Now, on that, one youll receive just about any notification that you would normally get on your smartphone and you can even control your smartphones camera with it. So xiaomi watches are great, mid range, smart watches, not very cheap, but also not very expensive, just like an apple or a samsung watch. So this one right here is xiaomi s1 active that comes in at the price of around 200 euros. But for that you get quite some features, so today we will see what this one has to offer and take a full tour by the way hit the like button right, quick, if you dont mind and subscribe to my channel. That would really help me out. So this watch has two physical buttons: the lower one takes you quickly to these both modes and the upper one takes you straight to all of your apps right here, youll find things like an spo2 tracker and a standard heart rate tracker by default. It is said to only track your heart rate every 10 minutes, but if you want to save some battery life, you can also set it to on a track every 30 minutes or let it track your heart rate every single minute and in addition, it gives you An alert whenever you are having a very high heart rate, of course you also have a sleep tracker and a stress tracker that one tracks in naps, as well as your different sleep cycles like a deep and light sleep.

All of those stats can be tracked in the me fitness app right here. You can even go back a week month or year. Some more stuff we have in our app list are breathing exercises a compass, timer, alarm, stopwatch weather app and a phone feature. Now the special thing about that one is that you can answer and decline incoming calls right on your watch. Since you have an internal mic and a speaker, you can talk to your friends right on your watch, but that one will still make you look like a total goofball. Now you may not be able to punch in a number to call your buddies, but once someone called you, you can tap on that number to make a call on your smartphone dont know if thats faster than actually doing it on a smartphone, though, and as for The last application ive got the camera control for you guys in order to use that little nifty feature. All you have to do is open up the camera on your smartphone and the app on your watch. Unfortunately, i only get a black screen on my watch, but if i press on the shutter button, i can still take a picture and i can even set a timer after like three or five seconds now. Lets talk a little bit about some specs. Overall, we are looking at a rather big smartwatch, with a 1.43 inch ammo touch display with a resolution of 466 by 466 pixel.

It has a glass front, plastic bag and an aluminum frame. Now, do you say aluminum or aluminium? Let me know in the comments below how you pronounce it all right: this watch is water. Resistant up to 5 atm has been in gps, cloners, baidu, qcss and galileo, so you will always know exactly where youve been after your hiking tours and you have a silicon. Strap so spec was, you can almost compare it to the likes of a samsung or apple watch. Alright guys, if we talk about the battery life, i think we are in a good place. I now had this watch on my wrist for the last six days. Almost every day and night – and i still have about 25 of battery life left now, i do have to say that i had the setup and stuff like that included which eats up a lot of your battery life. So i think, like 12 days of normal usage, should be possible also charging it from 0 to 100 takes about 2 hours, so lets get over to our different spore, most and a bit in gps, and with this one you can track all of your hiking running And walking tours now, i do have to say it is not the most accurate but its good enough to roughly know where youve been doing your workouts as i usually walk through my park, in which gps was doing pretty good and between buildings. It was quite a bit off, sometimes okay, as far as four hour sport modes.

I already told you that we have roughly 117 different spokes to choose from like walking, running, hiking and swimming, but also stuff like hit trainings, basketball, zumba and darts. You can set some goals alerts and you have an auto pause function. As for some other small features you can expect of, this watch are a bunch of different watch faces, so you have some digital ones, funny, looking ones like a spitting astronaut and some with a lot of metrics which are even customizable, so you can decide which metrics You want to see on your home screen like your steps, heart rate, stress level, battery life or even the weather lets quickly talk about navigation now, unlike with other smart watches. Swiping up takes you to your quick panel. Instead of your messages and swiping down takes it to your messages like whatsapp, sms, missed calls emails and basically every notification that you would normally get on your phone as well. Now, in the me, fitness app, you are able to target certain notifications off and only turn the ones on that you actually want over here. You can also kind of like customize the lower button.