We already spoke about the active 2 and the galaxy 3 and i thought let’s complete the series with the samsung galaxy watch active now, if you’re also interested in the active 2 and galaxy 3. I will leave those reviews on some corner over here and with that being said, let’s start with the video now point number one on the list will be the fitness features and the exercises. Now, with this watch, you have about 40 different exercises to choose from so you have the regular stuff like walking, running swimming hiking and so on, but you also have a lot of specific sport exercises like arm curse, bench pressing and leg curls. So you think this smartwatch has basically all the major sport activities covered. Well, not exactly. Unfortunately, you don’t have the real sport modes, like basketball, soccer football and those kinds of sports. Now, the way you start, one of the activities is by giving it a quick tap and, after a short countdown, it will start. It will now track the sport specific stats. As for point number, two on the list, let’s talk about the accuracy of the smartwatch. Regarding the heartbeat and the calories now, like always, i compared it to the polar h10 chest band so the other day, i did two workouts in a row and let me hit you with the details on a 10 minute ab workout. The smartwatch gave me a maximum heartbeat of 123 beats per minute and an average heart rate of 105 beats per minute and i burnt 46 calories.

The polar h10 gave me a maximum heartbeat of 138 beats per minute, with an average heart rate of 108 beats per minute, and i burn 87 calories, which is almost twice as much calories. Okay, the chest pen has more or better exercises to choose from over there. I was able to choose core training and on the smart watch i always use the other workouts thing. Oh by the way, if you choose other workouts on the smartwatch, it will always burn exactly 129 calories per 30 minutes and that’s the same with the active 2 or the galaxy 3, which is kind of not so good. So, as for the second exercise, i kind of got the same results: a slight higher average heart rate and a lower maximum heart weight with less burn calories for the smart watch. Now, as you can see, the samsung active is not the most accurate smart watch out there, but nor are the active, 2 or other smart watches in this price category. Now, if you want to take things serious and want to count on calories, i would always go with the chest band since it’s. The most accurate number three on the list will be the spotify app and your internal storage. Now you can transfer images or music files directly to your smart watch or, if you want to you, can just download your playlist offline from spotify. Now you have overall, 4 gigabytes of internal storage, but 2.

5 gigabytes are already occupied by some system, relevant apps. Now, the way you add tracks to your watch is via the galaxy wearable app over here. Oh, i was a little too far now over. Here you have to select first, you watch mine will be the guys to watch active. Then you have to scroll a little bit around until you find add content to your watch now over. Here you have two different options to choose from now. You can add tracks or you can copy images to your watch. Now. Let’S just go with images; it will be the same with tracks, so we copy images to your watch now, let’s, scroll down, say downloads. I want to download so pictures just tap anyone you like and say done now. It’S copying images to your watch with a little percentage up here and once it’s 100. You will have the images on your watch now let’s go to your gallery and see what the pictures look like now. I have to get it raised right here and, as you can see, i got all the pictures that i wanted now. The easy way to listen to music is by downloading your playlists or tracks directly from spotify. All you have to do is connect your spotify account to your watch and you’re ready to go now. Let me show you right, quick: how to download stuff from spotify to your watch. Now let’s find the spotify app it’s right here and my spotify is already hooked up with my smartphone, so i don’t have to do it right now, but all you have to do is find a playlist or track and click a playlist.

Now it will be this one just have to click it and you can shuffle play or download so once you download it, it will be downloaded to your watch to your internal storage and you can listen to it. Offline next on the list will be the heartbeat sensor and the built in gps. Now, if you want to, you can track your heartbeat 24 hours a day. Now you can choose between a few different settings either. You can tell the smartwatch to measure your heartbeat automatically. Every 10 minutes it can measure your heartbeat continuously or you can measure your heartbeat only on demand and, of course, the something active has a built in gps. So you can always track your mileage whenever you feel like going for a run now. As for point number, five on the list let’s talk about the clock faces, there are sixty thousand different clock faces to choose from, but only the ones that you have on your smart watch are customizable in order to customize them. You just have to give the home screen a two second press over here. We can swap clock, faces and change. The color of the current clock now let’s get to point number six, and that will be the operating system, the os, the tison 4 or. However, you want to call it now. If you swipe to the left to the right, you will get all your newest notifications like gallery your mailbox. You will get your whatsapp messages if it’s connected to your whatsapp.

You can even do quick replies over here now. If you swipe down, you will get to your quick panel over here. We have the standard stuff like volume settings awesome display, do a disturb mode, brightness, wi, fi battery mode and all those shenanigans, so nothing special. Now, if you swipe left, you will get to see all of your tiles, which are all customizable oops and if you want to add some of some more tiles, you just have to scroll all the way to the left and you have the little plus symbol. Now click it and you can even add some more which, if you want to now, if you want to remove some widgets um, just give it the two second press and press the minus symbol and it will be gone so that’s about it. Let’S get to the next point, so let’s get to point number seven. That will be the last point as well on my list and let’s talk about some taking technique details. So the samsung galaxy watch active is water resistant up to 5 atm, which is about 50 meters, and you also get a swatch only in one size which is kind of bad and the size is 40 millimeters by the way, and you get this watch in four Different colors, which will be the green one, the black one, the silver one and the rose gold. The next point is the band and the band is a super soft, rubbery band and it’s actually pretty easy to change.

With this watch, you will get an ammo display and two physical buttons on the side. The top one will always bring you back to the previous page and the bottom one will always bring you back to the home screen or open up the app menu. Now, for last assumption, watch active has a sleep tracking and with that you can track four different stages of your slumber. Oh, and by the way, this watch does not have a speaker, but it has a microphone. So you can answer cards if your headphones are connected. So folks that’s it for the video, i hope you enjoyed it.