You couldn’t imagine, and there are a lot of high budget watches too, that it makes your life a bit easy and it it. Basically, it is a small phone on your wrist. It absolutely amazing, but it has more features and it costs more. Now. Ladies and gentlemen, today, i’m going to present you a watch, a smartwatch or a fitness tracker i mean they are the both they are both combined together. Yes, are you curious yeah me too, because i haven’t used it yet and today i’m going to unbox the amazfit beep you bro? What is up guys? I am nil back again with another video let’s get straight to the unboxing experience, and then we will see the review what it is capable of so let’s just unbox it Music, my knife, my cutter to open the miracle always and yeah i have to open from Here guys, it is amazing, watch i have seen the review i haven’t tried yet, but i think you will like it too that’s why? I think this is the moment. Yes, this is the moment we are all waiting for let’s, just open it, and let me just put the box aside and see the packaging i kind of like the packaging. Oh my it is so com compact, the packaging, is so compact and it feels like. I am just grabbing a paper or i’m just grabbing a box. So here is, i think it is the manual nothing is written on the paper i kind of like it it’s just a blank, and now here is the manual, so we will get back to the manual, but i don’t.

Actually i don’t need to read the manual. I kind of say, but if you want to read the manual please, manuals are really important to know about the watch or about anything they have the manual. You need to read the manual so it’s an important now the watch. Okay, i just hold the watch. I feel nothing it’s so light, and this is the charging cable or dock always charging dock. There is no cable, it is a charging dock and see it is well packed. Oh nice, i’m liking, it i’m absolutely liking it. So let me just show you: there are magnet on the base, you just need to place the dock and it will hold it and one thing guys you can see. It is not that strong, so don’t mess it around because it will fall. So just keep the dock on a table or on a plane surface and put the watch onto the dock. Now let’s just switch on the watch. As you can see, there is a qr code, so i need to as usual. I need to scan it and then i have to download the particular app of the ms feed so that i can work with. As you can see, there is a qr code and just you need to scan the qr code. Let me just scan it a bit. The link just shown up you just click the link and will open the google play store and over there you can see.

Zip is the application of the of the brand of the watch and you need to download it. I don’t need to show you step by step, uh everything, but you just need to register it according to your name, email address what it needs to do and then uh just connect with the pair up with the watch, and it will start working. So i i’m going to skip those round and then i will show you one interesting thing about the watch, not one. Actually, there are two interesting things about the watch. So now let me just let me just first go to the build quality. It is plasticky to be honest, it doesn’t feel a lot of premium like the premium watches or maybe the premium ms feed watches, but it is uh plasticky according to the price. I will mention you later. It is plasticky, oh that’s, absolutely fine, because it has water resistant or 5 atm. So i think a lot of you will like it, because it is not that heavy. When you wear it you will. You will not feel anything that you are anything you are holding on, so hmm that’s a thumbs up on that now it has two tiny legs so that you can change the strap with another third party. Uh straps also thing i didn’t like is the screen. The screen is actually for me, is kinda tiny. Now what i was telling the two most amazing features of this watch are alexa and built in gps on the app you gon na get a tons of watch faces.

Oh, my god, you gon na get a tons of watch faces and a lot of them. I think i i can say max of them are free and another thing you can also put your own photo on the watch face if you like this watch or if you’re thinking to get this watch, you have seen the review is up to you, but i Will recommend this watch absolutely click the link down on the description.