The amezfit bips is a lightweight with features that make it more powerful in performance compared to its predecessors. To begin with, it has a long battery life that can last up to 40 days, depending on how it’s used. Additionally, the bips uses the sony 28 nm gps chip with high precision and better performance and power consumption, which allows it to function for 22 continuous hours. In terms of display the amis fit bip, s comes with a transflective color display. This allows you to see the screen, especially outdoors. It also consumes low power, even with the power intensive backlight is off when it comes to health and fitness. The bip s offers 10 sport workout modes, including swimming thanks to its five atm water resistance. It also uses the ppg heart rate sensor for 24 7, accurate heart rate monitoring. When paired with the pai health assessment system. You can get useful insights into your health as well as tools to improve your health and fitness through efficient workouts. To top it off. The amazfit bips has additional functions that allow you to check the weather, forecast, set, alarms and reminders, as well as smart notification. Although you can’t play music directly from the watch, you can control the music from it. You can also customize the watch to your taste, with two inbuilt changeable watch faces that display the information you want and an additional 40 plus downloadable watch faces. What we liked it’s, lightweight and comfortable, to wear great display visibility when outdoors it’s, affordable long lasting battery, what we didn’t like black’s automatic workout detection doesn’t, allow you to reply to notifications, amazfit bip s; specifications.

As for the 1.28 inch size shown on the table, the amazfit bip s screen is big enough to see information displayed on it. The transflective color screen makes the display brighter outdoors making the watch suitable for outdoor activities. It also comes with 40 day battery life. So, if used in a conservable way, you can go for a whole month without worrying about charging things you should know before. Buying the amazfit bip s, the cleaning wristband process used by the amisfit bips to ensure the wristband is soft, dry and dirt resistant is only applied to the silicone straps, not the carbon black ones. Some of the pre loaded sports modes can be accessed after an update. Additionally, the amis fit bip, s is only compatible with android 5.0 and ios 10.0 and, above with iphone, however, the phone connectivity can be unreliable, ammo’s fit bip s features long battery life. The amusfit bips has a long battery life that can last up to 40 days with a capacity of 200 mah, depending on how you use it with continuous gps usage, the battery can last up to 22 hours while with typical usage. The battery goes up to 15 days with basic usage. You can conserve battery for 40 days and on standby mode. You can conserve energy for up to 90 days, transflective color display you can easily use the amisfit bips outdoors thanks to the transflective color screen. It allows you to see the display more clearly, even when the backlight is off.

It performs better outdoors, because the brighter the sunlight is the clearer the display will be. The screen also offers eye protection and consumes minimal power. So you don’t have to worry about draining your battery heart rate, monitor for accurate heart rate readings. The amazfit bips uses the bio tracker, ppg bio tracking sensor. It offers high precision, sensing and accuracy with 80 reduced power consumption. The sensing area is three times bigger than its predecessors. The led is also seven times more intense and proving its accuracy by ninety eight percent. Final verdict: should you get the amazfit bip s? The amisfit bips is a lightweight and affordable as a smart watch. It may not offer a lot of features, but you could get the basic features for functionality. It also comes with a long lasting battery for its price. You should buy the amazfit bip s if you’re on the fence about buying a smart watch and are looking for a simple smart watch with basic features. Who is the amis fit bip s best suited for the amazfit biff s is best suited for individuals. Looking for an entry level, smart watch with basic features, it’s also low cost and ideal for individuals on a limited budget or not willing to spend too much on a smart watch. Are there any alternatives to amis fit bit best for a similar price? The best alternative to the amis fit bip s is the garmin vivomove sport. It offers more smart features and a longer battery.

If cost is not an issue, then the best smart watches, with the best features, are apple, watches and samsung galaxy watches. Would you buy the amazfit bipbs? Let us know why, in the comments give us a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video and subscribe to our channel also, let us know in the comments what other low cost fitness tracker.