The amazfit x right here and i picked this guy up over at indiegogo when i back there crowdfunding, because well, i think it looks kind of cool, or at least the promo images did so now that i have it here with me, and you know, i’ve used It for a couple of weeks i’ve got some thoughts on this guy that i think that you should know so. With that said, let’s get into the review of the ms fedex smartwatch. The watch comes in this nice little cloth, pouch and normally i call this. The unboxing portion of the video, but this isn’t a box now is it well? No, i think it’s more, like an un cylindering and so to get our cylinder open. We flip it around cut the tape twist it and lift it off. First up is, of course, the ms fit x itself and if you also twist and lift this suction off below that it’s, a shorter strap for smaller hands and if you look even further below that you’ll find the manuals. Now. At this point, you may be wondering like wait, a minute where’s the charger. Well, if you look at the top, where the watches and flip it over, you see a little box, and if you open that up you’ll find what is actually a usb cable that is connected to the top. Yes, the top itself is the charger. You can, of course, remove the charging puck from the base itself, but you probably won’t want to because the packaging actually doubles as a charging dock of sorts, and i think that’s pretty cool, because the packaging itself looks pretty cool and it’s a smart way to add Functionality into the packaging, just like the gts most of the specs of the ms5x is undisclosed, so i can’t really run through any of them, but i’m pretty sure that most of you probably don’t care, because you’re just here for that stunning 2.

07 inch curved amoled display Other specs include bluetooth, 5, gps glonass, a heart rate sensor, oxygen level sensor and an ambient light sensor and oh there’s. A waterproofing up to five atmosphere you’d be forgiven. If you thought that the ms5x was a smart band rather than a smartwatch, just because of how it looks, the body is made of titanium alloy with floral rubber straps and the model that i have here with me is the obsidian black. But you can also get it in new moon gold, which is a fancy way of saying white and gold. If you’re looking for a power button on the watch, you won’t find any as there are no buttons on the watch itself. But there is a squeeze sensor to turn on and off the display. The star of the shoulder screen is a curved amoled, with the glass itself being gorilla, glass, 3 and forged at over 700 degrees celsius, which is pretty insane that display, along with the body of the watch, is curved at 92 degrees, which amazfit says conforms to the Curvature of your arm, making it comfortable and it’s got a 100 percent ntsc color accuracy with 400 nits of peak brightness. The tall display misfit claims allows you to view and access more information at any given time, and while i can somewhat agree to this, i kinda don’t like how thick the bezels are on the display. It definitely detracts from the whole futuristic feel.

I also don’t know how i feel about this form factor, as it really just feels more like a smart band to me than a smart watch, but to each his own. I guess, as of the production of this video, ms fit has actually rebranded itself to zeb, and so in order to pair the device to your phone you’re going to have to install the zap app from the play, store or app store from there getting the watch Setup is relatively easy sign in tap on, add a new device, add a watch and then either tap on scan the qr code or just scan for nearby device. Either way should work tap the tick to agree to pairing on the ms fed x and you’re done. I think that the one thing that i really like about amazfit watches that i feel that google’s wear os could definitely learn from is the ability for me to do most of the customization for the watch on my phone it’s. Really a pain in the ass to have to set everything up on a smaller display going screen by screen. So this is something that i really appreciate. Moving on to the watches interface, if you’ve seen my misfit gts video you’re welcome to skip this as it’s. Pretty much the same, swiping bottom up shows you any notifications which, if you start seeing a lot of question, marks it’s, not always that your contact is lost and confused, but rather the watch itself has trouble displaying emojis and if you think that you’re seeing duplicates yes, The watch seems to have a problem with that.

A top down swipe gives you quick access shortcuts like find my phone torch battery saver and do not disturb left to right for widgets that you can kind of customize. A little right to left shows you a list of apps like workout, which has nine different workout profiles. Activity go to see how you’re doing heart rate, spo2 stress, detection, weather shadow alarm settings and under more stopwatch countdown and music, which controls the music player on your phone, so no built in music player here and finally long press. The watch face to change the well watch face. The one thing that i don’t really like about this interface is how every screen transition is smooth, except for the ones back to the home screen that are just this abrupt screen change, which is really jarring it’s kind of weird like. Why would they omit that the app allows you to customize a lot of the watch on it with things like the watch face to change the watch faces with new ones appearing from time to time unlock screen, where you can set up your phone to unlock whenever Your watch is nearby uh incoming call for incoming call alerts, shadow, which is like a daily reminder. Watch alarms sets alarms for your watch app alerts for sending watch notifications. You have to manually add in apps for it to work idle alert lets. You know that you have been stagnant for too long incoming sms alerts, which is self explanatory and go notifications, which should also be self explanatory.

You can also find your watch, which is kind of useless since the watch itself. Doesn’T have a speaker, and so it just vibrates discoverable for bluetooth, discoverability activity, heart rate sharing to share your heart rate, with other devices band location to set. If you wear your watch on the left or right, wrist lift wrist to view info. That should also be pretty self explanatory aka. Have your watch wake up when you look at it? Health monitoring for heart rate alerts, sleep and stress, monitoring, find phone ringtone to set the ringtone for when you use find my phone and run in the background. That is kinda important as it allows the application to run in the background, so that you can receive notifications on your watch. Watch display settings allows you to trim down the app list on the watch even more, where the settings for the location and units pairing restrictions for multiple device, pairing and finally check for updates and firmware version. Coming from my ticwatch e2, which is a wear os watch, the transition was bittersweet on one hand, it’s really nice to have a watch that can last as long as this watch does, because, with everything turned on 24 hour, heart rate monitoring, notifications and sleeping with it. On for sleep tracking, the watch lasted a pretty respectable 72 hours, which is about three days of constant use, a massive difference over how long a werewes watch lasts. On the other hand, though, i kinda hesitate to call this watch a smartwatch, because i don’t get the same kind of smart functionality that i can get with a wear os watch there’s no, google assistant.

I cannot reply to notifications straight from my watch. I cannot view my google calendar from this watch and because of that, it just really feels more like a fitness, tracker or fashion piece. Much like the ms fit gts that i looked at before and speaking of gts. The ms fit x fuels in many ways. Like a gts, except in a different shape, which is to say that it doesn’t really feel all that special using it anyway, let’s say you had a couple of percent of battery left and you needed to top it off. Well, the charging dock is magnetic, is really strong actually and will get your watch from 0 to 100 in about 75 minutes, pretty fast, not too bad just enough time to grab a shower and some food before you head out for your day, all right, let me Bring things to a close with the ms fit x, starting with the price during the indiegogo campaign that i backed it. Costed 149 us dollars at that price yeah. You know what it’s not too bad but that’s the early bird price it’s, currently going for 329 us dollars. Even then it’s sold out already and i’m going to be perfectly honest with you. This watch is cool, but i don’t think that it’s worth that kind of money. I say this because i really find this watch to be a fitness tracker more than a smartwatch, as it lacks a lot of features that you can get from competing, wear os devices or maybe ones from samsung if they’re tizen and things like that and on that Note compared to the much cheaper gts it really doesn’t bring anything new to the table apart from the curved display, and so unless you really like that, you know display and don’t mind a smart watch that is really more health tracker smart band.

Honestly, i would ask you to look elsewhere. Don’T get me wrong. I like the amazfit x because i think it looks kind of cool and it has really long battery life, and so, if you got it, for you know the same price that i got it at at 150, us dollars, then i think that it’s, a pretty good Deal but at 330 i don’t know if i can get behind that anyway. That’S the end of the review, if you’d like to get one for yourself, then um well, i have no idea where you can get one right now, apart from indiegogo and even that looks like it’s out of stock i’ll put the link when i get one.