They sent over a ticwatch gth pro for me to take on a test, drive and share my thoughts. A little quick bit of housekeeping i like fitness bands, but in general i prefer wearing devices that have more robust notifications and replies. I can get a little cranky when i see a notification which only needs a quick bit of my attention for a reply, but instead of just acting on it right here, i have to pick up my phone and deal with it there. I, like my wrist to have a bit more of a computer on it. You got ta filter parts of this review. Through that perspective, my voice is doing something a little different with this fitness tracker. It covers a lot of familiar territory track those steps track. Your heart rate target specific workouts. It watches you, while you sleep. This is all pretty much expected at this tier, but then we step up to some more interesting health tracking blood oxygen thats. Something folks are increasingly interested in keeping an eye on for activity tracking theres. A skin temperature sensor on the underside of the watch actually the whole back sensor. Housing is pretty complex. This gth is rated to around 50 meters of water resistance, but ma voice still recommends the use primarily in shallow water or swimming pool. Workouts again, water depth is different than water spray, so those water resistance ratings likely arent based on jets of water hitting the watch, but it should be decently robust, going a bit deeper.

Now there doesnt seem to be the same kind of beat to beat heart rate sensor as on the ticwatch pro ultra, but the gth has a different trick up its sleeve or i guess you could say its a different trick up your sleeve theres, no ecg sensor. Instead, theres a separate ppg sensor, housing on the side that scans through your finger for heart and arterial health, it combines a highly accurate heart rate scan with an optical scan of blood flowing through your finger to craft. A record of your heart health and your artery. Health, this combination of sensors and data performs a similar function as an ecg, and this data ties into the rd service on the watch and in the mobvoid companion app on your phone mobile recommends scanning at least once a day. Roughly the same time every day – and this will show health trends over time already generates scores on your health and tries to derive an estimated age of your cardiovascular system. I apparently have the arteries of a 30 year old, but if your estimated artery age is higher than your actual age thats the kind of data you might want to use to refine your diet, workouts and other activities its a little different than some of the other Fitness trackers ive played with, but its easy to see the benefit here for folks wanting to track specific aspects of not only their workouts but their overall physiology. The other fitness bits are solid, wearing both the gth and a ticwatch.

The gth is much more sensitive to an increase in activity and only took about a minute of active walking to get a notification that the watch could track a new workout. The ticwatch tends to be much more conservative, maybe not logging a workout until about five minutes of constant activity. There arent nearly as many granular variations in the workouts on the gth, but the core regiment of major workouts is well covered, and i i like these smaller screened watches. These are so much more comfortable for me for sleep tracking. The tic watch is just a bit too big for my wrist, where i never quite feel comfortable sleeping with it. Theres. A good collection of watch faces to choose from not as broad as on a proper wear os smart watch, but you should be able to find something in there. You like theres, no microphone or speaker phone calling, but there are some other handy applets a stopwatch. A timer weather, widget and music controls the main drawback for me. How rudimentary the notification support is the mobvoi app seems to just have a static list of supported apps for notification, thats, not necessarily the list of apps on your phone, and you dont get much information from the notification when it hits your wrist. The only action you have at present is dismissing the notification, so i hope the mobvoid team can maybe add some other actions or maybe a short list of quick replies.

Battery life has been very good ive. Not yet let it get to empty ma. Voi estimates between seven and ten days on a charge, and i got into a comfortable cycle of charging it up every four days, just to top it off. I had plenty of room to spare my only hardware gripe the charge cable that comes with this is different than the charger on the other ticwatch line of smart watches. I really wish they would give us a standardized connector so that, no matter what tick watch you had, you could be a little bit more confident you had a charger that would work with it and its a fiddly little magnetic cable, my very first time trying to Charge this i didnt, have it lined up right and just the pressure of the watch band caused it to pop off it didnt really charge. It was super easy to reset that connection. Okay, but putting this all together. I like that. This feels like a fresh take on a fitness tracker. It covers what we expect it to cover and theres a little twist on some of the more advanced fitness tracking. I think, theres a clear target of competition in mind with this watch. Not just you know the design, but also the price tier going after some of the really solid amaze fit trackers keeping fitbit squarely in their sights, especially landing all this tech at a 99 price tag. I wish there were a few more techie computer features, but the core fitness approach is very good.

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