This is the ticwatch gth pro and it is the upgrade to their former ticwatch gth. This is a fitness watch that is kind of like a fitbit on some level and at least it competes with fitbit style watches. But this new pro version of the watch is specifically aimed at monitoring heart health and it has a variety of tech built into it. To help you monitor various aspects of heart health, so its going to be pretty interesting, lets uh lets jump in and find out what this thing is all about. Music, all right lets do a quick unboxing and find out whats in the box, theres the guy right. There, let me see if the camera will focus on that, instead of my face, it looks uh form factor wise, looks very similar to an apple watch uh. Let me just peel the little thing off the front. I will say this does not feel like a toy. You know i thought, based on the fairly low price point at around 100 u.s. This would have a pretty plasticky lightweight feel like the fitbit versus do frankly, just on first impressions, im im pretty impressed on how this thing actually feels lets see what else is in the box got the quick guide with a qr code on the back im im, Assuming to download the app im guessing this take, this uses the same moboy app that the ticwatch 3 uses. I dont know that for sure im assuming theres been some updates to that a usb cable with a proprietary im guessing magnetic connector.

That probably goes on either the back or the side of this watch yeah it kind of snaps onto the back there. So yeah im im really interested in this. So you know, as somebody whos uh, you know in their mid 40s, what all right! Late, 40, okay, 50s in there early mid, okay, mid 50s, so somebody whos in their mid 50s ive become increasingly sort of heart health conscious over the last few years. Im really excited about um. What this watch or you know a device like this – has the potential to provide, in terms of you, know, feedback and trending of various parameters that give me some sense of how im doing in the effort to improve my heart health. So this is not something im going to be able to test over the course of a couple days and then report back im gon na actually have to spend a few weeks on this at least three or four, probably so. Lets. Let me go. Do that and ill be back in about two seconds and were back its been about three weeks yeah about three weeks since i uh did the unboxing part that you just watched so lets go through some of the basic specs of the watch uh and then i Will show you some of the features kind of from an overhead view and give you my final thoughts about this ticwatch gth pro so, first of all its a 99 dollars and thats pretty good.

It puts it kind of in direct competition when something like the versa. 2, which makes it a little less expensive than the versa 2. battery life. Something else that kind of surprised me that i got more than a week almost nine days out of this thing, and i was actually still at, like, i would say four or five percent battery life. Now it is aluminum construction, so it really does feel pretty premium, especially at this price point. I have to say now one of the primary differentiators for this watch versus pretty much anything else on the market is that it really kind of tries to focus on heart health. Now it does this by giving you whats called an rd score. I guess like arterial score so thats, where they get the name arty and that score is a composite score, theres, an algorithm that underlies that that combines, i think, four particular parameters. One of them is the arty age, where it kind of estimates, your arterial, age and stiffness, based on a combination of other factors, and one of the other factors is ecap, which is your exercise capacity thats supposed to measure blood flow to the inner heart. I dont know how it does this uh, but um. You know it does this through the finger uh sensing, but again how it actually works. I couldnt tell you hsx, which is your heart stress index, measuring again, no idea really what that parameter is theres.

Also, the true hr, which is your heart rate measurement from your fingertip, rather than just from your wrist uh, and it combines that with other sensors, as in on the watch that really all all these things combine to give you that already score and and your rdh In addition to that, it also tracks obvious things. Like your step count. It has multiple exercise modes, sleep data does automatic 24 hour tracking of your heart rate, your spo2, your skin temperature, which is interesting because not a lot of watches do that still, especially in this price range, i dont think any other watch is doing that and respiration Rate – and you can set it up to give you reminders from time to time. You know like activity reminders kind of like a lot of watches. Do hey youve been sitting too long this one kind of actually cracks me up because it when im sitting at my desk for a long time, itll itll buzz my wrist and then i look at the watch and it says: congratulations. Youve been sitting for too long, which i i find kind of almost sarcastic. It does not have a gps built in which is really not surprising for a device in this price range. Instead, if youre using like, if youre doing an exercise that requires a routine that you want to track, it uses your phone gps for that which is kind of just like the fitbit versa.

2, for example. So lets switch to an overhead view and take a look at both the app and the watch and get a feel for how they actually work were going to use the mobvoi app. They also have a smart life app up here from mobvoi, but thats, not the one that applies to the watch to the gth pro so were going to use the mobvoi app and when you open it, you come to kind of the dashboard here. So this is my dashboard from the gth pro its got. My rd scores activity levels and you can click on this itll. Take you to the rd score which well go ahead and do and that pops you over to the main rd score dashboard. So this is the rd score. If you can go in and look at that – and you can look at the trend of that over time. Let me back that up a week, so we have a little bit more data to work with, and you can see im kind of getting a an improving trend here now i, i think really, with these rd scores, um theyre theyre a little bit erratic. In the sense that theres a fair amount of variation from day to day – and so i feel like the value of this score – is not from any particular day but looking at longer trends. So i think, if you have several weeks worth of data or more youre, going to get trends that you can actually sort of start to get a sense of whether youre heading the wrong direction or the right direction and i think thats.

The kind of the point of these kinds of health markers – if you have exercise recorded here in the activity zone, this is kind of this card on this dashboard. I can actually click on that card and itll. Take me into the exercise app for today um, and you can see that i can just kind of page through and look at some basics of that gives me the the summary now, of course i can. I can back up and grab this little strip here and move it for different days and look at different days data, and i had some days which were more active than others. Obviously, today was a much more successful active day than the last several, but that you know gives me some some basic information that i can look at. If i scroll down here, you can see theres some other things. If i can look at the specific exercise that i did, i called it mountaineering thats the its actually shows up on the watch as mountain climbing as youll see, but it shows the distance that i covered the duration, my average pace average heart rate – if i click On that card, i can see the heart rate throughout the course of the the hike i wasnt actually mountaineering. I was just hiking um and uh, you kind of see the summary of which uh zones i was in fat, burning versus cardio training, typical kinds of things you would see in a fitbit activity summary as well, so i go back out here.

You can see. Ive got sleep. Data from last night gives me a breakdown of my awake rem, sleep, light sleep and deep sleep. You kind of get a average heart rate across the sleep, so down as low as about 50 and as high as 87 also gives me my spo2. So my blood oxygen level so thats pretty interesting that i can. I can get access to that data as well uh in line with my sleep card. It also tracks my skin temperature, which again is a very cool feature in a watch that only costs a hundred dollars. So i mean thats the the basics of whats in the app a couple more things. If i click over here on device, you can see. Ive got my tick watch e3 on the top uh and the gt8 pro down here. It shows me my battery life. That, again, is something that continues to really kind of astonish me that i can get over a week of battery life on this thing, thats even better than a fitbit versa, so very surprising that its got such good battery life, but it does um theres a few Things in here, smart mode, allows me to do things like turn on tilt to wake. The the battery life being over a week was, with all of these sensors turned on for automatic detection. Uh smart alarm is where you can. Actually, you know, set alarms, uh. You know weekdays whatever the times are and activate them.

You can add multiple alarms down here with the plus some other things here under smart reminder. You can turn on notifications for calls and your text messages and theres. Other notifications that you can get here so ive got a few of these turned on and the notifications are not. You know two way: notifications, theyre basic one way, notifications. Typically, so i cant respond to text notifications. I can only see that they happened. I cant answer calls, but i can see that i have a call coming just some things to be aware of now. Probably the other big thing of note here is the watch face center. So when you click on that, this is where you can access a bunch of different watch faces, so you can see a lot of them. You know there are a variety of styles here. I think they give you a pretty long list of watch faces here. As you can see, all right lets take a look at the watch itself. There is the one button on the side on the right hand, side and when you push it, it activates the watch and you can swipe left and right on this. Its just like a loop, so you kind of go through the watch face. You know whatever the widgets are that are loaded here, so theres, a variety of things that you can you can see here. You can change the watch faces from here by just like you.

Can on like android watches by pressing and holding – and you know you can toggle through a small handful now most of these watch faces – are that you can change on. The watch are already loaded in the watch. This one here that i have right here is one that i loaded from the phone or from the app. So you can see the other ones are just ones that are always there that you can choose from theyre, not particularly interesting ones. I dont think so. Im not sure i kind of wish they would give you the option to change and have more than just one sort of either custom or downloaded one, because really the only one thats sort of stuck on the watch that i like is is this one here, but I also like this one because it gives me a battery life indicator there, as you can see 72 percent so anyway, thats how you change watch faces. If i swipe down, i can get to the do not disturb function, so you can turn that on and off i can go into battery save mode or power save mode, but it doesnt show me the battery uh status from there. You know you have to add that to the watch face or check it in the app um, its got a flashlight function as well, its not particularly bright, but well get the job done in the dark under brightness. I usually keep this all the way up.

At five, so five is the highest brightness level up here you can dial it down. I think, by default its maybe a two or three, i actually like it at five and is, and even though i have it at five, i still got pretty insanely long battery life and theres settings here where you can also adjust brightness from here. You can restore factory settings and power the watch off from here unless you can get information about your firmware so thats about all. There is from that screen now, if you press the side button again you get to the main apps menu. So here we have the arti app. Actually, if i start at the top, the tick exercise right. So this is where you have to go in and manually. Initiate your exercises. Outdoor run, cycling, um jump rope, swimming walking, rowing freestyle whatever. That is. I think i use this freestyle whenever im using the elliptical, because theres no elliptical on here i like to see them use things that are more common like elliptical or treadmill, or something like that. Instead of gymnastics i mean i dont know how many people are using gymnastics with this thing. So if i go in to do an indoor run, i have to start the exercise and then stop it and itll record everything during that particular session. If i go back out here, tick health is where i can go in and take my pulse. My breath rate, i can do a quick sample of my tick oxygen.

Ive got the watch set up to do that stuff automatically. So i generally dont have to get in here to mess with these apps because im letting the watch kind of do its thing. I can go in and take my rd readings, so this is how you do that you have to cover the sensor with your finger. After three seconds, it starts a 10 second reading cycle, uh sleep tracking. This is where you can set a timer on the watch and you can choose from one of these preset timers or you can set a custom timer as well. Thats, always an option. Go back out here and theres the weather app now. For summary, i dont know why, but this weather app always shows me about five degrees fahrenheit different than what my phone weather app does. So im, not sure if different service is providing this not a huge deal. Music control, so whether im playing any anything on my phone through whether its spotify or you could even be youtube watching youtube videos using music control allows me to stop start. Go forward go backwards on the music, so it gives me a remote control over. Basically, whatever media is playing on my phone, so thats kind of cool. I cant store music directly on this watch, but i can remote control my phone so thats about all. There is to the watch itself thats what it looks like and thats kind of how it functions so limitations.

What are the limitations of this watch? Well, i, you know, as you saw watch faces, are okay. I dont think they are particularly strong suit for this particular device. I personally would like to see more uh, more things like the ability to add on the customizing to add other, like widgets like like weather or battery life in particular. Although you know, i guess its understandable, why more of these watch faces? Dont show the battery life because it it. You know its, not like a galaxy watch or an apple watch where you only get. You know a day and a half, or maybe two or two and a half days of battery life you get over a week out of this thing easily and so its not as much of a concern. So i suppose i can understand why i guess im just thinking of it in terms of my experience with the galaxy watch, where i really want to know my battery life at a glance, so maybe its not that big of a deal now as far as the Apps go, you know, you saw a nice fairly robust list of apps. You know timers alarms some fitness apps weather things like that. You cant add to that you just these are static apps. They kind of have the look and feel of kind of the apps that you would expect to see on an android based watch, since this is a in the hundred dollar range, its really not so you kind of are stuck with the apps that they give you And theyre theyre, okay, but there is no real app ecosystem here that you can tap into to load additional apps from third parties.

If you wanted to, but again at this price point, maybe thats, not something that you really need now. Alarms and timers are something that you know i found to be a little bit lacking, i mean, obviously, you have alarms and timers, but this watch doesnt appear to have any sound capability, so theres, no audible, alarm or notification that you get when an alarm is. You know is triggered or when a timer times out. Instead, what you get is a vibration on the wrist, and i found that vibration to be particularly light, and i rely on that for those silent alarms to wake me up in the morning. My uh, you know my galaxy watch, for example. Uh gives me a pretty strong buzz and then, if, if i dont for some reason, which is unusual for me since im such a light sleeper, if i dont wake up from that vibration on my wrist, itll, repeat the vibration. A couple minutes later, like its like an automatic snooze, this watch doesnt do that the vibrations are very low intensity, so theyre easy to miss even for a light sleeper, so be aware of that, you may not want to rely on it for wake up alarms. You know itd be nice to have some additional functionality and maybe you know mobvoil add these kinds of things because they do appear to be uh rolling out, updates on this on semi regular basis. So they might. They might do that in the future.

But i dont really know for sure notifications. Notifications are very limited on this watch. You get actually a pretty long list of notifications, as you saw in the overhead shots uh, but you cant add to that its just whatever apps that that mobvoid has exposed notifications for now youre going to get all the basics like your messaging email and a variety Of other apps, like instagram or facebook, but its not going to be every app on your phone that has the capability of providing notifications, which is what you get with a full blown android experience. Android watch experience that said its sufficient. If you dont want to like send replies to text, for example um, which i dont often i mean i occasionally do that from my galaxy watch, but i dont do it all that often so, depending on your particular use case. You know it may not be a big deal that the notifications are are fairly basic on this watch. You know it would be nice if it had the ability to detect an exercise mode and automatically initiate and stop it, so you didnt have to think about it, but again at that hundred dollar price point. You know im not sure that its fair to expect that level of functionality. Now what are some reasons you might want to consider this watch? Obviously i keep mentioning price uh because 99 bucks and a watch with this level of functionality its pretty shocking and and build quality.

I will also say its very surprising um it also by the way it does use standard uh. Whatever the standard bands is, i forget what the uh, what the millimeter size is, but the whatever the bands that tick watch e3 uses or the galaxy watch four uses. This uses the same watch band, so you can replace the wash bands. Another reason battery life is ridiculously good, actually for a watch with a color display and a touch screen and all of the sensing technology that this thing has. I cannot believe that you get over a week of battery life out of this thing, so that by itself is, i think, a pretty huge selling point. The watch does cover most of the basics uh. Despite its, you know its software limitations and it does a reasonably good job at tracking things like sleep and heart rate, um and skin temperature, again, which i think is a pretty interesting and kind of unique feature, especially at a in a watch at this price level. So whats my bottom line on this is this: going to replace my galaxy watch for me, absolutely not, but its in a whole different category. So if you already have a device like a galaxy watch or an apple watch, this is probably not the watch for you, but if youre looking for a you know, a quasi smart watch with some very good health tracking features on it at a very good budget Price range with excellent battery life.

This is definitely worth a look. So hopefully you found some of this information useful. If you did please consider giving us a thumbs up and thats really all ive got for you. I hope to see you in the next one.