All the links of the watches are in the description below the video subscribe on my channel and click on the bell to stay up to date with the latest technology reviews. So let’s enjoy this video Music in at number 5, the smartwatch as leah 2021 new smartwatch. You will be also able to use it as your health assistant. It is because it is able to remind you to drink water and to take medicine. You will be also able to count your steps through it and set new records towards being fit and healthy. You will be also able to monitor your heart rate data because it supports a heart rate data synchronization app. You can also monitor your exercises. You can also count the calories that burned out. You can also monitor your different sleep stages like deep sleep time or light sleep time. It can also record your history. It also claims to measure your blood pressure. You can be aware of your incoming calls and sms content push. You will also get reminders about the information of the functions that are enabling switches on the app side. They are such as incoming calls text messages, wechat, facebook, instagram skype, whatsapp, twitter and other mobile applications. You will be also able to enjoy a stopwatch countdown. You can use it to search your mobile phone, you can do bracelet, brightness adjustment and bracelet screen duration adjustment. Its interface supports english, simplified chinese, german, french, spanish, russian, italian, portuguese and provided with multi language supports for message.

Content push. You can also custom your screen to enjoy it your way or have it like how you want. It is also provided with dozens of page options in at number 4, the smartwatch as chotog rk8762c smartwatch. You can measure your body temperature with it. You will also be able to monitor your heart rate to maintain good health. You can monitor your blood pressure with its red light detection. It is also able to monitor your sleep, which is really an important factor for good health. It is also a multi sport mode that will help you measure your activity, while playing games or doing similar things. You can also check your calls or message through it because it is provided with a call or message reminder. It is able to display call id information too. It will provide you push reminders about sms wechat skype, whatsapp line twitter, facebook. You will also get weather push. You can also control music through it. It is provided with bluetooth 5.0 and supports bluetooth 4.0. It is compatible with android, 4.4 or above and ios 8.0 or above its battery capacity, is 180 million per hour and it is capable of providing 12 days using time it takes about 2.5 hours to be fully charged. It is manufactured with ip67 deep, waterproof water resistance. You can go to a watery environment wearing it without worrying about water, because it has the ability to resist water. It is provided with lots of watch faces and the special thing is you can even custom watch faces.

The watch languages are english, traditional chinese, simplified chinese. Polish, french, italian, german, russian, indonesian, arabic, etc, and it supports push messages of most languages. It will vibrate you while alerting it is provided with functions like an auto light up screen. It will also work as a stopwatch when you need a stopwatch. You will also get an alarm clock. You can also use it as a camera, remote control. You can also install anti lost app in it in at number 3, the best smartwatch as san lepis ecg smartwatch. You will be able to do 24 hour heart rate monitoring through this. It also consumes low power which lets it guarding health. Throughout the day it can quickly measure heart rate. Through the green optical sensor. You can collect blood pressure and blood oxygen data which provides a valuable reference for health. It is also provided with built in professional data analysis and calculation, which will help you to monitor your sports data for different sports modes. It has super retina display 360 by 360. Full round pixel, it is integrally formed with an embossed craft scale. It is provided with a strengthened glass mirror with overall alloy material and a 5d carbon fiber back case. It is also provided with a multi function, button and manufactured with a combination of craftsmanship and its design. Make sports easier. You will get a clear display of every detail, hd resolution and a rounded window that is harmonious to create a unique aesthetic vision without any missing.

You can enjoy massive different watch faces which will satisfy your taste and you can download them and can update them frequently. You will be able to get a professional sports mode to meet your needs. It gives more professional and more accurate sports data, which is more comprehensive. Thanks to its precision designed casing and ip68 waterproofing, it can be worn while washing hands or on rainy days, don’t. Wear it during bathe or swimming, though you will get a 370 million per hour large capacity battery, which will be fully charged in 160 minutes and will be able to provide 40 days standby time under daily use. It will show notifications that will be sent from your phone to your watch. It will show notifications from wechat whatsapp, facebook etc. All of them. It will also remind you about calls display numbers or contact names. You can also decline or mute calls through it in at second place the smartwatch as epapoose 2021 ecg smartwatch. You can also measure your blood oxygen. You can also even monitor your blood pressure, which is very necessary to check someone’s health. They also claim that it is provided with the most accurate heart rate monitor. It is also provided with 24 hours temperature monitor. You will also get sport mode with it. You can also monitor your sleep stages with it sleeping stages, help us to know our sleeping quality. You can see a deep sleep and the light sleep. You will be also able to monitor about how many calories you are burning out by doing different activities.

It is a device with multiple amazing features. You will get a full screen and a full touch screen with it. You can stay updated with the weather forecast. It will remind about all kinds of mainstream media reminders. You will able to stay connected with facebook, whatsapp, etc, without even carrying the phone with you. You can go to places where there is water around you, because it is provided with ip67 rating waterproof water resistance. It is provided with 1.28 inch and plane switching round touchscreen and a 240×240 resolution screen. It is provided with app language of traditional chinese, english, swedish, croatian korean, japanese, german, russian, italian, french, spanish, portuguese, etc. It is compatible with 4.4 or above and ios 8.0 or above its battery capacity, is about 230 million per hour, and it is a li ion polymer battery in normal use. You can run it for three to five days. It provides about 12 days of standby time. It is also provided with an alarm clock in at number one, the best smartwatch as epapou’s hdips screen bluetooth smartwatch. It will count your steps, which will give you the power to compare steps with earlier days and to take actions according to that. It will also help you to work on your health by giving you the rate of the heart beating. It will indicate you about symptoms of your body condition and also will give you the opportunity to take suitable steps in time of need.

Sleeping is one of the best sectors for everyone’s health. You can monitor your sleep condition via this. It will indicate to you about your sleeping stages and which will obviously give you the opportunity to take suitable steps. If needs you can also choose from multiple sports modes. You can also check about how much calories you are burning out. You will get 360 by 360. Full round display touch screen in it. You will be easily able to get notified about facebook, twitter, etc, because this smartwatch will provide you with notifications. It is provided with ip68 water resistance which lets you go to places where there is water everywhere you can go to pool parties or similar occasions. Wearing this, you can easily do a workout wearing this without even worrying about the sweat. It is provided with a rotary button that will help you to operate it. You can also download different watch faces and implement them in it. You can sync your phone book with the cell phone and also can sync sms with it, but you cannot sync your sms. With it in the ios system, you can also sync call history with it. It supports english, german korean turkish, japanese, arabic, vietnamese, polish malay, indonesian, russian, portuguese, french, italian and spanish. You will also get an alarm clock in it. You will be provided with a calendar with it and you will also get a stopwatch and calculator with it.