This is a video with 4 watches fireboltt, So lets unbox the watches and see how they are So lets see the watch one by one. So this is a fireboltt mystic and the other one is fireboltt dawn and the other one is fireboltt allure and the other one is fireboltt virgo. So we have 4 smart watches and this watches from firebolt brand. So we can choose, we have 2 bluetooth, calling watches and 2 normal watches, So lets unbox and compare these 4 watches, which one is good and which one is not and lets see from the first. So these are recently launched from firebolt, So lets unbox and compare Lets get into this video So guys we are choosing these 4 smart watches women watches So, first of all, fireboltt dawn fireboltt, mystic, fireboltt, virgo women, fireboltt bluetooth, calling allure, smart watch. So we have these 4 smart watches So lets unbox and compare these 4 smart watches. So lets start the video. So we have LUO smart watch. 27.6Mm 1.09 HD display ultra low power consumption fast charging, So lets open this and see whats inside and how is the watch So we have bluetooth, calling smart watch Its premium, So lets see the firebolt and charging cable, its magnetic and subscription card jio, savan, spotify and Unlimited games and gaana subscription and something surprise card and fireboltt card and allure. Smart watch user manual and fireboltt dawn d, a w n, fireboltt dawn rectangular display IP68 water resistant, full touch display So lets unbox.

This box is small and cute lets see the watch. Fireboltt dawn its small, like a fitness band, its rectangular display its rectangular display its premium its premium its premium. I like the design its premium, its silver and inside its the same charging, cable and some cards. Fireboltt mystic fireboltt mystic full touch, amoled display with bluetooth calling and brand ambassador its IP67 water resistant lets open it. Its premium lets see amoled display round display lets see the contents same like that charging cable user manual and some cards firebolt fireboltt virgo, smartwatch, fireboltt, virgo smartwatch, its a fancy watch brand ambassador 100 sport modes, 27.6mm, 27.6mm 1.09, full touch display its small and cute, its Small and cute lets open it lets open. It lets see its cute. Its cute violet color, ladies will like it lets see whats inside its same like wireless charger, but not a wireless charger, its magnetic its magnetic its magnetic its purple color its purple color. So I, like these 4 watches, So lets see the features and how they work So lets see which one is good and which one is not. So I will give you the first second, third and fourth, So I will tell you based on the rank So guys we have unboxed the Fireboltt Virgo. So if you look at the watch it looks like this: It has a 1.09 inches display and 100 sport modes. So it has all the features like alarm: heart rate, SPO2, monitor, weather, sleeping, monitor, music control.

So if you want to do sport activities, you can use this watch, So everything is accurate And the design of the watch is also good And the other thing is this: dial is too purple. It is good if it comes with little light purple. So this is the Fireboltt Mystic, So it looks good. I like it a lot. The watch straps and the dial are premium, So this is the Amoled display, So it has Amoled display with Bluetooth calling support And it has all the basic features like SPO2 monitoring, heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking weather reports, music control, So everything is as it is, And The other thing is, it has IP67 water resistant And it has sport modes. So if you look at everything, it is good, It is premium. You can say it is a premium watch from Fireboltt, So this is also good, So lets test the call quality So lets test the call quality Like Sound quality like that, Like mic quality, speaker quality, Hello, Yeah, bro, Hello, Yeah bro, I am Suhas. I am talking to Fireball Mystic smartwatch, Okay, So how is my voice? First? When you started it was not so good, but now it is covered. It is good. Okay, bro The voice is good right, It is coming, but it is not coming loud. It is coming a little low, but it is not coming loud. Okay bro, It is coming a little low, but it is a good voice.

Yeah, okay, bro. The call quality is good, but it is coming a little low, so it is good to improve. So this is Fireboltt Mystic. So lets see the next message So guys here we have unboxed Fireboltt Dawn watch, So the watch is very good. How good it is you can see. The watch is very slim, very good. I liked it very much. It is smaller than a smartwatch and bigger than a fitness watch. So if we look at it, it is not a Bluetooth calling watch, not an AMOLED display, So it is very good. If we look at this, it is water resistant, So IP68, water resistant. So, even if you dip it in water, it will resist It has a rectangular display. It has sport modes, It works like a fitness band, It has SPO2 monitoring, heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, So it has different functions. So it looks very good. It is silver color. So there are other colors too, you can take it if you want, I liked it So guys. Next watch is Fireboltt Allure. So if you look at the watch, you can see the premium segment in this Firebolt. I liked it very much. It is good to look at the watch. It is so good that it has all metallic strips. The strap of the watch is also good. It fits perfectly on womens hands Because it is black, it looks very different. It has ultra low power consumption.

It has a 1.09 inch display, which is 27.6mm. It has fast charging support. I liked it very much. It has camera control, sleep, monitoring, music control, weather updates, smart notifications And basic features like heart rate, monitoring, SPO2 monitoring, And the main feature is that it has Bluetooth calling support Lets test it. I am calling from Smartwatch Lets, see how it works. Hello, Hello, Yeah, bro, Hello, Yeah bro, I am Suhas, I am talking from Allure, Smartwatch. Okay, How is my voice? Okay? It is good Okay, It is good. We can change the volume by pressing the volume down and up buttons. I am talking from Allure. Smartwatch Is the sound okay. It is good Yeah, okay, bro! Thank you! Bro. We have seen 4 watches. We have tested all 4 watches and used all the options. The first watch that I have liked among these 4 watches is This Fireboltt Allure. I like this because it is premium and has good build quality. It is good and we have tested it. So I like this watch a lot Next thing I like about this watch is the fireboltt Dawn, Because this watch is cute, sweet and nice, So you can choose a nice and neat watch for ladies hand, So I like this watch a lot. I, like the options in this watch Also the color is water resistant and I like the silver color, So I will give this watch as second And the watch I am giving.

Is this one? This is Fireboltt Mystic. I like this watch because it is simple and cute and sweet. Also the color is nice and silver. Also the dial is neat and nice, So I like this watch Next is Fireboltt Virgo. I like the dial and the straps are nice and thin. So this is the video These Watches. Buy. Links are in the Description, So thats it for this video Please subscribe and like the video And share it with your family and friends.