And yes, so yes in your budget, like this watch is for around 2500 rupees and in that you get as a always on display, watch so let’s review about that. So talking about this watch uh! Well, it is. It comes with this um steel not installed. I mean zinc or metal body uh, which is quite good, and it has a good finishing also so, which looks good, and this comes with the different colors. I think you get with the black color and silver color and talking about band well, it’s, quite good, good design band and looks, looks good and you can. You can remove this band with this knob out here and you can change the strap cool and you get this design on this. This watch, which mentions about the minutes and all talking about uh, this watch uh if you scroll down. So this is how you can change your watch faces on this so yeah. This is how we can change watch faces, swiping it down and if you scroll towards the left i mean you swipe to overlaps. So you get this this option. So i think brightness is too high. Let me change the brightness so that you can get proper details about it, so yeah and this um sorry. This is about the display uh, i mean what mobile it’s too bright. This watch is very bright, yeah. Okay. Now this looks better, so you get a different uh menu functions in this.

We get this temperature, you get. What else do you get in this? I get heart rate. If you click on this, you get the steps kilometers calories. Then if you move to uh and then so yeah, if you look at the menu you get uh. If you click on this, you get this your steps, kilometers calories and then it gives you steps walking functions. Then sleep time then heart rate. Then it has this spo2 blood blood blood oxygen also, and then it has this temperature. I mean sorry blood pressure and if you slide a swipe up again, you get this notifications out. Here you get the stopwatch, you get weather, you get music, you get other functions as well, and also you get this remote button, camera shutter and then you get the settings and other other things as well, and if you go more into the setting, then you get This brightness level show time factor reset qr code, etc. So yeah. This is uh an overall about this watch uh and if you swipe it towards left, then you get this menu setting if it circuit towards upwards, then you get this different watch faces. You can uh. Add it and what’s uh left, then you get this quick settings. Okay, now let’s, look about this uh app uh, where you have many watch faces available through the app so let’s have a look at the app so talking about this app uh. Once you connect this watch with this app, that is adore health, app, which you will get on the google play store and in this app you get various functions like watch faces activity, reminder, drink, water, reminder, stress, level, weight, target, screen, settings and other functions find your Device, many other phones and if you go to watch faces so you get this different watch faces out here, which is we have many watch faces, you’ll get in this app.

You can activate it to your watch. It’S various watch faces yeah. They have many watch pieces. So let’s say, for example, i want to add and watch face to my watch, let’s, say let’s so out here on the top. It will show you one two three four five, this watch faces are already there in this watch and um and uh, which is already there in this. So uh we’ll select another watch face let’s, say let’s, take let’s, take a good watch, face, let’s, select cool let’s, select this one. Okay. Now you need to select the numberings, which will say so as i, as i mentioned, on the top. There are five watch faces out there, so you can select, you can replace any watch faces so so let’s select on the first one itself. I want to replace my first watch base, so it is now going to uh to your watch and then it will synchronize and then it will be set up on your watch. So now this it is complete. So if you look, this watch face is now on my on my watch so yeah. This is how it will look on my watch so looking nice – and this is, if you see this – is always on so yeah. This is how it will be always on. If you, if you, if you you know, if you uh tilt it towards up to see the watch, it gets activated. So when it’s get activated, you’ll see this seconds hand moving and when it’s get activity to always on display, then this seconds hand will be deactivated.

So if you look yeah, then it goes, and this is how your always on watch will be that’s, how it will look so, which is which is good, which is in this budget. You’Ll find you won’t find any watch which has a always on. I believe, if you, if you know any other watches which has always on within in in a budget price, then please do mention in the comments so yeah. This is how so i’ll tell you how to activate this always on function, so you have to do it through the app so so yeah so and also before i go to always on i wanted to show it has customary uh. You can customize your watch face as well by click on done and in this you can customize your own wallpaper by clicking on this customize. So it will ask you, give function like to add your uh wallpaper and then you can select color of the time and accordingly, you can uh, send it to your watch. Your own custom customized watch face so talking about always on let’s. Go to that which is very uh, you guys all might be waiting for uh about always on function. So if you go to this screen pattern, okay screen uh setting, then there is option called always on display click on that, and it will ask you start time and time so from when to when you need your always on watch to be always on.

So you can mention it till, like 11 o’clock before you sleep, i want my watch to be always on, so you can then click on this and then click on save. So your always on watch will be activated and it has various other functionalities place to wake. Wake on touch content, brightness duration and brightness, so so now uh, if you look, it still will always be on like this always so, whatever watch faces you select, it will always be on so this is just for your reference, which i’m showing that if you see It’S still on always on function and there’s all how it will look like let’s, say: let’s choose different watch face let’s, say this let’s take this one in. If you look, the seconds hand is moving when watch is activated and when it goes to always on display the seconds hand will be deactivated and the time will show so so yeah there. You go, look here’s how it is always on what you will look like. So we you know you can, it is a good reference. You can you don’t need to wake. I mean keep your watch active. You can see time at any point of time. Any anyone else can see the time because it is always on so yeah. This is how it will look uh, which is great and yeah so uh. This is overall i’m going to show you yeah talking about uh notification. Yes, you do get whatsapp notification and other notification as well on this watch.

Uh let’s. Let me show you how that looks like, so this is how, in the whatsapp notification will come, it will have the actual logo or whatsapp, and then the message like on this got this message from jb: hey your watch face is great, so you can read your Message or other notification on this watch so yeah you can set up what notification, which apps notification you can do it from the app so so yeah. This is an overall uh watch details review for uh liquid gear. If you have any comment, any suggestion or anything else, you want to ask you can ask us on the comment section. I will reply to your queries.