Music hi guys welcome back to my channel everyone, so yeah guys ive got a package today, so this is actually a package from a watch company. I think its very good when you exercise or when you do some activities im gon na tell you later for some more features lets open it. So this is the very small box im excited to see because its very useful, i think, especially for you know for like me, who oh, who often uh, does some exercises yeah and also my husband. My husband can actually use this. I think this is Music and yes, this is it. This is from missy run smart watch, so this is it the box. I have removed the plastic so now lets open the box. Oh yes, it goes like that theres warranty card, and then this is how the watch looks like im, not very familiar with it, but thats how it is, lets, remove this one and then inside. So here is the the strap okay, its just easy to put so thats it and the other side. I just press it like that. Okay, there you go and you have here the power. So when you press power you have there the setting for the setting. You can set the stopwatch alarm countdown brightness shake off or on theater reset power off and theres, also about an app qr code, so yeah – and you just press here back if you want to go back to the screen there is this one.

This is for charging im, use the attached magnetic charging cable to attract the metal pin on the back of the watch and connect the other end of the charging cable to the 5v1a usb charging head or computer usb port thats. Very nice. You see its charging really love it, so this is actually the size is 1.71 inches, and that is touchscreen, of course, and you just do like that, you press press here. Are you sure you want to shut down? No, this watch. This smartwatch actually has a lot of functions and im so happy with it, so you can actually monitor the sports so steps and there are 20 modes of sports. So if you want to exercise – and you want to know your performance with your exercise – Music just have to go to exercise, and then you press that there are different exercises here. The modes of exercise walking running cycling, Music, badminton, basketball, football swimming hiking, tennis, football, golf baseball, elliptical, training, rowing trail, run ski bowling, dumbbell sit ups, you can also monitor your sleep, so there is a sleep monitor and it also has the heart rate monitor and you Can also use it when you go exercise and then you also have. You can also measure the blood pressure, because it has the blood pressure monitor. Then it also has the oxygen or blood oxygen monitor and then for the weather. You can also check the weather and then theres also shutter and theres, also music player, and the interesting thing is that you can change the face of your watch.

There are lots of faces you can use, you can actually change it into different faces, thats it. So there are many other more features of this smartwatch and i just love it. Yes, its very nice guys. I just love it so much guys if you guys are interested in buying this. I will leave the link in the description, so you guys can check out and check the price how much it is. Yes, very nice, you see whoa its just amazing. You see yay so yeah its very nice, so whoever is planning to buy buy it. Now you see its very good, especially for my workout, so yeah guys, if you like this video, please dont forget to hit that like button there and if youre new to my channel, please dont forget to subscribe to get more updates about my channel everyone, and you Will get notified every time i go live so yes have a nice day.