At SmartWatch, this box claims inside there's a fitness tractor well that's, partially true, it's, a BF Fitness tractor it's your best friend. No it's uncle tix worst nightmare it's, a body fat, fitness tractor. Oh first, you know my pulse, then you know my blood pressure. Then you see my EKG now I get to show you my body, fat, everybody. Honestly. This blows me away this Wow. Wait till you see this thing, gearbest to say, you've even branded on the box is bringing us this alpha wise device, here's a peek at it. It'S got a couple of electrode plates. It looks like in the front and a bunch of interesting information that you'll be able to glean from it it's the ALF wise t9 body fat, fitness tracker, it's on flash sale at the time I'm, showing you this but I'm recording this way before it's, actually gon Na go, go live because checking this whole thing out really so check the price in the show notes down below when we get it and we'll see whipped up what it's going for and if we have a coupon for you. I actually want to read this to you. I normally just ramble and let you read it, but this is so new elf. Wise t9 is a smart fitness tractor that can detect body fat rate and make statistics of your daily sport activity through bi, a body fat measurement technology. No, I don't know what that is yet I'm sure we all.

Will this sport SmartWatch measures? Are you ready, eight body compositions, including body fat rate, water content, bone salt content, protein BMI? It also supports multiple sports mode, continuous, dynamic, heart rate, monitoring, sleep analysis, social media message, push and one click call rejection that I also say it's your best friend Alf Weiss. T9 is a close, close, close coach of fitness, a nurse of a healthy diet and body fat measuring instrument on your wrists and uncle ticks worst nightmare. I am working on a diet. I really AM main features here. You go. You can use the BIA technology to monitor and collect these different health indexes. We'Ve mentioned that look at that body, fat rate, protein rate, muscle, mass BMI, basal metabolic rate, water content, bone salt content McDonald's. Here we come whoa whoa. All of this little thing. Ok got sleep, monitor it's got all these different modes, an accurate pedometer, it says, can invoke mobile GPS display maps and moving trails, calculate speed, mileage duration, when you're working with the tethered app on your phone does not have GPS in the band. One click answer: reject calls social media ultra long standby. You can get ten days use and 30 days standby from this thing. Other features are the camera, remote sedentary reminders and so forth. Here'S the basic specifications – and I know you're, anxious to see it so I'm gon na move right in there. It says ip66 waterproof, which is not your heavy duty, stuff, it's, splash resistant, okay, so do not dunk this one.

Don'T swim with it, don't get it too wet, but you can do all the other things that's for sure. Let'S take a look inside the box. We'Ve got a manual, a charging dock, it looks like, and the band itself. Okay, nothing else, no it's a little piece of cardboard, but that just looks like it's a separator yeah, nothing hiding underneath it so first off. How does that appear? It'S got a rubberized TPU band it's, not the softest in the world. It'S got a moderate amount of holes, not all lot so it's, not gon na fit every arm has kind of. It looks like a sweat track on here. That'S raised a little bit on both sides that have never seen this band before there's your charging pins. For the dock to electrode plates back here, your optical sensor for heartrate two plates here, maybe use one or the other they may be combined together. We have a little protection. We can take off to reveal it not exceptionally thick, my goodness, it looks like the band's. Might come out by golly: do they I don't want to bust it. Yeah I'm, not gon na try that yeah, oh okay! It lit up it's on why it sure looks like it though doesn't it there's no antennas in there um so here's the watch here's the charger, which is a funky kind of thing. I'M, not too happy about these big clip on things but it's. What we've got it's padded in here so it's, not gon na hurt the device and we lines ouch.

We line the pins I've just clip my finger and set it on there plug it in that's. How we charge it? Okay, and hopefully we have an English version of our manual as well. Here, yes, good folks, this is gon na, be one time. You'Re. Definitely gon na want to review the manual I'm sure so we'll definitely take some time to walk through it. Look it over it's using a different app that I've never seen before either called glory fit and Wow. We have to take a look at that too here's a variety of the different screens that you're able to see with it. Okay and we've got more detail. This is like a slick, plastic coated manual, they've Tech did it so it's, not gon na bleed. If you get wet water on it's, actually really really small. So without a magnifying glass I'm not able to read it I'm shooting through my camera, which is a small screen so I'm, just relying on you guys being able to blow it up on your 4k TV and read it that way. On the back side, all Chinese – and there we are all right uh. Where do we begin with the charts right? All right I'll be right back as for most of these small devices, we basically need to first tether them to set the time, establish the relationship with the weather and get everything ready. So let's begin there here's, the Google Play Store, search for glory fit, and this is the app just to give you a peek at what we're gon na see in these screens.

You have your overall step count type of a screen. Then you have all these different activities that you can do and you can see the map in the background, so you can actually do activities from the app free app. You can download it right now without even buying the thing and start testing it out getting familiar with it. Then you got this summary. It looks like and last night's sleep time type information and that's all they're, showing us on the cards so I've installed it. I hit open wow, look at the graphic in the background. Can you see that it's like a running track from a drones perspective, whoa? So well you can log in with Twitter or Facebook. You can create your own account if you want to, and you can ignore all that and if I ignore it, it's gon na go in here on background activity. Permissions and you could set all of that stuff for your particular device, and I got to go into my permissions and for the heck of it. I'M gon na turn them all on I'm, not sure which ones it needs. But I'll do this for the video and then go back and turn probably so all the permissions are set, and how do we get out of here that takes us back over here? Next, there we go next: okay, gender, well weight in kilograms or pounds; that's, nice, okay, I'll just accept that and say next and height in feet, and accept that and you're born, and accept that.

Okay, then it's talking about connecting to the band your overall privacy policy and complete. So there we go, we are, we have all of our stuff and we haven't had to login and now we can get in here and it says it's scanning for devices. So this is the t9 and we'll add it when it pops up there. It is connecting usually don't go over tethering, because it's kind of laborious and time consuming and boring, and but this time brand new app brand new ban, it's worth it all right, I'll be back after it's connected boom. Oh, we are connected. Not only are we connected, but folks I've been out playing with this thing and pinch me: is this real? Oh my gosh, I can't believe this. It works so far. I mean I'm, not totally sure about accuracy. I have no clue what it's really doing. Well, I got a little bit of a clue. I'Ll show you that in a minute, but it seems to be working so here's, the band it's, my latest test, I got fat and water and protein you see those numbers on there. This is where you test it: here's heart rate, blah blah blah we'll. Get back to that. I want to show you the app. This is where the fun really is. Here'S your step count stuff and it's, giving you all of your steps for the day and it's broken down and look at this it's automatically figuring out when you're doing things basically uncle tics just walks.

Now I got ta get out and run and jump and fly over tall buildings so that I could see what kind of different stuff that gives me, but it breaks it down for you in addition to showing you the bar chart, Dave we months so forth. Calendar send it out blah blah blah it's, really neat. Now you see this body score I'm. Coming back pop, your popcorn here's, your step number step, count, steps done and showing you daily. You know the kind of a Wiggly kind of graph that takes you back to the same page. We just were at with breakdown, so you get to that in those two different ways: haven't slept with it, yet just turned it on, although I'm really willing to a heart rate, monitor heart rate, continuous heart rate, broken down, showing you your heart rate range and where You'Re spending time and tranquilization mm – hmm stress, relieving. I think that was watching TV, fat, burning, yay and so forth and and you get a pie chart and you get your actual numbers here – minimum maximum today, oh look at that, you can get actual little. You know readings at specific times throughout the day, it's, showing you different intensity of the lines depending on where you are, and if I get really good and bump myself up into these higher levels, I'll have different colors, I've, imagined so we've got that for heart rate. Then you got blood pressure, I've taken a couple of different blood pressure readings I can't say if they were accurate or not, as always, I'm gon na say, use your your own judgement for your own specific situation and check it against the calibrated cuff.

But folks it does do blood pressure and it's, giving us some stuff and look at this. You can start it right here from the app which is awesome and it vibrates when it's done, and it gives you these numbers so that's all of the tabs here and popcorns ready great grab it body score here we go. I got a body score at 81. Right now, um I put in 43 years old, got my birth date. I got all kinds of stuff in there, my height my weight and from all of that it's, calculating body type and body age and standard muscular type is what it's determined I am I've got. My high my weight up there high so that it's giving me a warning indicator. I wanted you guys to see this body weights one of the indicators that reflects a measure of a person's health it's, showing you against a chart of where I should be given my age and height that I put in it's bogus data right now, I'm bouncing all Over testing different things and look at this it's telling us a little bit of a story about being in the overweight category and a breakdown of all of the information muscle, mass BMI body mass indicator. Right and – and it tells you what it is when you get into it and where it is on its chart, same thing for muscle mass, why don't you have this already? Why haven't? I had it all this time, um I'm, totally blown away.

This should be in every Athletic Club right there when you could buy a drink or something low indicator for protein, so it's color coded and that changes depending on what it's telling you is telling me that my protein level is down fat percentage percentage of body water I'M, just gon na scroll through them, so you can read about them with on your leisure and so forth. It'S got way high for body water, which is interesting, basal metallic metallic metabolic rate goodness and my bone salt content. I got almost 8 pounds of salt in my bones: Wow Wow, very, very impressive and yes, you can do a test, so let's test it right from the app. But before we do make sure you read the disclaimer that all data or results are for informational purposes. Only not recommended as a formal basis for medical or health conditions got it. Okay, good! You notice that there's two metal plates here there's actually two more on the back and in the FAQ for the Alpha why's t9 body fat, fitness tracker. It gives you a little more information about what's going on and what measurements are being taken and what body fat measurement principle is being used and basically how that works and it's using all four of those electrodes. Unlike the ECG charts that we've done, where you have three, you know two plates on the bottom and one that you touch on this one. You got a touch all four and you've got to be careful that you don't let your hands or arms touch, because that will affect the reading.

You got to be kind of moist. I think I am I'm gon na hit test. What come here, I'm gon na hit test, it's verifying your personal information, so you make sure that that's correct if you uncheck that it'll come up again and again and again, which I'm doing is I'm playing with this, to see how it changes, and it really does. If you change your age, your gender, your height, your weight, all kinds of things change, so you want to be accurate on this because that's a lot of that's taken into consideration with the measurement that you're about to get to give you the in data so I'm. Gon na confirm that and it's telling me that I got a hundred and eighteen seconds left to do this test that I need to put two fingers over the electrodes I've been okay with just using my thumb and index finger there. I just licked them again. Oh, come on, give me a chance: okay, is it still going retry counting down it's, detecting? I touch it and it's testing and the testing is the mode that it's in and being careful, not to lean one hand against the other, so I'm getting proper impedance. If that's the right term of a signal between everything and there's all of my data, I have three different screens that show me individualized data on the band itself that I can refer to and it cycles until it times out – and I have it here so it Says the test is successful.

Now, I'm, back with brand new data still got the same body: weight, muscle, mass BMI kind of stuff and I'm getting different numbers here for my bone, salt content and percentage of body, water and so forth. So, as you accumulate, this data you'll be able to see how your changes happen, especially if you don't keep fiddling with your height and weight and everything here's, the the history and what I've gotten so far is just one entry it's not accumulating these, so I don't Know if that's what's going on there, but it says 24 day here's the information from just the latest reading. I think and then score of 86 come back here. Come back here! Come back here so it's all the same taken at 311, this afternoon, fat percentage and so forth. So all of this data is available but there's more remember. Look the box says what hits a fitness tracker. So that means we've got sports. You can come in here. You'Ve got all these different things walking running cycling swimming skipping. You can start a run if you'd like to from the watch, and I believe what it's doing is picking up the some of the data from the band as you're doing this run, can't see that it's actually doing anything directly, but it might be, it might be Accumulating stuff here from the app to things to test, if you touch this, the whole screen goes into a Google map of your area and it accumulates the track that you on no matter which of these activities.

You have going long pressed get you the option to complete it or you're in pause mode, I'm, gon na, say, complete and warning. There was too short of a distance, so it can't really collect any data on that. When you need a couple of minutes minimum, I think so that's the sports tab and then devices where you can set this thing up to have call reminder where you can reject a call right from the band SMS, other apps, smart alarm, clock, sedentary reminders and so Forth you can select other apps that you can. You can have push information from. You can find the bracelet hello, okay, I'm, not feeling it. It should be vibrating shake to take a picture. It'S got that raise hand to light it up, and you just saw that happen. You'Ve got on screen time. How long will it stay on when you actually activate it from five to 15 seconds and, of course, I've pumped it up to 15 seconds, because I like to have it on a long time? Long enough to read battery is not an issue for me. I don't care 30 days, that's fine with me. If I only get 15 days but have 30 seconds on um you've got other Universal settings for your 24 hour heart rate monitoring you could set do not disturb frequency and determine what goes a lot to this app. Whatever you want to turn off the vibrate, I have the travaille bration turned off that's.

Why it's not vibrating all that's, going on bracelet looking for mobile phone anti lost your units, British or metric all that's, acceptable 24, 12 hour time and look at this look at this. These are all the different languages. You can force the thing to go into or it'll just automatically pick up the language of your phone and set your watch to match that you've got WeChat sport. Third party connectivity, no Strava, no google fit yet, but you do have that and then there's you for the ladies you've got a physiological cycle. You can set whether you're 28 29 30. What kind of and how long your duration is, and, of course, your start time. Bingo get that going and now you're be able to monitor your cycle on the app as well. You can set up an overall training plan of how many steps you want in a goal go through that whole process. You'Ve got your sport goal your daily. Your background activity permissions – this is where you can for your particular phone. You saw we've got to go in there and turn on the different permissions with androids that's their specialized help. All about the thing all of this is available right there on the the app itself. Really really fun on the band now we've got this screen here, but if I press and hold I can take you into a few more watch faces here's a nice little generic one. What do I do press and hold to get it out of there? Well, alright.

Here'S, a different one, we'll just go through the thumbnails, and then this one, so we have three different ones. These don't tell you a whole lot that one of course tells you the most so that's the one I've been sticking with. I don't seem to slide either way, so we just have to wait for it to timeout. I guess there we are so once again now we've got the step, count, calories, burned, distance, traveled, screen you've got this one, which is where you press to go into that long test to accumulate all of the information other than your heart rate, which is on this Screen by the way, when you just go here, it immediately starts and it'll stay on this screen for quite a long time actually before it'll go back to regular time. So if you're doing something, you want to keep an eye on your heart rate, you can just go here and be there as soon as you go over here starts doing your blood pressure. It takes quite a while to actually get it and then it settles down. Vibrates and shows you the number your overall training now on the band itself is where you can select running and writing swimming. Remember: it's, waterproof skipping rope, ping pong badminton, tennis, training, okay, that was back through training, all those other ones that don't involve running or something don't use. The pedometer they're just gon na calculate your step count or your calories burn.

Here'S push messages. If you have that set up from your phone and then in the more section you can get overall info on the band reset the whole silly thing find your phone from the band, the brightness now here's something that's a little bit of a drawback. You only have a few levels of brightness there's, the dimmest, brighter brighter brightest and then it's over again, so I'll keep it on the fourth one and unfortunately that's still not really really bright. So it's, not that shining thing you're gon na be able to see in bright sunlight. You kinda have to look carefully to see what the brightness is because it's, not that obvious, and you could turn the band off right from here and that's the end of more so there you go folks. This is the Alpha wise T, nine, a body fat, fitness tracker. That really is a phenomenal piece of equipment it's on flash sale now I'm, not sure when this gets published. What the price will be is always fluctuating but do check the show notes. I can generally get you a good coupon discount and, of course, using our link actually helps us get more incredible. Watches and bands like this in here for review whoo wow I'm impressed this thing is fun. You'Ve been watching Smart Watch 6i.