Ive got my hands on the halo rs4 Music. So this is a brand new fitness tracking smartwatch priced under 50 pounds so thats under 60 us dollars for my friends across the pond. Now the halo rs4 offers plenty of bang for your buck. This is a feature packed smart watch which includes all day heart rate, monitoring, youve, got sp02 automatic sleep monitoring and up to 10 days of battery life and lots more. So, first of all, quick look at what you get inside the box user manual, a magnetic usb charging, cable and, of course, the smart watch itself, and here it is on my wrist. So you have a large 1.78 inch amoled display with a screen res of 368 by 448, so nice bright display with responsive capacitive touch. Now you have a simple minimalistic design. The watch frame is made from metal going all the way around finished in this dark grayish black color and the back cover is also made from plastic. The watch dimensions are 45.2 millimeters by 37.2 millimeters and its 11 millimeters in thickness and weighs only 48.63 grams with the straps on now. This watch does have multiple health sensors built in capable of monitoring your 24 hour heart rate, youve got sp02 automatic sleep monitoring and a whole bunch of built in fitness apps, along with 12 built in workouts. Now, on the side, youve got a single button, which is your power home and back key all into one.

There is nothing on the other side and underneath you will find your health, sensors and charger pins, and i will quickly show you the charger in action. So magnetic usb charger simply clips onto the back go ahead and plug that into a 5 watt usb source. It takes around 90 minutes to fully charge that 230 milliamp hour battery and the watch offers up to 10 days of battery life with 24 7 heart rate monitoring switched on. If you switch to battery saver mode, you can actually achieve 25 days battery life, which is incredible. Now the watch pairs to your smartphone via bluetooth and you do have bluetooth version 5.1. Your health stats can be viewed from the smartphone app and its called the halo fun app and it is compatible with both android and ios phones, and i have my watch connected to my iphone 13 pro with full functionality and no limitations. Now, a few things to point out before we look at the app there is no built in wi fi and no built in gps. So for workouts it uses your phone to track, location, etc. Now here is a quick look at the halo fun app on the first page. You get your health metrics at a glance and you can tap any of the metrics for more detailed information. If you tap on sport, you can actually initiate a run and it will show you your current location, maps, etc. If you tap, where it says my smart device, you will see the connected device tap it again and itll give you your watch settings.

So, first you see your battery information. Youve got your dial settings, so downloadable watch faces and theres a whole bunch that you can download for free and youve got custom watch faces, so you can customize, select a custom picture and sync it straight to the watch. Youve got health monitoring section over here where it can give you pre warnings when your heart rate is too high or too low, heart rate sensor itself can be switched to automatic or manual message notification. All your notifications will be pushed from your phone to the watch and you can switch on and off the apps that are relevant to you now over. Here you can customize the watch menus and you can change the order around too so nice to be able to do that. Youve got do not disturb, alarms, sedentary reminders, incoming call notice, so itll notify you of any incoming calls. Youve got screen on hand raised. That is the lock screen time ill, extend that to 15 seconds. Youve got your time format and weather synchronization, which it has just completed. So a very simple, clean, easy to use interface, and it gives you all your necessary info on one page. Now you have a basic light os, which is user friendly and very simple in operation its not based on android or wear os. This is halos own custom basic os. Furthermore, it does state ip68 waterproof. So it says you dont need to worry about sweat and rainstorm, but if you have a look on the official website, there is information, implying that this is only rain and splash proof.

It actually mentions explicitly do not swim with the watch on. So i guess this is only splash proof. It is not waterproof. Furthermore, the rs4 does not support bluetooth phone calls. Instead, you will see an alert. Should someone call you and you will not be able to take the call on the watch. You will only have the option to drop the call and be able to see whos calling you now all your phone notifications and messages will be pushed to the watch, and this is what they look like now. These messages are only read only so. Youll only have the option to delete, but you will not be able to reply directly from the watch now. The straps are made from silicon. They are 20 millimeter straps with quick release for convenience and the buckle is made from metal and finished in black now. Lets. Take a closer look at the watch features here. Is the default watch face and you can change the watch face by keeping the center press for about three seconds. Youll feel some haptic vibration and then youll be presented with around six different watch faces that you can instantly change to, and here are the examples of the different watch faces available on this watch Music. If we swipe down from the top youve got some quick toggles for settings, brightness do not disturb if we check out the brightness first of all so thats maximum brightness ill. Take it halfway just to show you so thats brightness at halfway still very visible and now ill.

Take it all the way down, so that is the lowest brightness and ill. Show you what the brightness on max looks like um outdoors as well on screen. If you swipe to the left or the right youll, see your health apps and ill quickly show you them. Youve got a step counter with distance and calories. Your heart rate sensor, sbo2, monitoring, sleep tracking, local weather, breathing exercises and your back to the watch face. If you swipe up from the bottom youve got all your apps, so the first one is step counter heart rate. Spo2 youve got your fitness exercises and there are 12 exercises built in for you to choose from youve. Got your exercise record weather sleep tracking notifications, youve got a music player, so if youre playing music from your phone, this watch becomes the remote for it and that does include volume control. Then youve got stopwatch timer and this icon here is that find my phone? So your phone, wherever it is, will just start ringing and tap it to stop. Then you have breathing exercises brightness and your main settings and quick look at the settings. Youve got watch face brightness about power off and reset all right. So now, im going to test out the accuracy of the health sensors, beginning with the heart rate sensor, this little device here is the o2 ring. This is a medical grade, heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring device, which you wear on your thumb and within 30 seconds.

You will get a real time: medical grade, reading of your blood oxygen and heart rate, so the o2 ring is already giving us a reading for blood oxygen and heart rate im going to do the same with the heart rate sensor over here. Its showing 82 beats per minute and the o2 ring is showing 80 beats per minute. Now thats dropped down to 78 beats. The o2 ring is on 82 beats thats on 77 82, so the o2 ring is giving us 77 beats per minute and the watch is giving us 74.. O2 ring has gone to 77. 73. 77. 73. 79. 74 thats going up a bit 77 76. So i find that these heart rate sensors in watches they need a minute to warm up so, if youre wearing it for above a minute, youll get a more accurate result. So the o2 ring is giving us 81, and this is now going up very close to 81, its on 78 79. The medical grade is giving us 85. This is 80. its slightly behind, but that is what you can expect in terms of accuracy all right. Now, its time to test the spo2 to start measuring and the sbo2 reading were getting on, the o2 ring is 96 waiting for the watch. The watch is giving us 99, so we know thats, not true, were gon na measure it once more, and i have got the watch on nice and tight as well.

So spo2 is at 95 lets see what the watch gives us 99 again. I dont think the spo2 is giving us accurate readings. Um the heart rate is a lot better, but again not medical grade standards, which is actually quite hard to achieve at this price point. So that should give you an idea of how this fares against a medical grade sensor. So there you have it guys that was the halo rs4, an affordable fitness tracking watch, which offers plenty of features for the cache you have a nice design. The metal frame does feel quite good, it gives it a more premium touch display is nice and large, and i love that its amoled. I think amoled should be standard on all watches going forward, and this screen looks beautiful, its responsive and, most importantly, its visible when youre out and about especially in sunlight. Now the watch is comfortable on the wrist and its very lightweight. You sometimes forget youre wearing it. Its that light, the ui, is simple in operation. You really cant go wrong, so its very straightforward and an easy to operate. Watch so bottom line. A no frills smart fitness watch offering plenty of bang for your buck, its a decent design. Smart fitness watch for the price and does look and feel a lot more expensive than it actually is, and with that being said, i will leave the links in the description box, so you guys can check this product out.

Thank you.