I am with you with the another tech product and review and we are gon na unbox this as well. So this is a kayla smartwatch it’s, a fitness tracker and heart rate monitor. It can monitor your sleep activity uh with a 1.3 inch large color, touchscreen and it’s waterproof as well, and there are different sports modes inside and it’s. It can also connect with any android and ios devices. So uh. If we talk about battery life, so it could give you 30 to 40 days standby and 8 to 10 days usage. As per the manual now let’s, just unbox it. You need to scan this barcode, or else you can install um verified pro app into your mobile device, and then you can connect this with bluetooth. This is charging cable operating instructions came along with this watch, and this is the watch. It’S soft and material is good. So before you start using it just make sure you recharge it fully and then you can install the app and you can connect with your mobile and it will automatically adjust the time. These are the function, sports mode, heart rate, relax, alarm, music controller. This is good function. You can control music from this watch no need to take out your mobile every time and you have sports record timer settings dial. You can um dial also from here, but this watch is only works with the bluetooth uh. You cannot. You cannot insert sim card here, although there are some smart watches, they work as a as a cell phone, but this is just a basic model.

I would say so. Do not expect those things from this watch, but of course it will. It will connect with your cell phone and then it will gives you notifications or your messages. Phone calls uh music reminders and um yeah, and it will track your uh activity this that that’s that’s, i would say the basic uh function of this uh smart watch, yeah apart from other things, and and if you talk about budget under fifty dollars uh, i think That’S, what you will get you know a basic version of uh, this smartwatch so that’s it that was end of my um unboxing and review for this aquila. Smart watch. If you have any questions and comments, please send me message and i will respond and if you would like to watch any particular tech review or video and we will try to add those into our upcoming lists.