. Are you looking for the very best smartwatch that syncs well with your apple smartphone, then here it is the apple watch series 5. apple watch. Series 5 was perfectly designed to work with ios and sorry for the android users. The apple watch series 5’s, always on display, is the greatest upgrade that you can see and still it doesn’t drain the watch’s battery. As expected, the watch adjusts and dimm its screen using the ambient sensor. The apple watch series 5 comes with watch os 6, which brings useful new apps for smooth performance. You can download apps directly to your wrist. The built in compass makes maps more useful by showing you which direction you’re facing number 2 samsung galaxy watch active 2. The samsung galaxy watch, active 2 smartwatch comes with 1.4 inches super amoled capacitive touchscreen 16m colors display with the resolution of by 360 pixels. It offers a wealth of smartwatch and fitness tracker features in a versatile and attractive circular design. The smartwatch is packed with four gigabytes: internal storage for offline spotify storage and has 1.5 gigabytes ram, which ensures that the smartwatch runs smoothly with multiple applications. Simultaneously samsung galaxy watch, active 2 runs on tizen based wearable os, from which you can download lots of apps the gps, swim tracking fitness features and a reliably good heart rate monitor are just as good as apples. Thanks to the li ion 340 milliamp hours battery along with a lot more software tweaks, it runs last for about two days without recharging.

Apart from being the best in class design, spec and performance, it works with both android and ios smartphones and is priced less than apple smartwatch number three garmin fenix 6 pro this top notch sports featuring advanced smartwatch, comes with one zero atm waterproof design and helps you To track your swim and even plus underwater wrist based heart rate, like other smart watches, this will do basic activity, tracking profiles for strength, cardio, elliptical training and so on. Additionally, there are also a ton of outdoor activity profiles. You’Ll have hiking mountain biking, snowboarding and much more and the best thing all the tracking and monitoring results are well accurate. It also comes with built in with gps and nfc for garmin pay and music storage out of the box having a battery life of 2 to 14 days, based on usage like gps, music, etc. The gps helps in advance navigation with lot more options for travelers. This watch also features easy to follow animated, cardio strength, yoga and pilates workouts that you can view on the watch screen like many others. It works on both android and ios smartphones, though it’s features a lot. It is one of the big budget smartwatches that we find number four fitbit versa. 2 fitbit versa. 2 is one of the best smartwatches by fitbit. Its small and lightweight design makes it more comfortable to wear on your wrist. Fitbit versa. 2 adds an always on a mold display, a microphone for voice reply through amazon, alexa and fitbit pay.

It also features the more advanced sleep tracking features, along with the option to monitor blood oxygen saturation levels. The waterproof design helps you to track your swim, though it lacks onboard gps support. It uses something called connected: gps, that is, by accessing the gps capabilities of your smartphone, to track your workout and display metrics. Unlike other smartwatches, it works with both ios and android and costs less than 200.. Having a battery life of about five to six days, you don’t need to charge every night, which makes it a great value. Number five ticwatch pro 4g lte, the tickwatch pro runs on. Wear os with tick health and essential mode and powered by qualcomm, snapdragon, wear 2100 chipset. This smart looking round, smartwatch comes with a unique dual layer display for extended usage, one layered on top of the other. The top one is a transparent lcd display that can display the time your heart rate and more when the battery is low and below the regular color oled display, like all regular ones. Overall, tick watch pro lasted for around a week when in low power mode. In terms of smartwatch features, there’s gps activity, tracking heart rate monitoring nfc for google pay bluetooth for listening to music. The best thing is the 4g lte connectivity. With this watch on your wrist, you can make phone calls, send texts and use data anywhere directly with all these features in hand.