You go a very, very cool g shock um before we do that let’s do a quick, wrist check. That’S right i’ve got my helm, komodo and i’m enjoying it, and this thing is a tank of a watch. If you don’t have one see if you can get one they’re hard to get uh with the whole wait list and everything but um, you can probably get one um off of ebay, probably pay premium, but i got really lucky getting this one um. You know straight from home, but um i’m not gon na, try my luck again! Anyways let’s get to the unboxing of this all right, so i’m gon na i’m gon na go ahead and open this up and we’ll find out which model this is um. So you got your instruction, i mean warranty instructions. You know there’s, nothing like a uh, a g shock instruction. You know solid. Well, maybe the grand sacral one um, you know it’s, pretty big, all right catch. A little tint here put that on the side, all right bam, all right, so we’ve got model number gm 110b dash 1a retail price of 230 dollars. These are sold out. You can find them on ebay, probably for about the same price, maybe a little more. So they call this the rainbow and you can see the different coloring um on the display. However, there is an actual rainbow one which could go for four to six hundred dollars range.

Um i mean i’ve seen him go as much as that on ebay and um. I think that one gained some extra popularity when um, i believe it was producer, michael, he um. He featured any one of his videos as his latest acquisition, and you know he digs all these colors and stuff. So i don’t know if that helped or not, but uh it’s, certainly being a popular watch um. So i just got this regular rainbow and there’s enough of it and um it’s very hard to catch on on camera, but uh the colors do change. Um and probably you know if i shoot this outside it’ll – be even better for a watch like this, but um anyways, so let’s talk about the watch for a second, so this is um g shock’s, updated design of this model and i think the original one um You know days from like 2010 or something like that, so 10 years later give or take they’ve made a few updates and the most notable ones are um, i believe, is the uh, the metal, the metal cover um. You know obviously it’s a uh shock resistant structure. Um, so the bezel is made of stainless steel, um and and it’s pretty solid. I mean this, is you know yeah it’s gon na scratch, most likely because it’s um polished. So i mean it’s high level of polishing on this, so it’s gon na scratch, but i mean it’s a g shock it’s supposed to take on a heck of an abuse right.

So the inside of the case of this metal case got some great absorption. You know some shock absorption so um, you know just like all the other g shocks. I believe so it’s pretty hard to destroy this thing, all right, okay. So the second feature is that you have a glass fiber, reinforced um, resin inner case. So i i think is that plastic portion of the watch that’s beneath this metal case right on the side of it, and you can’t see this because you have to take this metal thing off, but um on the inside there’s glass, fibers they’re, incorporated into the resin For increased strength, so the materials, basically the resistance to you – know the breakage or bending um it’s, really really high um. You know based on a external shock, you know. If you drop this, i mean it’s it’s, pretty secure on the inside, so that’s a pretty cool feature, and i think the the third um update should we say um is that you know the um. You have a forged and molded bezel. So this this is not just stainless steel and polished. I mean this is forged and molded so um. You know if you look on their website, they’re, basically stating that this has undergone about 20 forging processes as well as cutting and polishing in order to precisely craft. This this bezel and you know because that the original shape of this piece was probably very uneven.

So this i mean this is going some serious uh. You know um work to get it to this state right. So um i mean that’s. Why? It’S more than a normal g shock, you know that you can get for 110 bucks. I mean these. Are you know a little over 200. there’s, more work to it um now. I think a fourth feature is that you have to quick release. I mean how cool is that – and this is actually a cool band, we’re gon na talk about the band in a second but um. You know you’ve got a quick release on these, so if you don’t, like this black rubber, strap all right put a red one. On put a rainbow on, i don’t care but it’s easy to do that’s the point so that’s a pretty cool feature um. As far as the band goes, it is very, very soft and okay, i wouldn’t say: it’s soft it’s soft ish it’s, definitely of high quality. Let’S put it this way, it’s better than um the ones on the 5610, probably so um yeah. I mean this is a good good, strap so i’m pretty happy with the combination they they decided to go with. So oh no great watch, um i’ve already said mine. Uh and it it is pretty accurate. Actually, oh, it is also um there’s uh magnetic resistance um. I guess because you have the analog and and the digital, so uh, uh yeah, so they’ve added that um, which, which is pretty cool, that it does have a anti magnetic.

You know resistance there, um yeah, i mean now. A negative, i would say is that you still have a mineral mineral glass. You know, and i don’t have a problem with that. I think i think it’s fine um. I do believe anytime you’re paying over 200. You probably should get a sapphire but uh. You know it’s a g shock thing i mean they’ve figured it out, i mean i guess they they think okay. Well, we can put a mineral glass and people are still paying money for these, so i don’t know um yeah. So all you know i mean it’s it’s a pretty good as far as functions um. I don’t normally go over functions with these watches um, because there’s quite a few things – and you know i don’t – want to miss something and but um you have your basic ones. I mean you got your time here: um, i guess that’s the chrono, so you can start this uh you’re, starting with the bottom button and then you’re gon na see. If you look at right here, you’re gon na see this one is already moving um. So that’s pretty cool and then, if you want to reset this, you stop it and then it circles like that bam goes back. So that’s, pretty neat um. You got your timer world time, so you can check out different zones. There um got alarms. I think you got about five alarms if not more and uh yeah, so i mean features.

Are there i never ever use these features. Um it’s really just to tell the time and um it’s a cool, looking piece so i’m pretty happy with it. Um guys let’s not forget to do a quick wrist shot with this, so i have a six and a half inch wrist. It sits very, very comfortably um. This band is so comfortable. Um yeah it’s got a low profile to it. Um you know it’s it’s awesome. So i’m, pretty pretty happy with that last thing: we’re gon na check out is gon na, be the loom or that’s right. You heard me right. I said the loom because there is loom on this one and there’s also the led light right. So um let’s check out both um but you’re gon na you’ll be surprised there you go look at that: there’s loom there yeah all right and there’s the led. I think he holds for about three to four seconds and it’s bright enough. I mean you can see um now. The only thing you can see which is odd, is you can’t really see the digital display um. However, you can tell the time using the analog so that’s. Fine, i mean you know, can live with that um yeah, so guys. Let me know what you think about this watch. I really like it um most likely gon na keep it i mean it’s. You know, i think i think it’s a cool watch just to kind of change things up every now and then it’s a cool summer watch um, so yeah i dig it all right.

Let me know what you guys think and um. Thank you.