. So funny story as i was unboxing this. My husband walked in and sat down watched for a bit and then asked babe. Did you buy the exact same watch again honestly? At that point i didnt know what to say all right so now that ive spent over a week with the galaxy watch 5, i can confidently say if you own last years model skip this one. The upgrades this year dont quite change or improve the experience enough to justify going out and spending more of your hard earned money now to be fair. Samsung did launch a pro model, which is a little more exciting, but that thing is massive and would look ridiculous on my small wrist. The 40 millimeter is the only size that im comfortable wearing first things. First lets talk about the changes because there are some improvements on the back: the sensors stick out a little more, creating more surface area for skin contact to improve accuracy and they added a new ir temperature sensor, which is supposed to level up the watchs sleep tracking Capabilities but it isnt active yet for some reason. Hopefully, we dont have to wait too long. The battery inside is 15 larger than last year, while i do think the better life is ever so slightly better. This is still a watch. I have to charge up every single night. Look, i get it its a small watch, theres only so much they can do right.

What i do appreciate is that the watch 5 is faster to charge up its, not a massive difference, but from an almost dead battery. It takes just under an hour and a half to fully charge. For contrast, the watch 4 took over two hours to charge for the first time. The display glass is now covered in sapphire crystal versus the gorilla glass that we saw in previous years side by side. It is noticeable in the sense that the sapphire is more reflective and feels nicer to the touch. I did a little research on sapphire crystal and turns out. While it is more scratch resistant, the trade off is that its more prone to shattering. So if youre rough with your stuff, a case or screen protector, is probably a good idea. Luckily, todays sponsor speaking, has both you and your watch covered. Spigen is like a household name when it comes to phone cases, so you better believe theyre bringing that same expertise as they expand into wearables with their rugged armor pro. You can turn your galaxy watch 5 from this into this. The unibody case plus band combo, is the perfect accessory to level up the watch. 5S toughness. It comes in charcoal gray or an ultra stealthy, all black ready for whatever you do. Dont need all that protection. Go with the slim and minimal liquid air want to show off the watchs original design. The ultra hybrid is where its at or maybe all you need, is a little added protection for the screen.

Well say hello to their easy fit screen protector, even if youre the worst screen protector installer their cradle system gets you a perfect, install every single time check out spigens entire galaxy watch 5 lineup by clicking the link below Music. So, outside of those changes i listed theyre essentially identical all right, theres one other thing: the starting price is also 30 dollars more expensive than last year. Ill admit i expected more. The watch runs smooth, but theres still slowdowns from time to time. I think a lot of us would have appreciated an upgrade to the processor just to boost the performance a bit. I would have even taken a bump in storage to match the 32 gigabytes that the apple watch offers, like i said, if you own the galaxy watch. 4 youre not missing out on much here now, just because the galaxy watch 5 is a minor step forward. That doesnt mean its a bad watch far from it. If anything as someone whos owned, every single galaxy watch, samsung has come a long way if youre looking to pick up your first ever smartwatch. The galaxy watch 5 will work great with your samsung phone itll, also pair up with other android phones, but to unlock all its features. You got ta pair it with a galaxy phone over the past couple of years, ive considered giving up smart watches altogether, but every time i try to, i miss it and realize how much i actually use it on a day to day basis.

First of all, i take so many calls on my wrist, because the watch is always with me its just faster and easier versus pulling my phone out of my purse or my pocket and im actually not that popular or anything its just mainly my mom calling me One thing i wish samsung would improve is the bluetooth connection i feel like the range could be better. For example, if i leave my phone in the bedroom and then walk to the kitchen, my watch disconnects from my phone all the time. I missed a lot of calls because of this, so i was kind of late on the whole mobile payment trend, because my bank, here in canada, took forever to support samsung pay, but now that ive hopped on the train, i dont think i could ever live without It not only does it feel super futuristic to tap your watch to pay for something its just so convenient at checkout. Just long press. The bottom button select your card and hold it near. The mobile payment terminal wait for the beep and youre good to go just a heads up for security. You do need to set up a passcode for the watch. That has to be punched in every time. You take the watch off and put it back on. Checking notifications is a big part of the smartwatch experience, but it can get pretty overwhelming and consume you if you turn it on for every app.

The last thing i need is to be constantly distracted by vibrations. On my wrist, i pretty much have it only turned on for messages? Youve got the typical options for responding to messages, voice, handwriting and keyboard. The default t9 keyboard that samsung offers is no good. Do yourself a favor and swap the samsung keyboard to gboard? Not only do you get an actual keyboard, the swipe to type experience on gboard is surprisingly good on such a small screen. The biggest draw for any wear os watch is having google assistant on your wrist and, let me just say its a game. Changer its not enabled straight out the box, though bixby is the default voice. Assistant honestly, google assistant drastically improves the watches functionality and makes this actually feel like a smart watch. Ive been very impressed with how responsive and quick it works. Whats 29 times 48. The answer is 1 ‘2. whats the weather going to be like next tuesday next tuesday. In toronto, itll be partly cloudy with a high of 23 and a low of 16. remind me to take out the beef from the freezer at 9 pm Music ill. Remind you at 9pm, Music set a timer for 20 minutes 20 minutes Music. How long will it take for me to get to work Music? It takes 30 minutes to drive to work being pregnant for the past nine months and transitioning to taking care of a newborn. Now i havent been able to test the fitness capabilities of the watch five.

As much as i wanted to, but over the years, ive realized i dont need or wanted to do all that much rather than expecting a fitness watch with super accurate sensors. I treat it more like a wellness watch, its great, that it can measure ecg, blood pressure, blood, oxygen body, composition and all that jazz, but i mainly use it to make sure i hit my daily step goals and to track plus keep an eye on my heart Rate zones during my workouts, the watch 5 – does that perfectly fine? Everything else is just a bonus to me. I feel like they keep jamming more and more into these watches, and all the numbers and data can start to feel more confusing rather than helpful. You know what i mean, or is it just me sure the upgrades this year wont feel meaningful enough for gals to watch for owners like myself, but when you look at the galaxy watch 5 as an overall package, its hard to not rank this as one of The best android smart watches on the market. I was secretly hoping that samsung would reintroduce the physical rotating bezel, which made their smart watches stand out, but i cant deny the sleek and slim design, probably appeals to way more people with samsung transition to wear os. I wasnt expecting much, but i was wrong. Having access to all the google services, including google assistant and youtube music, has definitely made a difference.

I dont even care about apps on my smart watch like that, but i recently discovered this newborn tracker on the wearable store and its quickly become one of my most used apps on the watch. Thats part of the reason why im really looking forward to the pixel watch from google, hopefully with more good quality, wear os watches on the market. It attracts more developers, so we can get more unique, creative and helpful apps for our watches bottom line. Theres a lot of room for the platform to grow as usual.