Piton has finally launched two new products in the variable category, and here we have a smart watch and a fitness smart band, and in this video we will do the unboxing and show you the features. So, first of all guys, these are the budget segment products and piton has priced them very aggressively. The smart band, which is the pulse, fit f121, is available to purchase for just rupees 8.99, and the smart watch, which is the pulse fit p261, is available for just rupees 1299. So, starting with the unboxing here we have the smart band and the model name is the pulse fit f121 at the back. We have some key features, such as 0.96 inches color display you get the 90 milliamp hour battery in this, which will give you approximately 5 days of battery backup, and this smart band is ip68 waterproof. Now let’s open the box and show you the content so as it’s a review unit, the packaging might be a little different and, as you can see, we got two different color straps in the retail version you will get only one color strap and then here we Have the main module now in terms of the quality keeping in mind the pricing, which is just rupees 8.99? I find the quality of the straps pretty good. Now, looking at the module, the main module is compact and well built and to charge you need to connect it to the power adapter and now, looking at the back, we have the heart rate sensor in terms of the overview you have a capacitive button at the Bottom of the screen by which you can control the smart band overall in terms of the quality and design i’m really happy with this budget, smart band now let’s turn it on and pair it with our phone.

So to turn it on, you need to connect the main module to the power adapter. Now, looking at the menu here, we have the watch face which you can change by long pressing the button, and you get couple of more watch faces now in terms of the menu. So first we have the heart rate and guys, surprisingly, the hardware data is pretty accurate, which we have also compared with the amazon gtr 2.. Then in the menu we have the step count, distance and the calories burned. After that, we have the blood pressure, monitoring which, to be honest, i’m, not sure how accurate it is. After that we have the spo2 monitoring and we found the spo2 data fairly accurate. Then, in the menu we have the sleep data sports mode and in this smart band you get 5 sports modes which includes running climbing football and cycling. Then you have the message menu, which shows you the notification history. After that, we have the function menu, and here we have the find phone option, music by which you can control the music on your phone, and then you have the usual option, such as reboot reset and power off, so that’s all the features we have on this. Smart band and now about the companion, app petron is using a third party app for this band and is the hr wi fi, the user interface is neat and clean, and setting up the smart band is also very easy.

You just need to go to the add device section and then select the patron smart band and that’s it. Your smart band is now connected, and now you can see all the fitness data in the companion app now before we move on to the smartwatch. Let me show you how you get the notification alert on this smart band. So here is the call alert and you get the vibration alert in this smart band, and here we have the message alert. You get a news icon here and now you can see the message in the message menu so guys that was the pulse fit f121. Now let me show you, the smartwatch i’m actually very excited to check out this watch. So here is the box in the front of the box. We have the picture of the smartwatch and the model name pulsefit p261. At the back. We have some key features, such as 1.54 inch color touch display. You get the 150 milliamp battery in this smartwatch, which will give you three days of battery backup. This smartwatch is available in two colors black and blue, and the one we have here is the black variant now let’s open the box and show you the content. So first you have this qr code, which you can scan to read the user manual. So in the box we get the watch module and my first impression is that the watch module is well built and it is also a little heavy, and that is mainly due to the metal casing.

And then here we have the straps with patron branding and guys. I also think that this smartwatch looks a lot like an apple watch and then, finally, we have the charger which you need to connect at the back of the smartwatch. Now about the design and quality i’m surprised and happy that petron is offering this smartwatch for just rupees 1299. This smartwatch looks well built and the design is like an apple watch. Now, looking at this screen, we have a 1.54 inch, color touch display, and here at this side we have a crown button and the bottom button which you can use to turn on the display manually. Looking at the back of the smartwatch it’s very well designed – and here we have the heart rate sensor and the charging pins – and yes, you might have noticed that this smartwatch comes with the calling function. So you have a speaker on this side and a mic, but you can take calls using this watch and about that i will let you know more in a moment. So in terms of the design and quality. The pulse width p261 is a good looking smartwatch, with decent, build quality and keeping in mind the pricing i’m really happy with the quality of this smartwatch. Now let’s turn it on. So here it is on, and here we have the watch face. You can cycle between different watch faces by swiping, left or right and guys. The display output of the smartwatch is far better than my expectations, and also the touch response is very good about the functions swiping down will show you.

The notification history and swiping up will show you the quick settings, and here you can adjust things like menu style, open dialer or your favorite contacts. Pressing the crown button will open the main menu, and here we have the grid view, which is again inspired by the apple watch, but i prefer to use the less view so in the menu we have the step count heart rate, and here you can see the Heart rate blood pressure and the spo2 reading i’m. Yet to verify the accuracy of this data, then in the menu we have the dialer and from here you can dial any phone number using your watch. After that, we have the sports mode, which includes running jumping jack, basketball and so on. Then in the menu we have, the music control sleep and the camera shutter option. On the next page, we have the stopwatch fine phone and the weather, and on the last page we have the option to turn off, restart and reset the smart watch. You also have more menu in which you can set language or time manually, so that’s all the options we have on this watch now about the app it’s, also a third party app, which is the fit pro and here in the app you can see your fitness Data and also there is a watch store and you can apply different watch faces and, in my opinion, getting this option in this price segment is very good and, lastly, about the call function.

You get the voice alert for the call and you can accept the call from the watch itself and during our testing we found the mic. Performance was good, but the speaker output was little but again no complaints here, as i wasn’t, expecting the calling function to work properly, but getting this option in this price segment is very good and, lastly, about the message. Notifications here is how you get the message. Notifications on this smart watch so overall, both these variable products are entry level and very affordable. I find the quality and design of both these products very good, keeping in mind the pricing. The smartband pulsefit f121 comes with a color screen, and the data accuracy is very good. The smartwatch pulse width, p261 doesn’t, look like a cheap smartwatch and also the features are pretty decent. There are some issues here and there which are kind of expected in this price segment, but guys if you’re planning to purchase your first ever smartwatch or smartband, then you can definitely check out these two new products from patreon and as usual, if you like it and Want to buy one then do check the buy links in the description below so that’s it guys this was the unboxing and overview of the ptron pulse, fit f121 fitness band and the pulse fit p261 smart watch. Let us know if you like them and also if you have any queries or questions then do let us know in the comment section below so that’s all for now.

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