. The me band 5 is one of the most popular fitness. My bands on the market – and this is equally very cheap. Basically, what this med band can do for you is to track your daily activities, like your heart rate, your calories, your sleep, um, your steps. This will also um track your outdoor activities like your routes and pace as long as you carry your phone along, and this can also alert you when you receive a notification on your phone. Furthermore, this will tell you the time and of course, the date, so this is basically what the meeban 5 can do for you. I have been using this for a couple of um weeks now: i’ve been testing it against other smart bands like the buffer pro the classified 2 and even higher end smart watches, like the galaxy world trade and the fbi versus 3, and i can say that this Is a fantastic smart bench now in this video i am going to be going in depth i’m. Going to tell you all my findings about the mitman 5.. Is this a worldwide investment let’s find out all right guys in this video i’m going to be talking about the design i’m going to be talking about the fitness tracking features of the maven 5? I will also talk about the notification feature and then i will talk about the battery life on the companion app of the me band 5., but before that, please, if you’re new to this channel, if you’ve not subscribed, click on the subscribe button and of course, on The notification bell next to it, to get updates from me whenever i upload a video like this all right, let’s start with the design and talking about the design of the mm5 um smartband.

Okay is very cheap, and i think this explains why it’s loose cheap as well, because um it has a case made of them of plastic. As you can see this as a case made of thermoplastic and a tpu strap, you can actually swap this out. If you don’t want it, there are a lot of other options on the market that you can actually buy if you so wish. This is how it comes when you buy this, so this doesn’t look so um decent, but then it is very cheap and i think that explains why it comes with this design. Now going further let’s talk about the display, the navigation and all that the midpoint 5 has a display size of 1.1 inches which is powered by amoled. This is very colorful and also very easy to read both indoor and aldo, although this is not the best experience when you read this under direct sunlight, it has a touch key at the bottom here. This allows you to go back at any given moment and then it supports touchscreen, and when you talk about the user interface, the user interface is it’s quite very interesting and um it’s. It is also intuitive now, when you swipe um, when you swipe up or down you, can see the respective and we get and other apps on this smartband and from the companion app. You can also add your favorite um apps to this smart band, which you can access by just swiping, um, left or right, depending on how you also wish.

Now, when you talk about the watch faces, there are a lot of watch faces for you to choose from um on the myfit app. You can choose a lot of um a lot of watch faces from there and this mud band. Allow you to store a maximum of 11 watch faces on the device you can just um tap on this tap and hold on this to change what faces at any moment. Okay. I’M. Just gon na go with this, so this has a very um decent and neat user interface. Now let’s talk about the fitness tracking features of the mi band 5., the rea.5. We track your steps. We track your heart rate. It will also track your sleep. It um has um stress measurements and as well miso circle tracking is also available here and you can actually track your outdoor um activities like your route and pace, but you you will have to carry your phone along now when you talk about steps tracking accuracy, the Mid band 5 is consistent in tracking myself. This was very consistent tracking my steps over time when compared to the banff pro when compared to the galaxy war 3. it’s. This was very consistent in tracking my steps when you talk about heart rate tracking, the mi band 5 also did a decent job in tracking my heart rate. This is actually consistent in tracking my heart rate as well, and when you talk about sleep tracking, the minimum five will track your sleep in four stages: awake ram, deep and um light stage of the sleep.

So this was consistent in tracking my sleep when compared to the galaxy water tree fifth tree under the buffer pro. This was very consistent in tracking my sleep when you talk about outdoor activity, tracking it’s unfortunate, the mi band 5. Here it is not a good um outdoor activity tracker this didn’t track my outdoors activities uh very well, like my pace, my roots and other metrics it’s lag behind when compared to the galaxy tree when compared to the banff pro it isn’t a good outdoor activity, tracker And that is what it is now when you go for that, this small band has a stress, a stress measurement feature. This can allow you to measure your stress and, if you feel stressed, there is also a breathing up at the bottom here which will guide you through a breathing session. This can help you return back to cam. If you feel stressed now wait for that, there is also the menstrual cycle tracking feature for women at the bottom. Here. This can allow you to log your your circle and um. There is also the pai. The pai is like a health index. It gauges. How active you are – and it gives a score on that, based on your heart rate and other metrics, so this is a very nice feature. I mean this can also um help motivate you to stay fit now when you go further, there are, there are 11 workout modes on the maven 5.

Not so many you have the outdoor running, you have the treadmill, you have the am cycling. You have the indoor cycling working, you have the elliptical and rowing machine and um yoga on yoga and then of course, um. You have jump rope, you have poor streaming and freestyle, so these are the workout modes on the me band. Five. Not so many like, i said initially, but that is what you get with the me but 5.. So overall, the midpoint 5 is a decent fitness tracker, but not the best choice. As far as outdoor activity tracking is concerned, now let’s talk about the notification management of the mebane 5. The me band 5 here allows you to allow to when you receive a notification on your phone, you cannot reply to notification, which is um, which is very unfortunate, and when you talk about the battery life, the mi band 5 did a decent job. As far as battery life is concerned, this smart band will take you multiple days from a single charge when i tested this, this mi band 5 year lasted 14 good days from a single charge and that’s quite awesome, very impressive. I must say now now: let’s talk about the myfit app. How good is it the my feet up is quite very um, it’s, very intuitive it’s. Very neat. I mean the user interface is very, very um, simple and straightforward. This allows you to find those information that matters most to you effortlessly, so you can actually access any info on the myfit app very easily.

So i think the miniband 5 has a very neat and helpful companion app when you talk about other features that midpoint 5 has to offer. There is the camera controller on the mi band 5. The camera controller here will allow you to remotely control your phone camera. This comes handy when you want to be part of a group photo. There is also the sedentary reminder. You also get the do not disturb do not disturb feature here. You have the alarm and so on and so forth. There is also the music controller on the maven five, so this smart band actually has a lot of features for you to access, so that is um just about what the mi band 5 can offer to you. So guys is this world investing in? Yes, of course, for the price the mid band 5 is worth investing in the only place where this midpoint five lag behind is in outdoor activity tracking. In other departments, he did a good job in tracking my sleep did a good job in tracking my heart rate, my steps and all that, so this is worth investing in if you wish to get it all right guys. This is where i draw the cutting for this video.