Weve got a smartwatch 2020 version, and this looks like the series five so in this video today were going to see what its like ill be doing. Unboxing and review, and if you want to purchase these, i purchased this from alibaba. So if you want to purchase this ill leave the link for you below, because a lot of people always comment on where to actually get the product so um yeah enjoy. If you want to buy it, then check out the link before, but just before that dont buy the dont check it out just yet lets check out the full video first to see. If you want to buy with the specifications, this ive got im not going to check out myself so were going to check out together in this video today. So, as always, people make sure you subscribe and also hit the bell notification. So when i upload any video youll actually be notified, anyways lets unbox and review this smart sports watch 2020. That looks like the series. 5 smart watch. Music whats happening. People lets get straight into it. So i forgot to mention at the beginning of the video i purchased this for around 23 pounds from alibaba, like i said at the beginning, ill leave the link in the description box below if they come in different colors as well so check out the website. After you check out this video to see um the more specifications, what it says on the website and also the colors – and it depends whereabouts – you are in the world because differently have different shipping prices, so yeah 23 pounds for it.

It looks exactly the same as the series phone series: five, its a smart sports watch: 2020 passionate from now on some sports, smart health, bracelet uh youve got. I mean raw gold here, its cool couple of different colors, as you can see here its like a rose gold, orange brown, brownish color, black weve got the silver version and it has a few product specifications at the back, so the product size there we go on The product side, the product package size, is there. The packaging netway is 240 grams. The chip gpu is mtk2502c um. Its 64 mb with 120 mb ram uh display is 1.5 inch resolution, so its a 1.5 inch display uh, bluetooth 4.0, would be better if it was 5.0 keep up with the times china to keep up with the times drift transmission software specification and you can use It in different languages, you got a qr code, then presume you can actually download the watch app on your ios android device with that qr code. The product feature so theres a lot to actually say in this video but ill. Give you well. You can just read these and the most of the features you can actually check out on the website. So its got a heart rate. Blood pressure, monitor accurate operation, low error, alarm clock supports. It supports calendars for sleep monitoring, its got pedometer remote photography, which means you can take a photograph with the touch of a button on your phone.

If you want to use it um yeah, so its got a bluetooth, music call record phone book information, and so its got quite a good feature list. With these, this uh smartwatch and its a cheap price, its all 23 pounds, so that is it thats. The product specifications lets see what we get inside packages is quite nice and im not gon na lie. So lets open this up and see what we get inside. So here we have, it. Weve got the white band with the silver outline of the watch. Yeah, like i said at the beginning, you can actually choose different colors, so lets take the band out and you can. These bands are interchangeable as well. The original actually fades on these uh. You know these rep cloned copy, smart watches, as you can see, so weve got the watch right there. So this actually says: uh watch six generation, 44 millimeter aluminium case uh, 10 and glass 4 as well, bluetooth, siri watch, so we might have to open this up to see whats inside and also do a water test. So, like i said, with the series 4 on the series, 5 youve also got the button at the top, with a mic in the middle and a power button at the bottom, so that is the same design. The only thing i dont like about it is i dont. If you can see how come its got a big chain at the bottom, so you can tell its a as a copy, because the fakers havent got a full screen copy um.

Hence wise. You always got a big chin at the bottom and a little bit of a chin at the top. So youll see that late in the video when i switch this on so youve got a few cutouts here for the speaker and thats about it. So, like i said these are interchangeable, the bands you can purchase them from any. You know online ocean site or probably the same store. If you check out the seller, so youll probably be able to get some different color bands as well, and also the original face on these, and these clone ones will probably that original, but ive not checked it. So you want me to check it. Let me know in the video as well, so you get inside the box. Oh yeah weve got another strap for wow. I did. I didnt actually know that check this strap off a really nice drop. Silicone strap and uh youve also got a charger which we have right here. This is a different kind of judge, ive actually seen. How would you actually charge it? Oh its there, the two pins there you like to judge you, you get the circle, one which you just place on top and well see. If this has wireless charging pretty pretty much doubt it youve also got a sim ejector tool, no idea where that would go. Definitely not in there, because even if i did pop in there, where would the sim card come out from so that is definitely a fake, no idea why they give you a sim card injector tool unless we open it up and see if theres a slot right There, so if you want to see that a big thumbs up and comment below, if you want to see a tear down, so you got a small bracelet use a manual, it just shows you how to charge charge it and put your um strap on.

So that sounds good im, pretty sure that is for the uh yeah, so its not a sim card, ejector tool, its for the strap so thats the structural way. If you want to take the straps off, as it says in the manuals right there just plug in that hole right there, so yeah, you can download that with that qr code. So well do that later in the video, but anyways lets switch on this smartwatch and see what the features are like here is what it looks like with the silicone strap, which is really nice im not going to like this pops out right there. If you want to tighten it, just tighten it like that moving up, so that is what its like, with the silicone gray strap, and here is what its like with the white, strap much, as my top looks really nice, but def. I definitely prefer this one right here. This one looks much better and lighter as well, but were going to leave it on this lets switch it on now, just zoom in for you, so you can have a good uh. Hopefully its got some juicy about to do a quick drum cut because the battery was dead so well just charge it and hopefully another some juicing. So youve got welcome. You cant see on camera, but it has got a little bit of a chin at the bottom. Once it comes on, youll definitely see so well put in english because i cant understand any of the language which one do you press now: okay, oh its twitch screen.

I just actually forgot its twitching, so thats thats what i mean with the chin at the bottom. So were scrolling it down, it actually tells you. It goes off really quick as well thats a good bad thing about it, so we need to change it so thats the menu screen the same as the original find my device well just take that off. At the moment, thats what i just so lets just take some uh take a look at some of the apps, so youve got the heart rate up there. The call monitor your calls, your contacts, messages, uh calculator, your weather, so it has got quite a few decent um apps to it as well, and it has a similar look as the original. So what we need to do now is lets just go into heart rate. To see if that works, ive actually pulled up me uh top just to put it onto my skin, so we can measure it to see if it gives us an accurate reading, no idea if it is, but its still measuring well see what the reading is then. Well, connect it to my phone with the qr code, which we have right here and well see what app is to download as well, and i might make a phone call on it. Just to show you what its like as well to see if anyone picks up but hes, taking this time, this measuring business usually dont.

Take that long measure fail. Please try again so ill show you a quick jump cut of when its on again. This is the fourth time its actually said that this is the fourth time its actually done that it says the measure fail. Please try again later so well. Take that off lets see. If we have another one we can try and scrolling down. Usually there will have some other ones, but yeah thats. What it is so lets uh go into calls. You can actually do quite a lot with this. To be honest, so i think oh lets go back that ticket go back to the screen, so do they work when we click click the right hand, corner left hand, corner heart rate, my the beats per minute that doesnt actually work, so it doesnt actually work when You click the corners to go into that settings, so lets just hold it and you can change the uh wallpaper if you like right there so lets click that one and do the heart rate heart rate lets. Do that lets measure this and see if it works and there we go its just failed again, so im not trying that again. So this one is your pedometer, which calculates the steps youve taken and the calories that youve burnt and this one is the camera. So thats what you can take so if this is connected to your phone, all you got to do is press this button and it will take a picture so remote capture, android or ios weve not connected it.

Just as yet, the button is really slow. Im not gon na lie. Okay well, do stupid, android, okay, yeah and i want to go back now. Cant go back! Oh yeah! You just got ta swipe back on the main screen, so yeah coming down, lets swipe it up to see what we got thats. What weve got swipe it left, so i pick right and thats about it. So yeah, like i said with the uh lets, go into uh settings to see what feature bluetooth settings, clock, sound volume, main menu style, display, motion, international walls, international, auto sync name and display quick response about lets go into about so the device name is i7s thats Device address is zero. Look, it just goes off too quick, thats. The bad thing about this. So lets go back into settings scroll all the way down and yeah, so youve got connected service le version tr01 release time and thats about it now. What well do is lets connect this to my phone and lets see what um update downloads and then well uh motion was motion flip to mute incoming call off wake up. Gesture off lets turn that on shake to answer the call uh to call is off so wake up gesture and lets switch it off so yeah. It does come on, as you can see right there, so thats really good and its off when im looking at it. Now, as you can see its off tilting the screen, it comes on so thats a good feature.

So now what im gon na do is uh see uh, connect this to my phone and show you what its like there we go lets see what up it downloads. So weve got chinese its all in chinese um, ios download right there, so go straight into the app store and its li phone, where which ive already downloaded before so im, just gon na download that and yeah, hopefully its just downloading now so lets see what its Like opening up and there we go so would like to use the bluetooth on and allow while using the app going to settings, put the bluetooth on lets go back here. So what well do is we need to connect the device so searching thats, the previous one. I did ak 15.. Hopefully you can see that but yeah so lets go into here going to settings bluetooth settings power on switching it on. As you can see right there i7s click that and its connected thats. How easy it is synchronizing as well. Bluetooth pattern requests lets pair. It synchronizing allowed to display notification to your iphone yeah. Well, allow it and thats it there. We go its connected, so lets try and do my heart rate monitor from the phone to see if it actually works, because it doesnt work on the watch itself so lets try it on the phone and see if that works, and it said no data for the Present so thats not actually working same again with that one actually working with the blood pressure.

So what well do now is uh lets check out um the call quality on this. Just gon na ring my brother shonkers and see what its like. Oh look. Ive got a missed call of my brother shrunkers lets view and uh yeah, okay, after messing about with it and uh getting bored uh. I finally realized that you cant call from here no idea wise everything, so it is connected, as you can see here, that, on the left hand side its showing that it is connected to my phone, but it only gives you notifications of uh. You know if youve got a missed call or if, if your call is active or anything like that, you cant actually um, it is connected, but they still keep saying. Oh, do you want to connect so its faulty there? Its faulty in the heart rate, monitor um. Well, this isnt going to be faulty and theres a lot more to it. Well, theres, quite a few things to check. I dont want to go through every one of this video will be 20 minutes long, so yeah. It just gives you notifications. Nothing actually works on this uh 23 pound smartwatch. So if you are thinking to buy it, dont worry ive got lots more others to review. So if you dont want to buy this one, maybe this is faulty. I have no idea why 23 pounds you get what you pay for. I think this might i dont know if this is faulty, i cant say, but ive got another uh smartwatch.

I need to review another one another one and another one. So ive got about four different smart, smart watches to review so make sure you stay tuned and subscribe for that anyways. I dont want to bore you too much about this because theres a few things ive tried even charging up, but nothing actually works. So it might be faulty. I have no idea ill still leave the link below if you want to check out the product specifications or the sellers or the items anyways. Thank you for watching this video of this um 23 pound smart watch. That looks like the series. Five, its probably definitely a clone anyway, it looks the same if you want to see any other videos with like a teardown or a water test.