So, to give you guys an example when, when the shop was still open, i would clock in to go over eight to nine thousand means and eleven to twelve thousand steps, almost on a daily basis, and when i, when i could still go to my office prior To this pandemic he said its eight to ten thousand steps, but now, if youre just at home and most of your calls, 3 000 steps, so having an active health body really helps a lot in you, be you know, being a little bit fitter and healthier, especially With the current situation that were at number two, there are so many watches with so many designs, and so many price points that its easy to pick up a watch that fits your budget. So thats, like i say, all smart watches, were super expensive, but now you can find one thats a budget next in terms of technology. Smart watches are so much more sophisticated these days in terms of ai in terms of sensors. In terms of all the things they can do, it can track your sleep. It can track your steps. It can track your heart rate. It can track your oxygen. I mean so thats how insanely awesome, smart watches are today compared to before so on that smartwatch and it didnt really offer you so much value. I feel that, given the current situation, that theyre in it is one of the best buys that you can make and if youve been watching my channel for a while now, then you probably guys know that when it comes to smart watches uh, this is my favorite.

This is the new huawei watch three, so ive actually reviewed most of the predecessors of this one from the watch gt2 and the first watch, and i just love the design and the thinking behind huawei smart watches and allow me to share with you a little bit About this particular watch, one of the things that i absolutely love about, huawei, smart watches, is that they look incredibly awesome and they say awesome. I dont mean apparent. They look like you know, super techy and super out of this world. I love the fact that it just looks. You know its a circular shaped dome its made out of premium materials, it perfectly sized for my wrist and it just looks freaking elegant. This particular watch, as you can see, is all black it uses. I think its titanium or some sort of stainless steel for the case it has a ceramic back cap together with the sapphire crystal, and it is just a stunning piece of tech art if there is such a term now in terms of watch peak, the diameter is 46 mm now normally uh. Some people who love their watches small would prefer something obviously im, not that big. But the great thing about having that width is that it gives you a much bigger display and when it comes to the display number two so brampan displaying it its one point four inch amoled one thousand minutes. I dont put somebody in on it: sabino.

It can go super bright, so even when youre walking outside and then the sun is fully out there, blasting down its heat and its radiance on all of us. You will not have problem looking at the time, in fact so sobrang gandang resolution and pixel density and the sober luckily display, plus the brightness, as in its a treat to look at, especially with all the different watch faces that you can have on the watch by The way you will also notice that there is a crown details at two oclock position and you can act. I think its called like the 3d huawei crown, and you can actually use it to control, to take a look at all the different apps uh to scroll and its a nice addition. But you dont, have to keep touching the display. Menu has something physical and to be able to control the watch now. The next thing thats great about the huawei watch three, is that it actually has e sim capabilities. So if you know you can make phone calls, you can take a look at messages and send messages, even if you dont have your smartphone with you around your village or congress to go on a quick errand and you dont want to bring your phone puedemongo in With the huawei watch 3. and next, which is probably one of the most important things that you would want with the huawei watch its the health and fitness capabilities now, obviously, medina man also brought like athlete level person, but there are my minimum standards and the minimum Standards goes to try to get x amount of steps per day.

I try to get good sleep because youre sober important and sleep guys company sleep, no, really good sleep every time now so anyway, my bare minimum and my watches have always been on my way to check those things out. So in terms of steps, it can read your oxygen levels and take a look at your heart rate. There are so many different modes for working out and different outdoor activities that you can use to track in terms of tracking your sleep. It also does that, so it even gives you tips on how to sleep better titinanyaku illinois, sleep, and it gives you an idea of how good the quality of sleep in every night indispensable. Because if i have bad sleep, the next day is usually horrible. Im not as productive im, not as energetic im very moody, but if i stick to you know the routine of getting good sleep not eating before following the tips. Actually the cinnamon watch natal i get so much better sleep and, lastly, battery life. One of the things that i absolutely hated about uh other smart watch brands is that you tipo sa canela every day we charge or every two days, kilometer charge every three days whats the point. So the great thing about this one is that it can. Last all the way up to two weeks, especially if you take a look at the different power modes or power advisories with the different watch faces and the different settings.

So you can go up to two weeks or some full blast, bakasi gourmet 3 to 4 days. But you can actually tweak it depending on your preference, so you and all of those things i believe make for a really good. Smart watch im, not a big fan of notifications on my watches, so i turned them off. I hate getting disturbed because so now your phone rings and buzzes, and what more, if you stick it to your wrist right, so laptop notifications go for calls. Messages are usually off on my watch, but it depends on you guys now. How much does it cost uh? This huawei watch 3 sells for 18 999 pesos on lazada and you can actually even get it with free speakers if you buy today, but not a bad deal, if you think about it, so yeah thats my favorite smart watch. Let me know what you guys. Think of the huawei watch 3 would love to hear from you guys as usual, the link to where i bought it can be found down below okay, so that said uh this is it for todays vlog its something short long and simple. I want to shoot this. You and eco guys will reshoot tomorrow. So obviously this is not a q, a vlog. I know i know you guys have been enjoying our q a series if you guys havent, seen my previous q and a episodes, but the new previous video to this one.

In the two videos prior to that, but rest assured bubbling is a q and a starting tomorrow and sovereign juicy among us reactions to some of your comments in my previous episodes. Okay, i hope youre all safe. I hope youre all blessed and dont forget to rest. Well, this weekend, peace god bless whats up Music.