So ive still got three more left, so make sure you subscribe and also hit the bell notification. So when i upload any video youll actually be notified, ive not only got these three smart watches, they are all different designs. Ive also got a drone which i need to unbox and review, and i got this from wish as well. So i dont want to show you too much but ill ill put a post up on my social media so make sure you follow me on my social media and you can see some sneak peeks of what to expect on my also channel. So this is a t98 smartwatch. I purchased this from alibaba. I will leave the link in the description box below it. Cost me 12 pounds uh really cheap. To be honest, so were going to see what the features are like on this. I could tell you, but lets just get straight into it and see what it has uh to see if the work now the previous one, i did uh that didnt actually work out too good, as a couple of features did not work, so you can check that On my previous videos, uh, it looked like the watch five. You know the series five series four but anyways forget that here we have a new design, smartwatch uh, some of the features it says they have spore mode, heart rate, calories and mileage as well, and nothing on the other side and its a blue color.

It comes in four different colors as well: black, pink, blue and gray, so i just got any color out before so we do have a similar one which ill be doing um on my next video – and this is a t1 version. It looks similar, but it has a few of the different features and buttons as well, so dont get mixed up by that, but yeah. This is the t98 model, so lets see what we get inside the box first uh. Of course, you get a strap and its a blue color thats, what ill put for, and you also get a charger. This one looks a bit different same as the one that i reviewed previously with the charging wise and you also get a user manual booklet as well definitely different compared to the previous ones. Ive done so you, you do get a qr code where you can download the app youve just seen it right here. So you just download the app and you can sync the smartwatch to your phone and get it set up from there. So thats it with what we get inside the box lets check out the smartwatch, and here we have it so to switch it on you, just press and hold for five seconds. Lets, take this core off and stick it, and here we have it. That is what its look like its not full screen. We do have a big bezel at the bottom and a little bezel at the top youve got a button on the side as well.

Thats in like a navy, blue color with the chrome outline and youve got some pins here, where the strap grows and youve also got a sensor at the back. The color is not the best of shades in blue, but you know different people like different tastes. So what do you think of the shade of this color supposed to be blue, its like a little turquoise color, even with the strap as well its uh? Definitely the same as the watch so with the pins. All you got to do is just uh push it in from there there we go its kind of hard doing it, um off on camera, so just did a quick jump cut and uh there we go. So what im gon na do is put this onto my wrist, then were gon na switch it on to see what its like and hopefully, its a bit more better than uh the previous one ive done, because that some of the features didnt even actually work. I think i put this on too tight, but overall check that out looks really nice, not a bad color. Im, not gon na lie so lets hold this in for five seconds to switch it on weve, got a vibration and straight away its kind of powered up. So the time there youve got to switch it off straight away, lets pull the button lets see if its twitch screen, which it is so, if you swipe down you get your notifications that were off, you want to shut down, which one that one for the brightness Lets turn the brightness also its easy for you to see and switch it back on thats android um, and that actually tells you the the about of this thing of this watch.

So its 298 d53 um mac address software version, version 1.05 and ui version 15202. So going back temperature so lets start measuring to see if that actually works, 59 seconds ill, see you in a minute a minute has just passed by and that actually showed it that it was 36. So my body temperature is 36, hopefully thats all right, but it does actually show you uh on the top as well, while its doing its that thats a decent feature. I dont know if thats correct or not so what else do we have um? No, so you cant swipe, left or right. You can actually swipe left or right on the main screen, but im on about when youre going to notification that the top is just these four here so going back into the main screen. If you swipe it this way, that brings you up to the menu and you can. These are the shortcuts. Sorry and uh lets go back if you swipe it up, no new messages that gives you your notifications for your messages, swapping it left, and that shows you a full menu of all the apps on this smartwatch. So lets see what weve got at the top weve got: bbt thats what we just done: sport data that um takes your steps, your kilometers and your calorie count, and it goes off really quick heart rate. So heart rate is 77 at the moment, which is is not bad.

If you ask me, im just sitting down anyway, uh be blood pressure uh. How do we im gon na leave the blood pressure so im just gon na leave this for a few seconds to see. If i get a reading of my blood pressure there, we go so id say about 30 seconds in um. Ive got this reading its giving me an accurate well, i dont think its accurate, its vibrated now and its 119 over 79. So if thats, accurate, thats thats definitely good, i need to double check that with the real one. Well, uh, the one ive got handheld uh. So lets go back there, so we got a bp blood pressure, monitor bo. It says 97 going back, so your messages thats, where your notifications, like messages, you sports, you can choose what kind of exercise youre doing with walking running, hiking, cycling and thats about it. Sleep. Maybe the sleep pattern weather when you connected it to your phone. It actually shows you, the weather of the area that youre in timer qr code find phone. I dont know if thats going to work, but it needs to be connected to your phone. So youve got language, you can choose different languages, um it wasnt chinese and locally, its already changed to english. When i first got it uh bright screen, the bad thing about it just goes off really quick, uh vibration, intensity and system. So you can shut it down. Reset it and about which weve checked earlier on uh when we started up the phone, so it has got a quite a good menu to this uh swiping them right.

These are the shortcuts that you can actually choose from so using this button. That just makes it on and off is it wake up to call lets see i tend to wake up. No, it hasnt got that feature where you turn to wake up, so there yeah thats about it. What were gon na do now is im gon na see what kind of app it uses when you download it to the phone and then were just going to check a few of the features on the phone uh to this watch and then well wrap up this Video from there but yeah, what do you think of the color comes in four different colors? I just wanted to get a different one, because i always get a black or white, but they do have black white, blue and pink, or is it grey uh? Why? I dont know if its grey, so let me just connect this to my phone got my qr code ready on my phone ive got the user manuals and im just using any qr code and weve got it fit cloud pro so im just going to get that. Um i have to tap in my uh double click and face ids kicked in and yeah its downloading. Now there we have it so lets. Look at its got 1.8 rating. Here is what the app looks like. Let me just zoom out for you right there heres what that looks like and you can control your calorie count, your distance, your goals, heart rate, monetary, shows, your blood oxygen as well.

That was about the be always um sleep night, so yeah lets open. This up. Should just left my watch on, would you like to use blue tools? Yes, we do and view as guests. Let me just quickly fill this in right, so the bluetooth is on were just going to search now and hopefully we should get the t98, which is right. There disconnected lets uh click onto it. Uh please keep the bracelet nearby. So, yes, its nearby well pair, it uh allow notifications and enjoy thats what it says im not saying people thats how its connected. So it does give you an uh insight of how much your battery percentage is. 298. D53. Be good. If you can change the name, but you cant go into that setting so lift wrist to wake up, um thats on as well so yeah. We need to check that out: uh enhanced heart rate measurements, continuous health, monitor fine, bracelet um, so that actually, when you press that that actually vibrates um vigorously until you press it again, where i prefer right hand or you can choose left hand, time format shake for Photograph hardware version and restore to factory settings, so that is the settings of this device. Lets go into home and, as you can see here, um yeah, so you can choose your heart rate, your blood pressure, a blood oxygen, and so it does. It does have a lot of features uh coming to your health, to be honest, so its quite a decent watch and they all work as well as you saw earlier on when i tested it out, and all the data from the watch comes on to the phone Once you start using it so, instead of looking at it, you watch all the time once, if youre out, walking and stuff, you can just use this app, and it shows you how many steps youve taken, how many calories you burnt and your gold as well.

You can change it from how many steps you want to and your profile as well, so you can have that as you like, so it does have quite a few good features for 12 pound, its definitely value for money. Let me know what you think in the comment section below on this watch. If you want to see any other watches reviews, then yeah do. Let me know in the comment section below but yeah. In my point of view, my opinion, i do think this is a decent watch. All of the features work um. I will be doing different videos uh when ive, unboxed and reviewed all of the smart watches ive got. I just wanted to show you what this smartwatch was like when its connected to the phone as well and how easy it is to connect and the features its got on it and all the notifications that you can receive on this app as well. So, in my opinion, its definitely value for money anyways.