Today i will review amazfit gts2e a smartwatch from amazfit. We got it from for 9750 rupees. We got a coupon discount of 250 bucks. I’Ll share the coupon code below the box, contains a watch, a charger it’s, a magnetic charger and a manual. The watch looks really premium. It comes in three variants: obsidian, black moss, green and liliac purple. We ordered a black variant. Watch is loaded with features with 90 plus workout modes, and it is comprised of almost all sensors. Like biological data sensor, blood oxygen sensor, gyroscope geomagnetic sensor, ambient light sensor temperature sensor, the build quality of watch looks really great. Watch is made of aluminium alloy, which makes it very light and behind it is made of plastic. The strap quality looks really good. It’S very flexible and comfortable watch has a bezel less design with 1.65 inch ammonite display, which is crystal clear on swipe down. You will see the settings flashlight brightness setting, so here you have a auto brightness or custom brightness setting night mode. You can set the watch to do not disturb mode battery saver mode find my phone setting, which will ring your phone. So this phone lock feature theater mode and always on display setting on swipe up you will you can see the notifications from phone? You can configure the apps which all application notification you want to see what supports more than 50 watch faces. So on holding the screen. You can change the watch face, so here are a few of the examples.

This watch also has a feature of customizing. The watch face. That is, you can on click of edit button. You can see the edit button there, so you can set which data i want to see whether calorie data or pa data art bit data like that. So this feature usually comes in apple watch, it’s, a great addition for watch under 10 000 rupees Music. So let’s have a look: how to download a watch face from zip app. So on opening zip app, you can see my profile at right, bottom corner. So on opening it, you can see all your devices configured, you open, amaze with gts2e go to store and open watch faces, so you can just click on sync, so it will download a watch face to your phone. You can also set a gallery photo as a watch face using custom background. So once you select a custom background template you click on plus button, you choose a photo from your gallery and adjust it and click on sync button. There you go beautiful isn’t. It watch as wake up screen option so as soon as you twist, your wrist, the watch face. Will company claims a battery life of 28 days on basic use and 14 days on typical news, which is almost double of ames fit gts 2, but on a cost of speaker incoming calls which is not available in this model, whereas it is available in gta, 2 Model, but this model is 3000 cheaper than gts2.

The watch is fully loaded with apps with 90 plus workout modes. On click of right button. You can access the apps activity goal. Pai, the art rate, the workout modes and watch supports auto, detecting workout as well, and stress, monitoring, Music spo2 weather report. Music. You can control the phone’s music player. You can set the algorithm events widgets, where you can have, which is like compass, barometric, altimeter, timer countdown and find mobile temperature finds the body temperature settings where you will have watchful settings display and brightness setting vibration setting. You can enable and disable your vibration user preferences, where you have options to customize your watch based on user preferences. What supports offline voice commands can open apps by voice commands overall, what looks great for the price tag of nine nine nine nine rupees.