com and today in 10 minutes or less I'm gon na show you how to take just about any Android SmartWatch and put a really simple black and white digital always on screen on Your watch you're ready to go 80 percent of you – are gon na get what you need in two minutes. The rest of you are gon na, get the rest of it. In the whole, video it's called the Pareto principle. 20 percent of the input accounts for 80 percent of the output. So with that said, I'm, not gon na give you right away always on capability, but I can give it to you for up to 30 minutes here's what you do turn your watch on slide over to settings in settings. Go to display in display. Go to sleep time and in sleep time which changes from 15 seconds up to 30 minutes, go ahead and select 30 minutes. Okay, then, back out of that, get back to your watch face here's the here's, a real trick press and hold, and there you come up with your power off and reboot. This is that little thing you can change the circle or square for your third party apps to fit on the screen. Well, there's one called power, save tap power, save it cancel there. You go there's your digital display with power. What am i? Oh? It went off. Yes, it well the very first time, but now, if you press the button again and turn it on you've activated it for the length of time that you set in your display brightness for the next 30 minutes, this watch will remain on showing you your power level And your time, with a little X button that you can cancel out of it when you tap it and if you don't, have it it'll stay on like that when you do you're right back out of it, ding bye, everybody, the rest of you that want to Really have it 247 always on stick with me now, by the way, this is the the Prime.

The cops pet prime also called the a watch SC. I believe it is by all call now for the advanced version where you get 247, always on display we're gon na switch and show you how to do that on the Kronos blade Genesis watch with the front facing camera, really sweet watch same concept: I'm gon na Press and hold on the side: I'm gon na hit power, save and I'm gon na hit cancel and there we are notice on their implementation, it's a little bit better and cleaner. I think see there. It went off press it and now it's back on for the duration that I've set, which is forever and I'll, show you that trick. But here we don't have the little X that you saw on this one and on pretty much all the others. Whoops bounced out of it there we go there, we go. You see the X right there, you can accidentally touch that and take it out. I don't have that on this one there's no way to get out of it by touching it. One time like that X, however, if you double tap on the actual battery power level boom boom, you're exiting it. What you may have noticed on this one is this little white dot over here let's go into there again Power Save cancel we're in it. The little white dot stays on the screen, it's part of a thing called floating touch. Sure I've talked about that a lot it's an app that's no longer in the Google Play Store because it's so darn powerful, but I do have an archived copy of it in our resource guide.

And if you look in the show notes of this video you'll get a link over there, that you can download floating touch when you launch floating touch I'm gon na touch the button. It literally floats things that you can do on top of the screen, and you see right here and the left of the little lock there's a circle right there and inside of it. I don't know if you can see that or not, but it has an infinity sign. You see there there's a little infinity sign now. This is the same thing as you display timeout. If I touch it one time you see, it went to 15 seconds and it'll do exactly the same as what you would do. If you went to settings, I can keep changing. It, keep changing it, but it has one addition and that's infinity infinity means the display. Will never go off now, it's, not normally this way when you get display or floating toucher, but you can go in here, which is the settings and you can modify any of these positions right here and the thing that I made. It was screen time out like that simple as that exit out of here I'm back to this page, that is so cool, so right now, this is set to never time out. It'Ll run the battery out. First, the screen will not go off unless you double tap there press and hold here or go in and change the screen timeout to something less and then the screen will just go off.

Okay, you with me now all right, remember: it's the Pareto principle. 20 of your effort, which was not even using floating, touch or will give you 80 of your goal to have a watch. That'S got to always on time. If you need it on more than 30 minutes, you need to put in the effort for the other 80, which is what I'm telling you with the floating touch it the the other way around it is you just work it for 30 minutes, and you just um Touch the button and turn it back on if it goes off to reactivate it. All of these other watches, all of them let's see I've, got you've seen these with the already always on time display. This is the L okay, zero, which is a lot like the Thor for dual it's got already this ambient mint mode built into it. But if it's too dim for you sure enough, you can press and hold Power, Save cancel and you got the digital display and again it's gon na go immediately off press it one more time and now it'll stay on for as long as you've set in the Timing thing here's another one: this is the optimus pro. You guys know that watch same thing. Can you see it it's? A dim analog display, not good enough for you outdoors turn it on press and hold power say, cancel turn it off turn it on now. You'Re good to go with a nice bright.

Oh look at that! It overrode me there we go now it's, on with a nice bright display, that's much brighter than the analog one that was on there as well this one, because it has a short time out, is already popped out of it. We have more. This is um gosh. This is stretching way way back. This is that transflective screen of the Thor row it's an old android 5.1 watch, but it works got the same thing built into it goes off press. It turn it back on good to go for as long as the screen time out or you see. I have floating touch you're on here. I can set this all the way up to infinity again. Oh yet infinity nope, five minutes. Thirty minutes there we go infinity. Yeah and now I can go home swipe out of it and this one's on so even the rectangular ones sure yeah. This is the LEM 10 right Power. Save cancel, got it on there, even even the big monster, uh huh, the LEM T. We can press and hold power, save cancel and you're here so it's on all of these watches folks, every one of them can support it for up to 30 minutes and with the addition of floating toucher, you can bump it up to infinity and again you could Download floating touch sure is an app from our SmartWatch resource guide. Alright I'll tell you the link, but you can look at it in there click it right in your show, notes: tinyurl TI my url dot com, Android watches.

All one word linked to there. You get a whole bunch of different resources, and the Pareto principle applies to everything: it's, not just watches, and whether you get 20 of the time that you want, or with with 80 of the effort, or vice versa. It also applies to your closet when I was searching for a graphic to explain this. I came across this one. It'S got to be the best in your closet. 20 of your pants are yoga pants right and 80. Are you rather clothes? But what do you wear? Wow, how often do you wear your yoga pants 80 of the time right guys, 20 of the time you wear your other clothes, so just check it out the Pareto principle, the 2080 law and always on displays on all android watches super simple. Give it a try. Think you'll like it. Alright, thanks for watching we'll, see you again soon check it out. 10 minutes exactly what'd. I tell you huh, okay, that's the video this next sections for my subscribers. I know you guys like to go a lot deeper than this surface level. So if you're, not a subscriber, you could either subscriber yeah and find another video. But if you are a subscriber and you want to see some advanced features of what we're doing here by the way notice, I got them all on they're all set to infinity and they're just running beautifully in this mode. This is true magic.

Not only do you have a low powered always on display happening, but with the floating touch, or you have access to pretty much everything in your watch as well. Word of notice on this when you go into this mode, it's, shutting everything down, it's a Power Save mode, so you don't have your radios if you're tethered to your phone you're, not gon na get notifications. You'Re, not gon na find your phone if you've lost it. You'Re, not gon na you know have any of that kind of stuff happening, because bluetooth is off. If you have a sim hardened and you're expecting to get phone calls, cellular is off. You have no GPS and you're not on Wi Fi, but if you're going out and you don't need any of that stuff – and you want your battery to last a long time but still have access to pretty much anything in your watch when you need it and When you leave it, it's gone and you're back to this mode, and this is really really working. When you have the floating touch you're in here and you tap it, one of the squares is always in. It is the one just to the right of the lock. By the way the lock is supposed to just shut your watch off that's that's, what it does and you press it and it'll come back. So if you want to turn it off and you don't want to use the button over and over again floating toucher, if you get it just right to launch it and then hit the lock key, but the one to the right of that brings up all the Apps in your watch in alphabetical order floating on top of that low power screen, so whatever you want to go into music maps, how about a little koi pond? Okay: I'm in the low power power savings mode behind this, but I've launched this particular app that's running here.

I'Ve also installed display brightness that's, also in the same resource center it's, a little slider bar that I usually put on the right hand side just below the button go away fish they like to come over here. I think they sense the power see this see the percentage changing on the screen. I can go down negative 50. You probably can't even see that that's below the lowest level of zero and of course I could set it up to a hundred. So on any of my apps, even that screen, I can take advantage of the display brightness, which also floats on top, so I can swipe out of here exit it. It'S got all that stuff going on it. There now I'm right back to the same ambient digital screen with access to floating toucher. So I can take this down to really really low levels at night or fully bright. The see how in the daylight, display brightness floating toucher there's. So much more to this because I can get into here, I can get into my system stuff. If I want to and change systems, I set this up with a volume control here, so I can immediately control right on the screen, my volume level, so if I'm playing music and I'm Annessa is floating over the music player, I just tap that and I can Adjust the volume of that the other on and on and on, but just just know that the combination of using this special Power, Save button blended with floating touch and display brightness, gives you a whole new way of working with your android smart watch after you get Over all, the joy of having five hundred watch faces to choose from, and you start to get practical.

This is gon na really kick in and make sense for you because it really works. Let'S set these apps up now. Both floating touch and display brightness I'm gon na demo, for you on the all call a watch GT, which is the same as the COS pet prime I'm. Presuming you got it set up a little bit and we'll walk through that. If you got it just out of the box, you want to make sure Wi Fi is turned on. If you press and hold it'll take you into Wi Fi, you find your router, you make sure your connect to it and it should say, connect it. Okay, I'm. Presuming you're with me all that way now the next thing you're gon na want to do is go to the browser that you can generally see in here by just sliding around or if you've already installed your favorite browser, that's perfect, but we're just gon na use. The stock browser that comes with it now I've already opened it I've said it for a square instead of a circle. That means it'll be right inside the screen, so we can work with it a little easier and if I hit recent tasks, their settings there's browser I'm coming over here and you see I put in something called tiny URL. Well, it actually needs to be longer that it's, a web address that's gon na. Take you to the place that you can download right on the watch both of these apps it's tinyurl.

com, slash, android watches when you get there, you're gon na be looking for something entitled. The copy of floating toucher and copy of display brightness let's, take you there now. So the reason we need to do it this way by using the tiny URL link as opposed to going to the google play store, is because these apps are no longer in the Play Store. So when you get to the browser, don't put it in the Google search term, but put it up at the very top where you put in the address bar when you do it's gon na map. To this thing, which is, which is my Google Drive, that's shared with you guys and when you're there, you get a bunch of different stuff, here's, some folders that have some things in it. When you scroll down, you start seeing some files, you can go into there's an old spreadsheet, even here comparing android watches and finally, you get to the things that say copy to or copy of, and this is where you one download the actual apps themselves. Unfortunately, we're not seeing the whole name here so we've got to come up here and we've got a sort by name and there we go there. We go it's that button you're gon na switch, so you can display all of this stuff by name rather than by those boxes right. So as we come down now good thing, we're going through this together right, there's, all those documents, there's the copy, twos.

Okay, we have a few different things: display is for display, brightness and floating is floating toucher, so let's download the display brightness we're gon na tap on it. Okay, let's copy of di for display a brightness. We hit download, give it a moment, and there we go copy of display. Brightness come back from here. Come back from here, let's go to floating touch, a copy of FL shows up there, download give it a second and there they are now. If you wanted to delete them off of here – and you can later after you install them, you just simply press and hold and it'll give you the option to delete, but we don't want to delete them until we install them. So let's take display brightness and now look at this for security purposes. Your phone set to block installation of apps obtained from unknown sources. This is an unknown source, so you're warned they're not getting it from the Google Play Store but it's not in the Play Store. So we're kind of stuck I've used this one over and over you've seen me use it. I'Ve talked about it I'm, really confident that it's fine with no viruses so I'm coming in here, and I want to turn on unknown sources. You only have to do this once the first time says your watch and so forth gives you all that big warning don't do this if you don't want to, and if you do turn this on, be very careful.

The places that you go to download things that are not through the Google Play Store, we have unknown sources, turned on we're back we're gon na. Do it all over again gon na hit display brightness now it's gon na. Let us install it and we do that. Okay, Google wants to check to make sure there's nothing security wrong with whatever you're doing up to you. If you want to do this, we haven't even logged into Google, yet I'm, just gon na go ahead and say accept so it doesn't hinder my installation process and then we go to here and now we're we've have it installed. So we're done. I could open it now and start setting it up, but I don't want to and want to get the other one I'm gon na say done I'm done with the installation. This was the apk, the installation package. So I can press and hold and say ok to delete floating display, brightness now I'm, going to tap one time notice. I don't have to go through all that other stuff. Again, these are all the things that tells you it's gon na, do and floating touch or does a lot because it floats over everything, I'm gon na install it and let it go and it's done also. I could open it and start setting it up, but I'm gon na go done, press and hold and delete the installation file. Now My Documents, folder is clean.

I mean you got 32 gigabytes. I would recommend holding on to them in case you need to install them later, but up to you, I just wanted to show you how to clean everything up come back here. We'Re all done with everything there's a lot of other apps in here. Gesture search, hey band, setting search, I highly recommend anyway, you can learn about all these. You can copy these over and do the installation, if you want to but we're only doing those two today so we're basically done with the browser. So we can bail out of this thing all together back to our watch, face and now let's begin installing or actually running them, let's slide over and see what we've got they should be installed, probably at the bottom of all of these things, there's display, brightness and Floating touch, if you're doing good, you just downloaded apps from the web directly to your watch very very good. Let'S start with display brightness, because it's quick and easy I'm gon na launch it it apps. It says it's gon na require extra permissions, which it does, which is an overlay thing, because it's gon na overlay brightness level on top of your your actual screen any of your screen, so we tap on display brightness. It says it's off. We turn it on a grants access and here we go we're now in it there's a tiny little sliding window that you can play with, and then these are the ways that you get enable or disable it and donation.

This is the free version it's not in the Google Play Store, so you don't have to worry about a donation there's no way of reaching these guys I'm gon na slide down. Until I get something that says words here, you go top center, it's actually set for right here, but that sometimes gets in the way it's up to you. Where you want it, I want it on the right hand, side I'm, gon na say change it from top center to right center and there you see it right there, okay, it's it's, actually there it's in set because it's within the square. But if I press and hold change that to the full circle now it's way over on the edge, and if I touch it, I can slide up and down all the way down to 1, which is plenty dark all the way up to a hundred percent. That'S. Almost all you need to do, except if you want to make sure it's there all the time you need to continue scrolling up and way at the bottom. You have something that says shut after reboot system. You want to check that I'm start. It'Ll reap it'll start automatically when you reboot the other one that's pretty nice is the auto hide the indicator. It'S green right there. You see that I'm gon na click on that, but not right. Now I want to show you something: the bar is centered over the camera, but actually we need that upper area to put the little dot for floating touch it so to get them to work really nice together, I'm gon na scroll back down here.

By the way you can set the amount of range from 1 to a hundred, so if 1 is too dark for you, you think it's too dim and you might not be able to work with it. You can set the lower level higher or longer battery life set, the upper level as a maximum of 80, and your battery will last longer. You can play with that slide bar, but I want to play with the length slide bar, which is right here right, underneath where we changed it to right. Center I'm gon na take this lower one and move it like that, and I caused them range to go down a little bit. Gon na go even a little further now there's not much range to hit here. If I take this a little longer, I can go further down, but pretty soon it goes off the screen, something about like that now I could still if I know where it is right next to the camera, I can still find it once you touch it once You got anywhere on the screen, you can slide the whole thing up and down. The trick is just to make sure you can touch that area it's wide enough to touch you're, not actually sliding within it it's just the display. Okay, now I can come down here. Auto hide it you're gon na see it disappear still there I know it's, there it'll still work, but it's invisible, pretty cool, enable it.

It already is enabled and we're done. You can get out of here and we're finished almost there's a critical thing. We got to do for both of these, so don't go away. Whoo! Okay, next thing is floating touching. This is a little trickier we're gon na go in here. It'S got these four screens, yadda yadda, yadda and there's no way to get out of it. I think there might be a button down here. Let'S see you always test this stuff go back and forth and no no way to get out of it, and that sometimes makes you think you're stuck well you're. Not you hit the back lower button, one time that bails you out of it and puts you into this screen here that says: tap, try to slide left and right and you can – and it talked about a pro version and stuff like that now we're in floating Touch here right now and the Settings icon is in the very middle. You know that you're in what they call a pro version or the free version when you got this little Christmas present thing down here. If you were to touch that nothing happens, we're going to talk a little bit about what this all means in just a moment that little dot is on the screen here, but because I had this set for a square instead of a circle, it's indented a little Bit but it's way down here if it moves off to the side, it's going to be interfering with that that sliding bar so I'm gon na grab the the dot and bring it up a little bit either, even or just slightly above here, I'm gon na change.

It to full screen – oh it's, almost too far, see that I'm gon na grab it and try to grab it and slide it there. Okay, that's a nice spot, I've got my display. Brightness bar. You see it right there underneath when it lights up and then fades out and now I've got my floating touch shirt as well: I'm gon na touch it and it activates it now I'm going to show you the quick and easy free thing: cuz that's! Why you're, here of setting your timeout to infinity, I usually replace the flashlight icon there with it. I can't replace the present. Yet, if it's free once it switches to the paid version, you can even put it there but I'm just gon na replace the flashlight button. Here with that settings, timeout or screen timeout I'm gon na hit the center that takes me into the overall settings. I'M gon na tap the flashlight, and now I could select anything from the list and screen timeout happens to be the first one it just got replaced. I can slide out of here when I tap the button again there. It is now I could toggle through and there's infinity see I had it set for 30 minutes. One more tap takes me to infinity, which is not available in the system. If that's, all you want to do with this you're done, okay, if there's more, you want to do with it. When you go into settings, you're gon na find that some of these things, like the present you tap on them, and it says you have to pay a premium price or upgrade prices, and you could try to buy these things.

What I've noticed is, after a few days, this whole thing kind of times out and it flips over to the free version automatically if it doesn't do that, for you make sure you're logged in to Google okay into the google, your Google account with access to the Google Play Store and pick one of these. I like to pick premium and say bye. It says the Google Play Store is not available when you're logged in it might say that it's no longer in the store, whatever it says, you're kind of triggering a thread that might somehow cause it to flip to the paid version when you're in the paid version. You have all kinds of things that you can do. You can change different pages and this is really important to do to get over here. To this point action, did you see what I it there let's come back in here back into here, I met custom I'm. Sliding to the right and I met pointers and it says customize point action and it won't. Let me do that, but when you can get in there and you can you want to change the point action that says, if you're long press on the button to hide the button, it turns out there's a glitch that doesn't work well with the watches to bring It back and you might have to actually completely uninstall off loading touchier and reinstall it to get the that button to come back, it's a little annoyance, but just until you've done that just be real, careful that you don't press long on it.

You just give it a quick little tap like that and go to wherever you want to go. Speaking of where you may want to go this upper right, one gives you all your apps in alphabetical order. You can launch any of them from here. This top button allows you once you accept, locking the screen, and you want to activate the device administrator, and you say okay for uninstalling it that you need to turn that off and now you've basically turned the watch off. So if the watch is on wherever it's on, if it's on your watch face, oh no, the dots gone, ha ha ha. I told you there was a real important thing. You got to do at the very end of this video we're, covering it right now because they turned the watch off. A special selection in settings caused everything to quit, and you can't have that. So we come back to settings. Are you taking notes? It'S good thing? You can rewind and replay this in settings. You go all the way down here to more. In more you go to background cleaner in background cleaner. You make sure it's turned on you tap it once and all of your installed apps show up if they're turned on every time the watch closes, it quits them and that saves on your battery. But you want these to run in the background, so turn it off and turn that. Okay, that was in battery saver, that you found in Moore when you went into settings from your app drawer.

Now you got to do one more thing and you got them going. You got to go all the way down. You got to run them once display brightness. I don't need to make any changes. I just need to run it hello. Where did you go okay, it's being funky on me because we're on camera? Do I have it running? No, it doesn't seem like it so let's go back down here again display brightness, hello. There we go, you see it lit up there. It came on so I can leave it floating touch or touch it once whoops whoops, whoops whoops, and it put the dot back up here and I can go out of it now. I'Ve got my display. Brightness I've got my floating touch your button that I was showing you I can touch it. I can close the screen. I don't have to wear out my buttons when I turn the thing on. I do need to do that to turn it on now they come back no matter what screen you're in including this one and including. Finally, if I press and hold here and I go to Power, Save and I cancel out of here – there you go, I have the floating touch your button and I have the display brightness. It goes off the first time right away press it again. If I've set my timeout to infinity this is then I don't even need to swipe out of here.

I can just go home and it'll. Take me right there, or I could have turned the whole watch off by doing that, touch it again, you're coming right back to here. You got it, you got it there, you go the whole installation process right from the get go. All you need to do is get your brand new Android watch on Wi Fi follow the guidelines we were giving you go to the link,, slash, android, watches, make sure you set it in alphabetical order and set it up. So you can see the words instead of the icons, so you can make sure you're getting the right one download both of these install them to your watch. Go into them and configure them make sure you go to settings and set that background cleaner off for both of them, and you got yourself one really efficient, smart watch. I hope this helped you guys. I hope it helped you enough that you'll tell some of your friends that this is a cool channel, so we can help build our numbers and get more viewers and of course, your subscriptions really help and in particular on this one, a nice thumbs up, if you Like it, that would be really great to Google picks that up and that's how you end up seeing these things as suggested videos, we will see you again soon a long long video. You only needed the first two minutes to get night 80 of this, but those of you that stuck all the way are now 100 and I am really happy I'm hundred percent happy too.