The Xiaomi Amazfit bip smartwatch can give you up to 45 days of battery life. That is incredible while providing plenty of features you would want on your fitness tracker. Best part it is $80 dollars. Original Xiaomi AMAZFIT Bip Smart Watch $80:
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The amazfit bip comes with GPS, a heart rate sensor and it is IP68 certified for water and dust resistant. The display is very easy to see outdoors in bright daylight all thanks to its transflective display. It also has a backlight to light up the display for the times you don’t have good lighting.

The amazfit bip smartwatch is the best and most affordable smartwatch under $100 dollars. You can get it at a discount with my above link.

Xiaomi sure made a great smartwatch that does the basics and it does it well. I was very surprised on how responsive the amazfit bip is. It hasn’t let me down at all. The pure speed in performance is outstanding. It is very refined and mostly due to the watch only having a couple of things that it can do.

The amazfit bip interface is very straight forward and easy to use. You connect the smartwatch with the Mi Fit app that is available on both android and iOS. The mi fit app tells you more in depth data of your workout like giving you graphs of your heart rate, calories burned and so on throughout your work out.

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