This is an in depth review as i’ve been using the watch for a few months, and i want to share with you guys why. I think this is one of the best smart watches. You can buy right now: Music, Applause, Music Applause, so Music, not sure. If you all know that amazefit is a brand of huami. The smart wearables provider for xiaomi saw the second largest wearable manufacturer after apple. They are pushing new models each year, all with excellent features, great aesthetics and competitive prices. I have used the original amazon gtr watch for half a year and it was a great watch with its focus on battery life. Amazefit have done an amazing job in optimizing. This watch battery to last a month without needing to recharge it. It came with a few downsides, though, as the chipset was very power efficient, so no fancy, animations, no multitasking, no internal music storage and no call functionality, as it does not have a speaker and microphone. It also had some inconsistencies regarding the gps signal, as sometimes it took a long time to get the signal or the signal got lost during the workouts. I think this was fixed or should have been fixed with an update. Amaze feed does push a lot of updates to their line of watches now with the new gtr2, which also exists in the rectangle version, the gts2. I have great hopes that all of the issues are fixed, so stay with me to find out all about this amaze fit smartwatch.

The watch comes in a small compact square box with an included magnetic charger, so no wireless charging. Yet i don’t consider this a bad thing: yes, it’s a proprietary charger, but wireless charging would be useful if you would need to charge the watch every day or every two days like in the case of the samsung or apple watches, and you would definitely need it To be able to charge it everywhere, you have a wireless charger, including the back of your phone, if it has reverse wireless charging when you’re not at home, but for these watches that last for at least a week before needing recharge wireless charging is not a must, Have or a downside i have the 46 millimeter size sports edition, which is made from black aluminium alloy and weighs 36 grams, but there is also a classic edition made from stainless steel and a few grams heavier. The strap is made from silicone and it’s. So soft, you can immediately spot the difference from other cheap watch bands. You almost don’t feel the watch on your wrist. The 22 millimeter strap can be easily changed with others as it features quick release. The watch has a nicely curved 1.’ inch, amoled screen with 3d glass and with 326 dpi. So the display text is very clear: the colors are punchy and the blacks are deep, as you would expect from an amoled panel, it’s also protected by tempered glass, and it supports an always zone which is implemented very well by a maze fit as the always on Display follows the watch face clock from a design perspective.

This is the first smart watch i like to use with aod because of this special feature check out this watch face and how the always on display blends in and shows an amazing standby watch face Music. A maze fit does not include specifications regarding the cpu or memory used, but all i can say is that it handles multitasking. Like a champion, you can start a workout, listen to music check notifications, check the weather and start a timer. At the same time, switching between them is very fast let’s check out all the menu features of the watch. The way i have organized them, based on my usage first there’s the alarm which can be also accessed by swiping left. Then we have the workout menu, which includes 90 built in sports modes, and there is a smart recognition that can be activated for 6 of them to be detected and started automatically. As you can see, the list of sports in the main page can be edited based on your preference. The workouts are also grouped by sport type and can set specific goals for each of them like target time or calories. We have the possibility to track swimming workouts, as the amazing watch has a water resistance of 50 meters on par with traditional high end watches. The gtr ii has gps and glonass, and i can say it managed to get a very fast lock on the satellites when starting a workout almost every time.

So this is a big plus compared to the old generation. Next, we have a list of the activities we performed recently and we can see all the details for each in a very nice presentation in the settings menu item you can set up the watch face. The connections set up the display sound and vibrations and some user preferences. The watch features a great selection of watch faces and i don’t think there is a limit on how many you can upload on the watch itself. Some of the watch faces can be customized to display the data you need, and i like the fact that you can tap on heart rate or on weather and it will take you to the respective functions screen. This is a feature that i would love to see on other smart watches too, that don’t have a fully fledged os and it can be easily implemented via software update Music. The watch has support for wifi, and this is only used when transferring files to the watch for a faster speed. The screen has automatic, brightness adjustment and can be lit upon receiving a notification. A proximity sensor is also present, so it helps to turn the screen off. By placing your hand over it, the volume of the notifications can be customized and from the phone up also the vibration pattern. I would have liked to be able to set the vibration intensity, especially as the maze fit brags about the linear vibration motor present in the watch, but maybe they will fix this via software update.

There is an option to set the notifications and always on display not only timed between a set interval, but also using the smart setting, and this should stop the watch from showing the aod or vibrate when it detects, is not on your wrist, but just sitting on The table it should also stop the heart rate readouts. It works most of the time, but is not perfect and it’s. Something amazefit should work on perfecting from the user preferences menu. You can set the function of the second button. I have set mine to timer, as is always useful when doing different, stuff or cooking, and you can also enable the voice commands of the watch. Yes, the watch supports voice commands for many of its functions and in a future update. Also alexa integration let’s see how they work open music play next. Song start previous workout and workout open weather brightness up next in the menu we have the widgets, and it includes the compass, the barometric altimeter, the stopwatch, which is named timer. The real timer, which is named countdown and find my mobile option, which, by the way, works great. If you last your phone in the house, next is the weather menu and the current activity tracking, based on the targets you set in the app, then we have the personal activity: intelligence, a science based health score that measures the heart rate, health impact of physical activity. It gives you a personalized score based on your profile, hybrid data and activity, duration, measuring any type of exercise at any time and date to help users understand their physical state.

This is helped by the new biotracker 2 ppg biological data sensor that can measure blood oxygen level, the music app lets. You play your favorite songs on the integrated speaker or over bluetooth via headphones. The gtr 2 has an integrated memory of 3 gigabytes of storage and the files can be set as favorite or categorized as running music. The last menu item is the events and can be used by setting up some event reminders in the phone app too bad. It can be used to display the phone calendar entries as it would have been much more helpful. Speaking of the phone app, the old me fit app, which i was using with the old mi bands has been rebranded to zep and its design and functionality has remained the same. The zepp app could use some tweaking, as is not that intuitive compared to other health. Apps, at least regarding workout history, because it’s hard to find the most recent workout in the menus. Also, it sometimes can be slow to sync with the watch or while updating the hps. You can set up the watch. Health monitoring features from my device page and you can also select how the menu items are arranged under shortcut cards on the swipe left menu. I don’t like the fact that you cannot arrange menu items, order for left and right swiping, just the main menu items. A very big plus is that you can add this travel account to the app and the cycling.

Workouts will be synced automatically. So take this into account if you’re a biking fan like me, speaking of swiping on the watch on the right, you are presented with the usual monitoring items like pai, heart rate and activity details, but also the weather from the watch. You can deactivate some of them, but, as mentioned, you cannot set the display order. Swiping left shows the stacked cards that remind us of the same presentation on some phone’s launchers. Swiping down shows a few info like current battery weather and some toggles for flashlight brightness. Do not disturb mode battery saver screen, lock phone search, sound volume, theater mode and keep watch screen awake for 20 minutes swiping up from the bottom shows. The app’s notifications and the very big shortcoming that was improved from the last generation is that now it can also show emojis still. The notifications need to be polished more as they still display the annoying counting of each notification treated as a notification itself. The good part is that for notifications created on the phone, they also disappeared from the watch. The gtr2 was also upgraded with the calling function, so you can answer calls on the watch and they sound clear, but a little on the quiet side. It’S. A very nice addition. Nonetheless, you can still cannot reply to messages but that’s the trade off for not having a full fledged os, but choosing a longer battery life. The 471 milliamps battery lasted for around 7 days, with always on display and around 10 days with it off, take into account that in this time i was receiving a ton of notifications.

I set the heart rate to one minute: detection, so continuous for 24 hours and all other sensors on also did some workouts for a few days. Amazefit advertises 14 days life for normal usage 38 days in basic watch mode 6.5 days with heavy using and 10 hours for continuous calls. As you can see, i have managed to get pretty close to what they claim and i think it’s, a respectable battery life. The battery can be charged with the included charger in about 2.5 hours. I need to mention that the watch also supports detailed sleep tracking, but unfortunately, this type of data can only be checked in the phone app after syncing, not really sure why there isn’t a menu for sleep on the watch itself. It’S a strange omission by a misfit. Now let’s talk about the price. The amazing gtr 2 sells for around 180 dollars and, in my opinion, it’s one of the best all around smart watches. You can get right now, fully packed with features a very nice design and a dependable battery life feature wise it’s, on par with the huawei watch gt2, which comes at a similar price, maybe a little cheaper as it was released one year earlier, so amaze fit caught Up with huawei, but now huawei also has the watch gt2 pro, which is basically the same, but it adds wireless charging it’s.