Welcome to another honest review video today i have this smartwatch. This is a budget affordable smartwatch. The name of this smartwatch is a bit different, aeac, 207 and yeah. This one costs less than 50 us dollars, and i have managed to get a discount coupon from this brand. For my subscribers and regular viewers and after the discount code, this one costs even less than the original price. This one comes with a few interesting features. Lets check those features before we do the unboxing. There are six different features. The first one is cloud watch face. This is actually online watch faces. There are a lot of online watch faces. We will check some of those. This one comes with a 1.69 inch colored display panel yeah, its a lcd panel, but better than many other lcd display panels and comparable with many other oled panels. This one has blood oxygen monitoring. I mean spo2 monitoring. This one is 5 atm waterproof. There are 14 sports modes long battery life. I need to explain about this long battery life. I have used this smartwatch for 18 days. They have claimed 14 days of battery life, but have managed to squeeze up to 18 days. I was a bit confused like why this brand is claiming like only 14 days, because i have managed to squeeze 18 days and then i have given it to philip. He has managed to squeeze 13 to 15 days, so yeah, maybe im, not a power user.

If you are a power user, if you are gon na use that sports mode regularly, then definitely you will get 13 to 15 days. But for me it was 18 days to pair this smartwatch with our smartphone. We need to download the application very fit. This application is available both on the apple app store and google play store. I have already downloaded the application, as ive already mentioned earlier, ive been using one of these smart watches for almost two weeks now so yeah its a very smooth process to do the pairing, and this smart watch is one of the best in its price segment and Thats the reason why i am doing this review video well, we will start from unboxing but before that, if you end up liking this video, if you find this video helpful, then please dont forget to click on the like button and subscribe to this channel. Lets start from unboxing Music. I really like this minimalistic packaging, not many things written on the box and yeah at the back panel of the box, its written, her free, smart watch. I think they have emphasized on her trade, because heart rate monitoring of this smartwatch is really very good. Okay, let me show you this inside the box. I have got a very good quality. I have to mention this is one of the best quality charging, cable or charging dongle that i have received inside a smartwatch box. I mean, within this price segment.

Most of the other smartwatches comes with cheap quality cables and ship quality dongles, so yeah. This one should get an extra point for providing a very good quality premium. Quality charging, cable, strap installation instruction yeah. That means we can also change the strap of this smartwatch. There is a card with four illustrations, and these four illustrations actually describes four steps to install the strap. There is a operation manual and im in love with this operation manual. I think all the other smart watch bands should follow this one look at this. They have written everything clearly on this instruction manual model id207 screen type 1.67 inch color screen charging voltage battery capacity. Everything is there 300 mah battery capacity about 2 hours of charging time battery life. It says 8 days, im not sure whether they have wanted to write 18 days and then that one is missing or not, but yeah. I have managed to squeeze 18 days waterproof level 5 atm weight of product ‘ grams. Oh my gosh, so very light. Bluetooth version ble 5.1 operating temperature product frequency, maximum transmission power consumption. Everything is written clearly on this operation manual now lets open the operation manual. Look at this its written very clearly how to use this smartwatch how to download the application how to do the pairing. Everything is written very clearly and in many different languages, so yeah every other smartwatch brand should follow like this. This is a simple thing.

Maybe most of the people wouldnt read it or check it, but the people who want to read and check they will get all the details and information only on a piece of a paper. Thats really great here comes our aesc id 207 function. Button. Please choose to activate the watch before you use it as ive been using it its already powered on look at this 1.69 inch display panel wow amazing. This one is really very good. Considering its price class and segment, this display panel is one of the best yeah. There is a bit of a chin but thats, nothing too big. This one goes very bright under sunlight, and you know what this one comes with automatic brightness control. Look at this! Oh, my gosh, really. This is so crazy because most of the other smart watches budget and affordable smart watches missing this feature automatic brightness control. Really this is so crazy and yeah. If you dont want to use automatic brightness control, i think dimming level, 3 or brightness level 3 is good enough. There are a few preset watch faces. This one is one of the best and looks pretty nice. I prefer this one, but if you like something colorful and if you want to get more information on your watch face, then you can use this one. But if you prefer something more colorful, then i would recommend this watch face. Okay, before i have bought this smartwatch, i have been using another smartwatch which costs more than this one, and definitely i have access to many other very expensive, smart watches.

But after i have bought this one and yeah after using this one for a few days, i think within its price segment, this one is the most comfortable smart watch that i have ever tried or used race to wake feature works pretty perfect pretty smoothly. There is no problem in hand, it feels very soft, very comfortable. The provided tpu silicon strap is really a comfortable one, and you know what this one is built with both the metal and plastic. Considering its price point, the frame cutouts design, build quality appearance all together. This should get 9 out of 10.. Here you can see. I have already paired and connected my id207 with my smartwatch through verified application. I have already mentioned that we will need this very fit application to pair this smart watch. There are a lot of options inside the application, notifications, alarm, clock, health tracking call alert more settings, do not disturb mode intelligent exercise recognition. This is really crazy because you dont have to select what youre gon na do. There are different type of sports yeah. There are 14 different sports modes, outdoor run, indoor run outdoor walk, indoor, walk, hiking outdoor cycle cricket, yoga, indoor cycle, fitness pull swim, open, water, swim, roar and elliptical. Well, i think its more than enough. There is find my phone option. Music control option lift your wrist to lit up the screen, whether push screen brightness tiles device. Language now lets check watch face market, even if it says market its for free its a free market yeah among all the watch faces.

I really like this one. This one is a bit colorful and the name of this watch face is luck with you and they have even written it. May luck, wisdom and wealth be with you already installed, lets check. How does this one looks like amazing right, super cool? There is another watch face that i like and thats watch 165. This one also looks very nice now lets check the features of this smart watch. Okay, once we swipe from right to left, there is activity monitoring. I mean step counter. There is heart rate monitoring this smartwatch aeac id 207 offers 24 hours of accurate health monitoring, and i have actually measured it with some other smart watches. This one is truly almost perfect and very accurate after heart rate monitoring. There is this stress monitoring this one is also pretty accurate and i think, within this price segment, this one offers better stress, monitoring than many other smart watches, and then, after stress, monitoring, there is our workout mode. We can select between 14 different workout modes and yeah. If you like to do exercises, if you like to do activity, then this smartwatch is perfect for you and then there is this music control application which can control the music, and you can also control the volume of your smartphone. Finally, we are back to the watch face. I actually like this watch face because on this watch face, there are a lot of information provided and inside this watch face.

There is also a very nice illustration yeah. This reminds me about activity and health monitoring. In the beginning of this video, you may have noticed that there was another smartwatch on my left wrist, but now i am using this one. There are different type of smart watches available in the market. There are different price segments, different type of features, different type of options and other settings that we need, but after checking this smartwatch, i feel like, if almost everything can be achieved within a very affordable and budget smartwatch, then why the most expensive smartwatches sometimes lacks this, And that feature thats really crazy anyway, now this is my current daily drive. This is the smartwatch that i wear every day in my daily life, because i like this one – and there are two other features that i should mention. The first thing is warranty. This smartwatch comes with one year, warranty its not like on the paper. There is warranty, but we are not gon na get the warranty. Whenever we try to claim the warranty there will be decent that type of trouble or problem or issues. This brand offers a very good superb customer support, thats, really almost impossible to get from other brands, which offers smart watches below 40 us dollars or 50 us dollars. The second thing is build quality of this smartwatch and update frequency firmware update frequency. This smartwatch comes with a very good, build quality and this brand they have updated this smartwatch already once after i have bought this one, so theyre always trying to improvise through the software upgrade firmware upgrade thats.

The thing i like about any brand – i dont like to take it off from my wrist, but i have to take it off and show you before. I finish well thats all about this aeac id207 smartwatch. The name is a bit different than many other smartwatches. It doesnt sound so interesting, but the product is so very interesting and im ready to vouch for this one. If you have liked this video, then please dont forget to click on the like button. If you have loved this video, then please dont forget to share this video with your friends and family and support this channel by subscribing to this channel. Please tell me that i cant that i wont that i fail that ill, never make it out. Yet. Please tell me all the bad, never good feel my head full of every single doubt, yeah, please say any negative thoughts. I pop off. When i hear people say i cannot. I get off to the thought of proving everyone wrong.