Once again, so over the last couple of months, we compared this smartwatch to numerous other ones, like the galaxy watch for the apple watch, 7, the garmin venue 2 and the garmin venue 2, plus and after all these months, there are a few things that i noticed That i like and some things that i dont like and today i will share with you my experience with the fossil gen 6. now before we head into the video hit the like and subscribe button right now, if you like that kind of content and click, the Notification bell to never miss out on any new uploads. As a point number one lets talk about the building gps and see how good this one is, or should i rather say how bad it is so over the last couple of months, ive been doing a whole bunch of workouts if its a bike tour, a running Workout a walking workout or whatever, and i can say for sure that the built in gps is not great by any means. I know it sounds a bit harsh, but i want to be honest with you guys and thats just the truth. So if i pull up some of my gps workouts, you can see that other gps lines are all over the place. Even if im walking straight lines, the bidding gps doesnt seem to get it. It is more like once i do a sharp turn and change direction. This watch notices this point and connects it to the next point of the sharp turn and thats.

Basically, the gps. I mean even for people who dont care about the built in gps and the accuracy of it. You will still get the wrong mileage and the wrong step count now just to let you know i compared this watch mainly to my garmin venue 2 and the garmin venue 2 plus, which are both exceptionally good in keeping track of your stats. So if youre mainly looking for a smartwatch with good activity tracking, i would suggest one of these two products that i just mentioned, or if youre looking for something right in between the guys watch for, is also a good option. I think lets jump into a positive feature of the smartwatch since we started so negative and one of them is the sleep tracking. So, during my testing time there was never a night in which it didnt track. My sleep, the gen 6 tracks your light and deep sleep anytime. You are awake. It also gives you the daily stats for the last 7 days and tells you your average bedtime and time to wake up, and it even goes further and tells you your weekly and monthly average great feature for all of the people who are looking for getting a Better sleep so theres one extra feature this watch has to offer, which is the snoring detection, so you can actually detect if you are snoring during the night or not and listen to it. The next day, if you happen to be one of those snorers, if snorls is the right word, do you say snarls, and the last feature is that you can set a goal.

So you can see if you hit your minimum steep score during the night or night. Now, as for the price, i think we are in a good place now, if you look it up on the official store, it will still cost you 300 euros, but over the last six months this watch got a bit cheaper if its on amazon or some other Online platforms, just the other day, i found a price for 250 euros and i think thats a good deal so dont forget that this watch has a whole bunch of features to offer. You have on road cars. You can download apps, you have a customizable watch faces. You have a lot of half metrics that keep track of your half stats, of course, and a bunch of other shenanigans. So overall, 250 euros is a good deal. If some of you guys find a page where you get a cheap deal, you can leave that in the comments below just in case, someone is looking for this watch and wants to buy it next up. I would like to talk about customizable buttons, and i know its a common thing nowadays to have customizable buttons, just like on the apple watch on a samsung watch on a garmin watch. But these buttons really come in handy its just so much faster to open up your workouts and start one of them right, quick, get to google pay open up, google maps or any of your other apps on your watch, but those are just the ones i would Use the most in case, you dont, know how to do that head over to your settings and find personalization and over here click on customized hardware buttons and from over here you can connect different apps to your upper and lower button.

The middle button is not customizable and only takes you to your google voice assistant, but you can just swipe to the right and click on the little mic icon on the screen or if you scroll down and activate the voice command, you can activate the google voices System by saying, ok, google, one more negative thing about the fossil gen 6 is the battery life, and i guess we can see it in two different ways. On one hand, im glad that we have four different battery modes, its either the daily mode that drains your battery life in about 24 hours. The watch only mode that turns this smartwatch into an analog watch, which is not the reason why we buy smartwatches weve got an extended mode. That turns off a few key features, but i guess i can live with that and we only have to charge it like this every few days and the last one is the custom mode in which we can choose which features we need in which we do not Need – and i definitely like this one, the most, but on the other hand, those are no features that i wouldnt find myself in the settings and i dont need an exit battery mode just to turn off the always display mode and the c or the okay. Google detection – and if we are honest, most of us will never even touch one of those battery modes and we all stick to the daily mode which is set by default.

And if you little timmy now write in the comments yeah, i change my battery mode every day to match my lifestyle. Youre, probably one in a million and alex berson and jennifer, probably not even heard about battery modes, and they all stick to the daily mode, which also means we all only have like one day of battery life, which is not great but theres. Actually, one good thing about the battery life, which is the charging time. I think it is the fastest smartwatch to go from 0 to 100. I mean it goes from 0 to 80 in just 30 minutes, which is super quick, and i think it kind of mitigates the bad battery life, and it makes it a little bit better after next lets. Talk about the accuracy of the heart rate, and during the day i didnt see any big spikes, but when it comes to some workouts, it is always a little bit on the lower side of things just for reference. I compared this watch to the garment menu 2 and the garmin menu 2 plus, just in case you want to know – and i didnt plan to say so many bad things about the fossil gen 6 since its actually a good watch overall. Now, besides the heart rate, all the health metrics are very good. You can talk to your friends and families right from your watch with the bit and speaker and mic, and they even understand you very well.

You also have more than enough storage for music tracks, playlists and podcasts that you can download right from spotify to your watch as long as youre connected to the wi, fi and thats a feature not too many smart watches have you can receive and answer all of The notifications that you would normally get on your smartphone, like instagram whatsapp, facebook and that stuff and the cool thing right here, is that you can even choose how you want to answer to those messages. You can speak to the watch and let it dictate for you, send emojis use one of the many quick reply, options or type your own message on the keyboard, even though its a little hard for me, sometimes with my fat fingers. Also, what i really use a lot on this watch is the rotatable button. I really got used to turning the button instead of swiping through my tires apps and workout modes. First off it works better if the screen is wet by sweat or by rain. And second, i guess there is no second, i just like not swiping on my screen left and right and use the rotatable button and get not so many fingerprints on the screen. So i guess technically, there is a second. So there are a bunch of positive things about the foster gen 6 and only a few negatives that ive just mentioned by the way, were still waiting for the whale s3 and that alexa, i dont, know whats up with that.

But i hope we get to see that soon. So if youre looking for a accurate sport watch, i would suggest going with one of those garmin smartwatches and, if youre looking for a balance of tracking your activities – and you still want to have a bunch of smartwatch features, you can go with the fossil gen 6.