I will tell you everything that you need to know what a watch can do, how accurate the gps tracking is and if its worth a buy so without further ado lets start the video. But first please leave like and subscribe to my channel if youre new to the channel also click the notification bell to always be notified whenever i upload new videos, so you will never miss out on any new content now with that being said, lets start just by Looking at the specs and the design, you think you have like a 300 plus dollar watch in your hand, but it has a 1.’ inch amoled touch display with a resolution of 454 by 454 pixels. It has a really nice bezel, which tempers a little bit off towards the edges of the smartwatch and two physical buttons in a metal frame. The lower one takes you to the workout section and the upper takes you to your app menu. Overall, you have a big smartwatch with 46 by 46 by 11 millimeters, but therefore you have bluetooth and accelerometer built in gps and up to 15 days of battery life, which seems about right. I had this watch on my wrist for like three days, and it only went down by like 20 percent now that i mentioned building gps lets talk about that for a sec on my testing. I was basically walking in straight lines and it really didnt do too good. It told me i was walking in circles far into some houses.

I apparently walked across a little creek or whatever. That was so obviously the building gps isnt working at all. I was at least expecting that it tracks the whole route, but it stopped midway through. As for the stat counting, it really didnt do too bad. I compared it to the huawei watch 3. This one gave me 7 200 steps, whereas the red magic smartwatch gave me 7000 steps, so it only was off by 200 steps. As for the mileage, it wasnt really that good the huawei wars 3 gave me 5.31 kilometers, whereas the red magic watch gave me 6.3 kilometers. As for the heart rate tracking, it was very good. It was always a little bit on the lower side of things, but not bad for a 100 budget smartwatch. The last two trackers are the spo2 tracker and the sleep tracker. Unfortunately, the sbo2 tracker does not track 24 7, like the heartbeat tracker, so you always have to do it manually, which is a bummer, and the sleep tracker is only giving you a very basic graph with the sleep duration, your light sleep, deep sleep phases as well As the ram and wait time now that we got all of that out of the way lets get to our sport modes overall, we have 16 different sport mods to choose from, like football, other training, strength, training, we have basketball, swimming hiking in the walking and cycling, And all of that jazz so basically tracks all of the common sport modes.

I really have to give the red magic team props on the design of the apps and the colors the spot modes, and especially the weather widget. That looks super nice. The colors are vivid and the tags are crisp now, like with every other smartwatch. We have a music player with which you can go back, a track skip the track, we can play and pause and we can adjust the volume if we swipe up. We get to the notifications to which we can now reply, but at least we get notification from about every app, just open up the red magic, app and activate all of the notifications over here. You can also set the interval time of your heart rate. See your half stats for the last week and month – and you can do quite a lot of customizations over here – just check that out. If we swipe down, we get to the quick panel, where we can adjust the brightness in five different levels or just put it in auto brightness. We have the endemo battery saving mode and giving the screen a two. Second press. We get to choose a new watch face now. If those are not enough, you can download some more from the red magic app store. They take a while till they load it, but after that you have quite a few to choose from and folks thats it for the video. I hope you enjoyed it if you did smash that, like button subscribe to my channel if youre new and if you like my content of course and click, the notification bell to never miss out on any new videos now with that being said, see you next time.