Now this is a fantastic watch, um that i wear every single day and i, where just like all the time so um. This has a battery life of three days and i got it off kogan as a christmas present and yeah so um. This is a active light. Smart watch um its it its really good and um yeah. As you can see, there are some stains. I dont know why theyre there um, but it doesnt really affect me im only about the technology um. I dont know why this things there but um. So, first of all, this has um heart rate. Uh sensor so see there um it has that that um uh checks that your heart rate and then theres alarms. So you can have a lot of alarms, um and then theres relax, uh. You can put on one minute or two minutes and you can start um. Then there is music controller, so you can connect this to your phone and um pause and um start like youtube, videos, music and other stuff. Like that and then theres settings where you can uh set the dial to things and also on the app you can change, it change the dial to um a photo um that you have and then here is the light of the watch. So you can set it really low, a medium and high and theres about if i dont know what thats for and then there is shut down um.

I dont use shut down that much but yeah and there is sports records, records and um heres. All the sports stuff that you did and then theres timer, where theres uh like uh, like a stopwatch a timer um like there and then theres like a a timer, see that um. I really like that, and this buzzes this buzzes it doesnt, make any sounds it just buzzes um. It does make a little sound, but um yeah. You can definitely feel the buzz on on your hands and then theres steps, then theres also how far youve walked and also how many calories that youve burnt and then theres your week total that, like the like, how much youve done in the in your in the Whole week and yeah and see uh its connected right now to my phone and um. It has a little signal there that, like that bluetooth signal, and then it has the time its really accurate, the date wednesday and theres sport, where you can um, set it to mode three. Two one go see it so theres like that: how many places how many calories heart rate blah blah blah um and then like theres um, so theres run, walk bike, hike, climbing treadmill, treadmill workout. You know all that sort of stuff and yeah, and then up to here i dont know what thats for but um you receive messages and stuff. I dont know how to enable enable it, though um i you know um and then here there is um wrist sense.

So here, if you like, do that, okay, so it would turn on uh when you like. Now you uh, like turn your wrist like see that it turns on and theres um. That means that its connected to the phone by via bluetooth and then that is automatic, uh automatic heart rate, uh sensing so uh do the green light automatically every five minutes or something and then theres a d and d uh do not disturb um and yeah. So thats uh the active, light smart watch. I recommend this for anyone and yeah, and also i forgot to mention this uh at the back: uh thats, the uh heart sensor and thats, where you charge so theres like a cable that has two magnets and you just put it there and um. It sticks really. Well, and also you can take these parts off just by pulling that back so pull that back, see thats off and then that uh hard to do with one hand uh so yeah. So you just pull that back and um. It will disconnect uh and yeah. So thats my watch review and yeah, so i hope you liked it. Dont forget to subscribe. Dont forget to like my videos and turn on post notifications and thats.