Now in todays, video were going to be checking out amazfit brand new in a budget smartwatch, and that is in the form of the bib tree now, im, not sure if you are familiar with the bib series. But basically, you know, amazefit has a wide range of smart watches and the beep happens to be the one of the entry level smartwatch. It is the most affordable one and its definitely for those people out there who are looking to get their first smartwatch or maybe, if you are getting a gift for your parents and or for your friends or something like that, the bib 3 is actually something that You might want to check out now todays video, i wont, go through. You know the bib 3 pro, because the only difference between the beep 3 and the beep 3 pro is that the pro version comes with gps built in so today were going to focus mainly on the bib tree as ive been using this guy here. For more than a week now and have a lot of experiences to actually share with you guys so before we begin the video, of course, if you could just support the channel by dropping a like and subbing to the channel, that would be super awesome with. That said, let us move on to the desk right now and check out the amazfit bib 3., all right. So first things first were going to talk a bit about the pricing.

Now the bib 3 here is retailing in malaysia for rm199 and the pro version, if you need that gps is just a 50 ringgit more at rm249, everything else remains the same. The design looks the same. All the other features is the same, so the only main difference if you need that gps is just 50 ringgit, more all right so done with the price lets check out the watch itself. Now the watch itself comes in three different, beautiful colors. I would say we have the black, we also have the blue and we have the pink. This is how it basically looks like ive, been using the black version now for almost my entire one week, but i noticed that there is also this blue version, which looks quite nice. I would say that, if you are, you know buying this watch for maybe like a a child or someone who likes these kind of colors uh. You actually have these kind of options, especially if you want to get one for the ladies as well. This pink looks really nice and if you notice at the back here, the entire case itself is in that color, so very cool stuff there in terms of the coloring for amazfit bib tree now, were going to take a look very quickly at how this you know Device feels and looks like now in terms of the straps there we do have these straps and im using the blue one for reference right now, because you cant really see it on the black but notice that we do have this kind of lines going down.

The straps itself, it feels very, very comfortable, and if you turn it to the back here, notice that we do have these locks at the back again, so that you can switch them out or swap them for different kind of straps. If you prefer something a little bit different, so very easy and good to see that we always have these latches on the amaze fit bib tree now. The main thing i would say when i first held this watch is that its super lightweight guys so uh in just in terms of the weight you know, i put it on a weighing scale and the amaze feed bib 3 is just 33 grams now, for reference Sake, you know, you might not know what 33 grams really feels like, but i do have my g shock watch here. This is actually 52 grams and if i move a little bit higher to you know, amaze fit here. Act is 60 grams, so this is approximately almost double the weight of the amine speed bib 3.. Now it is very important for me to highlight this because when the watch is this lightweight, you barely even feel the watch on your wrist and for me it is a blessing in disguise, because you know i wear my watch to sleep at night and i always Use the sleep tracking of the watch itself, so its definitely very much appreciated because i wont feel the watch on my wrist.

I love that about the amazing big tree. The weight itself is awesome now moving back to the design and all that lets take a look at the display at the front here were going to take the black version, because ive been using this one now at the front, we do have a brand new display. The display is also larger than the previous amazing bibs, its also bigger than the bpu. So now it is having a 1.69 inch lcd display and with a larger display, you will be able to see more information on the screen itself. The good news here is also that we do have curve size on the edges here, so it makes gliding on the display very easy to use. Apart from that, its also worth pointing out that this watch is now 5 atm waterproof. That means you can bring it to your swims all right so now that weve done talking about the display and the build quality lets move on and talk a bit about the features of the watch and what can you really do with it? So with that said, im just going to show you a very quick operation on how this watch works now, if this slide down from the top here, this is where you get into a couple of quick shortcuts. Now, if you drag out from the bottom, this is where youll get into the notifications and notifications. Here is actually quite all right.

I would say that having a larger display here definitely is able to see more fonts or more words on the display itself, and you know when you buy a watch like this. You really just want to be able to see your notifications on the go now moving on to the display again once more, if i just swipe towards the right or even towards the left, this is where we get into the loop of widgets. So, first up for me, i put off my activity goal over here, so you can see. I do have a quick look at my number of steps, how many hours ive been standing and all that, if i just swipe on this is where i get into my heart rate, i can see it very quickly right over here. I have my spo2. If i just swipe on again, this is where i see my stress levels again, if you notice its actually quite fluid to just swipe through the widgets very very smoothly on the amazefit bib3, and these are all just widgets guys. Of course, you also still have your music controls, which you can control your music from most apps. It works with spotify, it works with apple music. It also works with youtube by the way. So those are the kind of apps that you can use together with the music controls. Alright, so thats, just in terms of the widgets now very quickly, were going to talk a little bit about the health tracking component of the amazefit beep tree now, this watch itself covers four basic items.

Now, the first one we have is the all day. Heart rate monitoring, which i found to be quite accurate, the second thing we have is actually the spo2. That means your blood oxygen levels now we do not have all day spo2 tracking. Whenever you want to check it out, you will have to tap the measure button on the watch itself. The third thing we have here is the stress tracking, which it does so all day. However, the stress tracking is only when youre not moving that often so you know those are the kind of information that you can get last but not least, is the sleep tracking as well as your next tracking. Now this one, i found to be really very accurate, because ive been tracking my sleeps the past one week and ill show you some information on the screens right now, and these are actually very accurate. Like the time i go to sleep and get up from bit its very very spot on, so those are the four main components of tracking that the amaze fit bib tree is able to do now. I must point out that the amazing big tree here, the watch itself – is not actually a medical device. So, in any case, if you are having any health issues, you should definitely check in with your doctor, instead of just relying on the results from a watch like this now. Moving on lets talk a little bit about those activity, workouts and all that what you are you able to track here and for that you can actually go into your workout mode, and this is where you can see that we have those up to 60 plus activities.

You have your treadmills, your outdoor runnings, your cycling, walking yoga and, of course you have a ton of activities here and if you want to see even more activities, you can just click the more sports and then it goes into even deeper theres. A ton of activities here guys, but the bottom line here, is that this watch does not come with gps. So when i was trying to track a run, you know outdoors, i had to use it together with my phone, so thats, just something that you need to take note of and in terms of the workout. You can actually check out your history here. So ive been running a couple of uh, just not that much actually, but i did track my uh my treadmill running here on the watch and you can see. I do have all my records here so, for instance, im just going to type into this one. Here and again you can see the amount of your exercise. Duration. You can see your average pace, your heart rate and all that so yeah, its very good for tracking. You know basic kind of activities on your watch here with the beep 3.. Now moving on to the final point, i just want to talk very quickly about the battery life. Now the battery life, on the amazement bib 3 here has been really amazing. Amazing claims that this watch will last you approximately two weeks on normal use. Well me for myself, i have a ton of notifications coming in, like almost 50 to 60 notifications a day and ive been using my watch almost on a daily basis to track my runs as you can see from the workout history, and it was still able to Last all the way up to eight days guys.

I believe that if i, you know cut down a bit of activities, i can definitely push it to like 11 or 12 days. So if youre looking for a very powerful battery life kind of smart watch, uh, the amazing big tree here might be able to help you out because its just very good battery life here in terms of the charging speeds, it takes approximately two hours to charge it From empty to full so pretty standard anyway, so yeah thats that in terms of the battery life, all right guys um, i think thats pretty much it for the amazfit bib tree again. This watch is really designed for you guys out there, who you know. Maybe you are getting your first smart watch if you want something to just show you your time, you know some basic notifications to track basic activities. Youre, not those kind of extreme kind of you know. You know a sports man or something like that. I think the amazing big tree here is the perfect watch for you guys at the price of just rm199. You can get the big tree and if you must have gps just add on 50 bucks to get the beep 3 pro ill put on some links down below here, so that you can find out more information or you can put your purchases in and theyre all Down in the links below, and with that said, if you have any further questions, feel free to leave them down in the comment section below ill.

Try to help you out here with answering them and, of course, dont forget to drop a like and sub to the channel to see more content like this. Thank you for staying all the way. To the end, i hope you have a great week and stay safe.