Yes, i’m gon na Music um review with this smart bracelet, your health stage work. Yes, this one and my device, my life functions, um heart rate blood pressure, step in coming to becoming called on twitter facebook, alarm clock and photo control. So, in order to push us Music and, of course, so let’s open this one. Yes, yes, it’s my first time to have this kind of Music, Music, um, Music, um, Music, Music. Then we have, i have here my bank and then version papa’s function like this Music. Music, gently, Music and then Music, gently, Music, Music, Music, let’s, see Music message, music and also settings sports with a heart and blood dashboard, Music, 150 pesos, better available and also Music, Music, um, Music, Music, so Music yeah. This is the first time to have this one. This watch okay, exercise to check my pulse and my heart pressure. I say i Music, but if you finish pretend to review this one, if you like this video don’t, forget, give me a thumbs up and comment down below and, of course, share and subscribe, and click on bell button for more update for new black. Thank you very much.