So in this particular video we’ll share two things tally cheese. Is it worth buying the amish gtr 2 in 2021, and the second thing how amazefit gtr2 is far more better than a oneplus watch, so what’s going on guys, my name is rohit, so without wasting. Furthermore, time let’s get straight into it. So at first we’ll talk about the design and build quality of the watch. The watch is very premium. It is made up of metallic frame two buttons on the side, though no buttons accordingly, and it is a full bezel, less design display over here, and it supports five atm water resistant rating into it to score 50 meters. Talking about the display part, it is quite impressive and amoled panel, which is an hd quality display and supports always on display as well, and it is fairly bright, visible in direct sunlight outdoors crisp display talking about the fitting and comfortability. It is quite comfortable. Straps coffees are the soft quality and it will not cause any type of skin irritation or rashes talking about the rest size. So it will look good on medium, so this watch is having all the necessary features that you need in foreign, Music, Music, Music interface. Why this watch is way more better than one plus watch. This watch is selling for open pricing of 13 000 rupees, and one plus watch is selling for the price of 15 to 16 000 rupees. This watch is having a always on display support for offline voice assistance, sleep monitoring, Music, so that’s pretty much it for the video guys.

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