the watch. We can see that the screen is very clear. Okay. Now we can see that the new watch face is that connects to the watch. Also, we can see that there are notifications, we can cyclonize the app you want to show the notification and alarm clock and shutter and other functions. We can see that there are many functions here, such as find device time format reminder to move four day. Heart rate do not disturb and language you can see. There are many language lists in the app and the unit, and also auto log and the reset and the quick wheel and also drinking water, reminder, heart rate alert weather and the temperature format and location and face a logical circle reminder and the upgrade. If there is any new firmware, you can upgrade here enter the my page, which is the profile and some goal setting and also the apple house and about above, is all details.