Let me block supersaf here. This is the box, the box of this doji smartwatch, again very interesting, very long and, like i said here, it does look like a gift box. So lets see what we have under okay, some manuals of course, operation manual. We have the smartwatch here we have additional stripe, we have a charging cable. Obviously this is a magnet uh, of course, uh connectivity and thats. It guys we have additional, remember secondary stripe by the way guys this stripe, which is seeing right now in this video. This is not a default type of this tv of this smartwatch uh. By the way, this is my personally. This is my wifes uh smartwatch. Here she loves it so much so she is using it and i would say that it looks amazing. This smartwatch looks amazing. I repeat again: youre gon na have exactly the same stripe as this one, its gon na just be black, so this is dark. Blue and youre gon na have also black youre gon na have also black version of this stripe. Remember that with the smartwatch youre, not gon na receive this uh this one. This is additional one you can purchase on banggood.com different metallic stripes. If you want to do that. Okay, this is a metallic one. This is from metal uh anyway, heres the smart one and heres. The smartwatch lets just put everything on the side and lets talk about it too. What is so cool about, i mean a lot of stuff is cool about the most impressive thing is the price tag under 20.

20 25? Is the for me its one of the best, looking smart watches that the smart arches that i ever reviewed beautiful? So we have a cs2. This is a cs2 model and repeat again, this is a guys, a bluetooth, 5.0 connectivity, yes, bluetooth, 5.0 connectivity, so obviously uh. It has a better better rates for connectivity with the smartphone which, by the way, let me just put the smartphone immediately here here it goes so this is the smartwatch app guys its called uh. Let me just bring you right now here were gon na go to the play, store glory fit. So this is a universal app for many different smart watches, which is very interesting. Different chinese, smart watches and the doji smartwatch here works with it, and here you go its here guys check this out, so you can set it up. However, you want to go here. You can see myself todays step, which is very impressive. 9700 uh. Congratulations! For my wife, anyway, dial settings youre going to go here to the dial settings uh all together. This is metallic guys, aluminium alloy, here beautiful frame, beautiful uh, basically bezels here uh edge to edge smartwatch legacy by software again its not like curved display that the display is going uh, curved uh, of course around the frame says not, but for 25. This is a really good looking. Let me just also open right now, the brightness. This is the maximum brightness right now, with the smartwatch and honestly, its a bright enough.

We have power on uh or legislative home button home button. If you hold it for longer period. Lets see whats gon na happen. Okay, nothing will happen. Lets go from here, hold it for longer period. There you go now from here. You can turn it off. Yeah uh anyway, lets go quickly here. What do we have were gon na click? This button see myself over here so beautiful. What i can tell you, many different multiple multiplied languages and it works on android 4.4 and above yes, so we have a call. A reminder of. We have message reminder called id display and reject call, so you can accept or reject called with this smartwatch. It has heart rate, monitor sleep, monitor, cylinder, ima, sanitary monitor and drink water reminder, which is very interesting. This is drink, water reminder, but thats very nice. Regarding the settings, very basic youll have to use guys this uh youll have to use this application here of the smartphone, because uh here you can adjust limit. Why it doesnt show me dual in dial center. It should show me here more stuff, my dial, hey there. You go there, you go, you can see my stuff you can select. I dont know how many we have almost 100. I think so or maybe less than that. These are the custom uh dial centers, which you can download by yourself, yeah beautiful and from here you can go to settings. Uh yeah me here system settings.

Of course you can adjust that permission settings you can enable that what else we have here were going to go to the device you can go to universal settings from here. You can adjust the on screen time, 15 seconds or 5 or 10 seconds, find the bracelet shake to take a picture blah blah. So all these are universal settings, guys im not going to go through this. You can check this over to youtube im not going to waste this video for that one regarding application, 3.9, almost to 4 star its just normal normal score here for applications, so it seems that many users are just satisfied enough satisfied for the application beautiful, okay, so Lets test right now, the of course, this audio player, controller, Laughter, Music, perfectly fine, guys perfectly fine, amazing seriously. Perfectly fine here, gon na go swipe pause resume, go back, awesome, uh. What else we say we have. So we have a audio control, camera control, alarm, weather. Of course we have countdown step wash down market and custom watch face, which i showed you this is. The hardware sensor were going to test just a minute with you guys, im going to press here this one press again, heres the audio music player can of course, connect to the smartwatch. We have countdown step counter, of course, messages. Notifications, dnd mode. If you want to enable the dmv mode, no sleep, this is no sleep record and heart signs are just over there, and here we have a different sport types: tennis, alpinism, walking, basketball baseball, so many sports mode, guys many many small sports sports mode with this smartwatch.

So thats, what im telling you im very shocked by the price tag of this one, so we have a 1.69 inch lcd in the lcd display with the 240 ever with 280 pixels, yes, its an ip68 remember that this smartwatch is ip68 rated. This is also the official specs on banggood.com regarding this smartwatch uh. Regarding the battery itself 300 mah battery uh, you can do the standby time about 15 days 15 days and using time is about three to four days guys and did maybe for this price tag uh. I mean i cant say for the price tag there. Probably uh kind of lets just say corn is that it doesnt have such a big battery uh. You cant get like seven days of use with this smart watch. You guys you cant do that. Unfortunately, this is because it has this bright display and beautiful colorful display and a big display here, uh 300 mah battery, all together, maybe with the future update. Maybe they can improve the battery life. Who knows, of course, remember that you could do firmware upgrade. You can see myself here, you can do it right now over over the app when they release new ota, so make sure to put, of course, when they push it online. So you can update it by yourself what else we have so magnetic charging regarding material. We have silicon band, of course, like, like i told you, the wind of the band is 22 millimeter.

What else we can say i mean thats, it thats the basic stuff. We can see right now, uh normal smartwatch uh. I have to say that im just blown away, especially when you put a metallic stripe around it. It looks much much more expensive guys. This looks much much more expensive than 20. 20 25 remember on the flash sale super flashlight promotion.