This is the q2 watch from hans where its a really affordable. Smart watch ive been using smart watches for around two years now and i have not looked back like its one of those things where you dont think youll need it and then you get it and youre like. Oh, my god. This is so convenient. So i am really excited to share this because its new and its really affordable and its really really beautiful and adds that, like cool lifestyle factor that most smart watches dont, so without further ado im going to unbox, it ive already done the unboxing, and this is What it looks like in its box, beautiful rose gold with, like a beige, strap very, very stylish, and if you turn it around, this is their built in ppg sensor, its super sleek. With this, like faux leather strap, it looks really nice, and this is how it looks so once you log on youll be able to see its 2pm now, the entire thing is touchscreen as well. So once you turn on the screen – and it shows you the clock – you can swipe left youll, be able to see like a fitness tracker with the number of steps youve taken, the distance, youve traveled and the amount of calories youve burned and right here, like i Mentioned with this built in high precision ppg sensor, it allows for 24 7 heart rate monitoring blood pressure sensor. It has a blood oxygen sensor, theres also a sleep tracker, and this is great because it not only tracks the duration of your sleep, but also the quality.

So i dont know how they do it. I dont know how i can tell my sleep was good but its nice to know – and there also is a weather tracker which is really convenient nowadays, because it keeps on raining for no reason and finally theres also a training function which allows for you to lock Your physical activities, your exercise, there are seven different modes if im not wrong and the best part is. You can sync all of your info to your phone, no matter if you use an apple on android, its called glory fit, and you can also customize all of your watch faces here. So let me choose something: pretty fun: okay, im going to choose this one, and once you sync it over to your watch there we go so the settings available on your watch is part down very, very simple, so you dont really get bogged down by a lot Of like the navigation on your app youre, able to customize a lot more, so you can customize your watch faces. There are over 80 different watch faces to personalize and choose from you can also switch up. Your heart rate settings also connect your phone and your messages, and it also has a sensory reminder. So, if youve been sitting around for too long, it will kind of, like just remind you to take a quick break. There are also alarms, stop watches, do not disturb functions um how long the light up stays so its actually really customizable, and i know that a lot of smart watches kind of do the same thing.

But for me, what is the most exciting thing about? The q2 is that it looks fantastic and its really really affordable. I think it is going for like 150 bucks now – and i know that i do have a discount code. So if you want to get like a special promo price, i think its ten dollars off. You can check out the description bar below, so i am going to spend an entire day out im going to be using this watch and just seeing how it fares under sunlight, um, under something a bit more intensive im going to be going to the pottery studio. Seeing how it fares with, like you know, a bit of clay, a bit of water, so yeah come join me its a vlog, all right so its the next morning. I thought i would just kind of take you through how my day was yesterday, because i do have like intermittent footage, but its very difficult to vlog on the go, especially when you have a mask on now. So what youre gon na be seeing is a very typical day for me in my monthly routine, this is my outfit for today, neutrals very casual. The watch almost glasses it up to beyond. Look at that damn it looks really good and it goes with everything. So im super happy and now im gon na head to the pottery studio, where i will be trimming some bowls and cups and yeah.

You can have fun with me. Look at that im actually late, so lets go im here with my watch. Sometime despair. Okay, lets! Go so after that i had to run some errands and im still really happy with my watch face. I think i chose a really nice one that really matches my style, and i was also glad that i was able to connect my instagram, my whatsapp and my messages. My calls to my phone because i physically wasnt able to answer my calls and then like use. My phone, because you know clay, so it was just kind of nice to be able to look at my watch and be like, oh okay. This message is here like i know what theyre talking about, and it was easy for me to schedule hanging out with me. This after so then, after that, you know its like 6 p.m. Im like running errands im like checking in, and i did notice that my watch face was not as bright as i needed it when it was outdoors and so a very easy way to do. It is actually just to swipe down and then toggle the brightness on the top right icon. In case you dont want to be like swiping through all of the different stats. You can also swipe right and you can pull everything down in like a drop down menu. So thats a lot faster. I was able to also keep track of my steps for the day and after i ran my errands, we had dinner at warm up cafe its my new favorite, like thai boat noodles cafe, and they have like pretty good food.

Also so im having dinner, it is now. Oh, i got a message multiplication its 10 16. Finally, having dinner im having dinner at this new place, called walmart cafe its new to me, but they have one of the best boat noodles in singapore thats. What it looks like this is the hot one. This is their creamy crab omelette rice. This is the kailan oyster sauce that we literally like split up. We had a nice time and then i just kind of went back home to see my sun noodles hi. I miss you ill, miss you today. Oh i miss you. I miss you. Hi hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, darling, come on lets. Go lets, go okay, check, check check here. We go so far. Five thousand steps there a little bit more. So you go. You gon na help me get my step on give us the phone hes still here and i love walking noodles, because i also get to get a few extra steps in and by the time i was done with the walk. It was already past midnight, so everything had reseted, but i still wanted to be able to try out the sleep tracker. So i did want us to sleep, and today i was so excited to check my sleep tracker, its one of my favorite things so right here. As you can see, i slept for a grand total of 7 hours and 36 minutes and when i went into my glory fit app, it actually gives you a more detailed analysis of your sleep quality.

So how long you had deep sleep? How long you had like night sleep? It also gives you an analysis, so i think its subtly trying to tell me to like go to sleep a little bit earlier and that i dont have as much deep sleep as i do light sleep, and it also compares your sleep cycle and your sleep habits To the same age group of people – and it also is able to tabulate the entire week to average it out. I only have one day. So obviously it looks a little ridiculous, but once i do accumulate more its gon na be able to show you like the average and the monthly and youll be able to kind of track your blood pressure. So this is what mine looks like right. Now they give a really nice like chart about your data, so the only function that i havent really tried is like the training app but im just gon na like give it a shot now its counting down. Oh and then it looks like this and so okay, let me turn this off, because im clearly not running so just swipe left its paused. You can resume or you can stop so im, actually really impressed with this watch. First of all, because it looks so good, i mean this is the best looking smartwatch that i have ever worn and i have ever used and its fully touch screen with this side button here.

So it makes it really easy to use its very health and fitness centric, which i enjoy, and it also does what i expect a smart watch to be able to do. I know that there are some smart watches that only link up your calls and your messages and your whatsapp to android devices and not apple devices, so im glad that the q2 manages to link up all of my stuff to my apple device and the other thing That im super impressed about is actually the battery life, so ive been wearing it the entire day and night right, and if you swipe down, you can see your battery life its at 52 still ive really been working. This watch hard too, so im really really impressed. It also charges really fast its a full charge in around two hours and the battery life can actually last up to seven days. So i think its a really good option if youre someone that is quite style conscious and you dont, like the general kind of like plain boring – looks of most smart watches and you want something a little bit more centric. I know it comes in black as well, and its just a really nice, like lifestyle, product and youre able to just be able to be more conscious about your health and your fitness and have all that data like on your phone, ready and accessible for you. Whenever you need it, so thats my fun little review on the hans ware, q2 watch um.

I believe that its new and theres actually a promo code for you guys, so i will list everything down below from where to buy it. What the link is, and the promo code as well so dont forget to check it out and thank you so much for hanging out with me today and if you like, this video dont forget to give a thumbs up and also subscribe to my channel. I make new videos every week, so dont forget to come back next week. You know turn on your notifications.