To help you make your buying decision easier. Is your child begging for a smart watch, whether they want to be just like mom and dad, or you want peace of mind? We have a roundup of the best smart watches for kids when looking to purchase a smart watch, keep in mind what you want and the functions for young kids. They may just want their first bit of technology. In many cases, you dont have the ability to make and receive calls many of the best kids, smart watch options include watches with clocks alarms and a few games with no calling or messaging abilities. On the other hand, you may be looking for a way to keep an eye on your loved ones as they venture out of your site. In this case, you may want to look for a smart watch that has lbs or gps tracking and the ability to make and receive calls whether youre, looking for the best of the best or the most affordable option. Youll find it on this list. If you want to know which one will work best for you stick around, if you want to see more details on the newest prices and the products mentioned in this list check the links in the description below so lets start with our first product and number one Is the tick tock? 3.0 kid smartwatch? The tiktok 3 is the best performance, 4g lte kid smartwatch phone that combines video, calling voice, calling wifi, calling smart messaging and location tracking capabilities in one simple device: the tick tock 3 works just like a standalone.

Smart cell phone designed for children ages, 5 to 12 years old, they partnered with red pocket to offer a 10 prepaid monthly plan or you can add a new line to your own gsm carrier such as att t, mobile, metro, pcs and qriket. You can make and receive two way voice and wi. Fi calls with your the approved contacts can call the watch when our secure firewall is on protecting your child from being contacted by unknown numbers with a high quality. 2 megapixel camera experience the world from your childs eyes, never miss a funny selfie memorable moment or a chance to be part of their day. If youre looking for peace of mind, a way for both you and your child to be able to communicate with each other and to dip your toes into letting them have a phone, then the tick tock 3 is a great start. Its durable capable and has the safety features you want, as a parent, while itll be good to have geo fencing options, a less bulky watch case and better charging method. It is a solid option for a connected kid smartwatch. This is the first time youre visiting our channel, be sure to subscribe and hit the bell icon to receive notifications for our upcoming videos at number 2. For the best gps tracker, we recommend the verizon gizmo watch 2. harder to lose than a smartphone. The new gizmo watch 2 is a child tracking smart watch geared toward kids ages, 3 to 11.

. It features gps and lte connectivity on verizons network, so kids can call and text approved contacts and parents can keep an eye on them in real time. The second generation model boasts a larger screen than its predecessor, better battery life and a lower price. As for the specs, the gizmo watch 2 has 4 gigabits of ram a qualcomm snapdragon, wear 2500 1.2 gigahertz quad core processor and a 500 milliamp battery. That verizon says, can last up to four days with typical use in testing the battery still had more than 50 after 24 hours help kids stay on task and on time with helpful features like setting an alarm and task reminders. The gizmo watch 2 is easy to interact with and has an intuitive interface that readily responds to simple gestures. Kids can tell the time check, tasks and access reminders. All at a glance, keep your child connected with up to 10 trusted contacts of your choice, whether theres an emergency, or they simply want to say i love you. Your child can easily call or text any of the 10 approved contacts right from their gizmo watch too, and with ryzen the network more people rely on. You wont, have to worry about staying connected at number 3 for the best fitness kids watch is the fitbit ace2. The ace2 is the follow up to fitbits. First kids, fitness tracker, the ace its designed for a wider range of children at a lower price that parents will appreciate, although it tracks the same metrics as its predecessor like step, count active minutes, hourly movement and sleep.

Its more durable easier to use and has more versatile design. The tracker has a 0.72 inch oled touch display, which is a nice step up from the tap screen on the original with 128 by 72 pixel resolution, the grayscale screen looks crisp and clear, though it is a little tough to see in direct sunlight. The screen feels smooth and responsive, though there were moments in testing when we had to tap a few times to get it to trigger, even though this happens, rarely you can still keep the screen. Wake setting turned on and flick your wrist to easily activate the display. The fitbit ace2 activity tracker makes family time more fun by helping to build healthy habits while motivating challenges and sleep tracking its a healthy and motivational way to make sure your kids are staying active. It earns our choice as the best childrens fitness tracker you can buy. We hope you like the selection of our products. So far, if youd like to see us review, other products feel free to comment down below at number four for the best with camera. We present the vtec kitty, zoom dx2, the vtech kitty, zoom dx2 is a fun. Looking smartwatch aimed at kids ages, 4 to 12., its back with features including activity challenges, 2 cameras, 55 customizable watch faces and augmented reality games. The screen is of a good size and will certainly keep your kid entertained. This newer, more modern model of the kitty zoom features two cameras which are both .

3 megapixels. This may not seem like much but its perfect for younger ones who just want to have fun the image resolutions of this camera come out at 640 by 480 pixels, and the camera itself is found on top of the device which is excellent for selfies. The second camera is located on the side of the watch. This option can allow the user to take front facing photos and videos photos are taken in the standard format of jpeg. However, while this model has several features well start by admitting that it doesnt have gps, we do feel that the vtec would benefit from gps with most smart watches. Offering this feature we expect some of vtechs. Newer models will include gps in the future Music. At number. Five for the best value we chose the merit sore kids, smart watch. If your child has been begging for a smart watch, the merits or kids smart watch may be something to consider. Kids can have two way phone calls, make use of voice messaging and stay in contact with friends and family. There are math games, a camera, flashlight alarm clock, a walk, sleep monitor and much much more. Parents will also be comforted by the fact that there are sos functions and gps by lbs trackers to keep tabs on their little ones. All you need to do is insert the sim that supports 2gig signals. Children can receive or make calls with this device and it can store up to 10 contacts.

The merit source smart watch comes in three colors: pink, blue and black, its made of plastic and silicone. So it can take a lot of stress and abuse, as children always play and there you have it the 5 best smart watches for kids out on the market. If you found the one on our list that meets your needs and your budget check the link in the description box to catch it at a discounted price, dont forget to subscribe to our channel and click. The bell icon, so youll be notified of our upcoming videos.