Im super excited because i get to share with you my experience after using the amazefit gtr3 here for the past two weeks. Now, when amazing malaysia first reached out to me two weeks ago – and they asked me if i wanted to check this out – definitely i was super excited because you guys know me im a huge amaze fit fan and ive been using almost all of their smart watches. Throughout the entire past three years now amaze fit malaysia has not officially launched this here, yet its only going to drop on november, the 4th. So for all you malaysian friends out there do stay tuned to amazefits facebook, page and all that now before i do that. Just a very quick one, if you could just drop a like sub to the channel, it really helps out the video. Thank you so much for that lets begin lets check out the amazing gtr 3 itself. I do have this box here in front of me, and amazefit is coming up with this brand new logo, as well as the theme or the kind of colors that we have on here. Ill notice that we have all these kind of purplish kind of look to their new logo and new branding, so thats really nice to see uh in amaze feeds part. So yep ive already unboxed this. But this is just how the box looks like lets check out. The watch itself because thats the more exciting part of this video, so im just going to put this box down for a second and lets check out the amazefit gtr3.

Now, if you just take a look at this design, you might feel very familiar because this design here is actually very similar to the amazefit gtr 2e, which i also have here. This is the gtr2. By the way, this guy here is the gtr 2e, so it actually looks very similar to the gtr2e right here, but yeah its actually the same size as well. They have the same 1.’ inch amoled display on the front here, but apparently we have much brighter brightness on the display right now. So, according to amazfit, this display now goes all the way up to 1000 nits and, honestly speaking its really super bright. I never had any issues when im using the watch outdoors and it has always been a joy to look at for the amazfit gtr 3.. Now, before i go on about the display, lets take a look at the design fully as well again, like i said its very similar to the gtr2 series. We have this aluminum alloy kind of materials on the sides. Whats really new here is that we do get this new crown at the top right corner, which is to be honest, quite fun. To use i mean it is useful to a certain extent, because most of the time im just swiping the display anyway, but now that we do have this crown at the top here, you can actually just you know, scroll through your notifications. I mean, if youre too lazy to swipe and all that so thats definitely good.

Obviously, if you are wearing glass or something like that, you can also use this crown here to just scroll through the menus, so thats why we have brand new at the top here. In terms of the straps, it is still the same here on the amazefit gtr3. We have very nice silicon straps here that are still the size of 22 mm in case youre, wondering and also we do have these tiny latches at the back here just like before that allows you to switch out these straps very easily so thats. What i really love about this amazing gtr3, the comfort levels on this strap here, feels amazing in terms of the design. Yes, we do see a couple of lines here going on with the strap. It is what you can see on the video right now and yeah. This is basically how the gtr 3 looks, like mainly like i mentioned here – is all about that brand new crown at the top. Now, apart from this hardware, stuff theres, quite a fair bit of changes with the software as well. Amazfit is calling this now the zap os, and you might already be familiar with that, because their app has already been called zap for quite some time now. So let me just show you very quickly a quick hands on and everything that you can expect from the ui on the amazfit gtr 3, as well as all the upcoming brand new watches from amazefit.

Alright, so very quickly, im just going to show you here. If you pull down from the top, this is where you get into a couple of quick shortcut keys. We do have quite a fair bit here. You have your torch light, you have your night mode and of course, you also have your theater mode over there, which basically turns down the brightness and removes those notifications. You also have this tips little button right there, which, honestly speaking, i do not use at all. So just going back, you also have a very quick access to your calendar right here, which actually is a very nice touch. We have a very nice calendar here that you can actually see and add events if you want them to be reminded on your watch. Very, very nice stuff there just going back to the main one again here, you have your quick access to setting your brightness again. This is something that we had previously and if you go back here notice that you have your battery life, you also have this little button that actually searches for your phone, which is the phone that im using right now and, of course, you have quick access to Your settings here directly on this quick access menu right here now. What i found missing here was that it no longer has the lock button, which i usually activate, to prevent myself from touching the screen by accident, so theres a slight miss over there, because that is actually something that i use quite a fair bit.

I lock my screen here so i dont accidentally switch watch faces im, not sure if you guys do that, but yeah thats. Just me all right, so going down lets, try up to slap swipe from the bottom right here you get into your notifications, which you can see right here. Some of them only have this app icon right here and just for your information. This is whats app. So obviously you can also tap into there and you can see it still does not support all emojis. It supports a few, but not all for sure, and of course you can also. You are not able to see photos on your notifications, pretty standard stuff there going back into the list here. Yes, some apps do come with the logo at the side, and obviously, since this is the zap app, we do have that zap logo, so very, very similar to what we are seeing on the previous version. Again, you can use this little crown right here to just scroll through all this information, if you like that kind of thing all right now lets just swipe from left to right here, so we can see what kind of widgets we have. It is a completely new overhaul in terms of the widgets over here we can take a quick look at your overall activities for the day. You have your number of steps, the amount of times you have stood up and, of course, the amount of time that youve been active.

If you tap into this, you can actually go and see more details right here, for instance, your like what you just saw just now, but more details here, everything just by tapping the widgets. So all the widgets here are all interactive by the way lets go on to the next one right here we do have this one tab, health button right here and if you just tap this, it will check out a couple of stuff here. In fact, you will check out your heart rate. You check out your spo2, your stress levels and all that. So this is something new on the amazefit gtr 3, that is, it is able to have this one tap measurement that measures everything at one go over there. Now, if i just swipe across this is where i get into my weather again, you can see that everything here can be interacted with uh if you just tap the widget earlier on, like i did. This is where you can see more information regarding the weather. Now let me go back and lets check out whats next. We also have my pai my pi score right now, its 36. I have not been very active the past few days, but yeah i did have a score of 36 going on. You can also see your slip information and i love this ui on the amazfit gtr 3, because it just gives you that one glance, uh kind of information. You can just see how much sleep you have taken and if you have one to see more information, you can just tap into that and you have this beautiful graph right here on the watch itself.

Very very nice. I like the fact that we can see a lot of information directly on the watch without having to keep going on into the app to see more stuff, so were just going to go back for now, uh swiping on we have this uh. What should i call it list of quick shortcuts right here? So obviously, this watch here also supports your mic. You can actually make commands to amazon alexa, but unfortunately, here in malaysia we dont use that very often so i have not activated that and then you have a couple of cards here as well. You can see that we have my heart rate going on. I also have my stress: all these cards are customizable uh. You can set them in the zap app, so its very simple to show what kind of information you want to see in terms of all these cards right here. So this is what ive said. For now. These are just the quick glance of all those information on the side, so that makes up all the widgets from left to right its a loop by the way, just in case you are wondering. So let me just now show you the kind of stuff that you can find in the main menu, because its also quite interesting here so first up, obviously we have our pie, which im not going to talk about. You also have your heart rate, which is pretty same as previous.

You can track your heart rate throughout the entire day very standard stuff for bloods oxygen level. You also have that and bear in mind that everything here, like i said you can see a lot of information directly on the watch itself and ive set my spo2 to be tracked like throughout the entire day. So you can see. I have all these data right here directly on the watch again going down. The one tab measuring ive already mentioned about that earlier on and lets talk a little bit about workout, because this is something that has been upgraded in the watch itself. It now supports up to 150 different activities over here, and you can see the list really goes all the way all the way on, and, of course, we also have esports right here for all of you guys out there who likes the game, it will actually track. Your stress levels during the game very funny stuff there and of course, if you just want to go and see more, you have more workouts right here and you can see the huge list of stuff there. So i wont go through this entire list. Basically, uh what you need will probably in part of this list right here and yes, it does have a gps, ive tested out this watch. I went for a quick run or a quick jog the other day, and the gps was very, very fast to lock on definitely a significant improvement compared to my previous gtr 2, as well as gtr 2e.

That i have right here so youd be definitely very happy to find out about that good gps signals. Apart from that, it is able to track your pace. You can actually customize quite a fair bit of stuff here. Let me just show you very quickly lets say i click into outdoor running uh. This is where youll be able to see a couple of things here and you can set an ai competitor according to a main suite right here. All you need to do is. Let me just see very quickly: you go into the assistant right here and then you can actually set a couple of stuff here. Like workout goal, you can choose your distance and if you go into a workout alerts, you also have your auto lab auto pause. And yes, there is the virtual pacer, so you can actually set the pace for your competitor. Your virtual competitor and youll actually be able to see whether youre behind that guy or youre in front of that guy, so very, very cool stuff there. I think they got this function from one of the other smart watches, but i cant recall which smartwatch was that but thats new to the amazefit gtr 3 right here, very nice – i like it in other than that. It also has your standard stuff of tracking right here. You have different uis, just very, very nice kind of graphics here and all that and yeah thats pretty much what i have to mention about the uh, the workout modes right here again, ive only tried the running so far and has worked pretty well for me.

If you guys want like a more in depth review on these workout modes, let me know what you guys want to know down in the comment section below and ill try to set that up so thats what we have in terms of the workouts. Obviously, you can also see your workout history right here and i do have three workouts that ive done uh pretty nice here you do get to see a couple of information. Let me just show it to you very quickly. You have your training effects. If you swipe across, you can see your distance goal and my actual activity. That means i did not hit my goal and you also can see a little tiny little map right here, which, honestly speaking, doesnt tell that much. But you have your pace, your workout duration, a lot of information again, everything you can see directly on the watch itself is just so nice. All right so were just going to go back here and were done with the workouts. Let me just get out of here. Obviously, you also have your stress levels tracking, like i mentioned earlier, on it tracks the stress throughout the entire day, and you can see your entire last seven days. Apparently i was quite relaxed. I dont think i can say that about myself. I have never been that relaxed, but thats what the watch says were going to go back right now so for activity right here you can also take a look at that current status for today, uh were not going to show that for the sleep ive already shown, You guys that, for your weather, your music controls, you cannot store music in this watch.

If you want to store music, you have to use the gtr3 pro right here, ill cover that in another video, you also have your alarms, your calendars, your bmi and your calculator. Now, in terms of the calculator thats, actually something brand new with the gtr3 pro right here, and that is that this watch now supports a downloading of apps. So you can actually download apps directly into the watch itself. Currently, the app store has about like 10 apps or so so i got this calculator from the zap app store. If that makes sense – and i think its pretty interesting here – yes, you can definitely count some stuff here. Lets do a quick, math right here and see what it does yeah. So any of you guys out there who wants to take your watch to an exam. I think this might actually help but definitely happy to see that amaze feed is going with this direction here with creating apps uh for the our watches, so very, very cool there. Of course, if you go into the more button right here, you do have a couple more stuff. You have your sun and moon. That shows what time the sun came up today, as well as what time the moon came up, not sure, if you want to know about that, you also have your compass, your barrel, meter. That shows you, your air pressure, as well as your attitude very, very accurate stuff here actually – and you also have your cycle tracking for the ladies, your breathing test, a stopwatch, timer and all the stuff that you are actually very familiar with from the previous watch.

All right so thats pretty much what you actually get with the amazefit gtr3 pro right here. I would say that it is a quite a fair bit of incremental updates. It just makes the watch so much better to use right now so much more functional without the need to keep checking the app, and i definitely love that about the amazefit gtr 3.. Now, in terms of the battery life, i also have been using it for the past two weeks, like i mentioned, and under really really heavy usage. For my case i use like i have my always on display turn on. I also have my plenty of notifications coming in and i use the watch for my runs and all that and i was able to get about four or five days of battery life on one single charge. Now, comparing this to the previous amazing gtr 2. I realized that i could only get about two or three days back then, so this is definitely a strong improvement in terms of the battery life. Now again, battery life is really subjective on how you use your watch according to amaze speed. It can go all the way up to 21 days on light usage 10 days on heavy usage. But i guess me personally im those super heavy user kind of person right here so thats. Why? I only got like five days on one single charge, which is excellent by the way, apart from that, amazfit is also introducing this animated kind of watch phases right here, so you do have a couple of new watch faces.

If you want to know about that, let me just show you one very quickly. The main one right here is actually pretty cool, although i dont use it that much because it tends to eat up quite a fair bit of battery so im just going to switch it back to my favorite watch face so thats a couple of new stuff on The amazefit gtr3, last but not least in terms of pricing, we do not have the pricing here in malaysia yet but ill leave some information down in the description box, so you can tell about those information now. Let me just show you how it looks like on my wrist. Obviously this is not the right watch. This is the amazefit gtr 3 pro. But let me just take this off for a second right here and put on the amazefit gtr3 just so you have an idea on how it looks like uh. If you are still at this point of the video dont forget to drop a like. If you can, i always helps to support the channel and support the video as well. Thank you guys so much for that and yes, i do have the watch now on my wrist. This is how it looks like i think it looks just like the gtr ii. Very very standard here, like i said its very minimalist, and this is the kind of look that i like im, just showing it to the camera very quickly right here.

This is how it looks like and yes, uh in terms of the gtr 3 pro, which i will cover in the next video uh this guy right here. The gtr3 pro actually has a slightly larger display, lesser bezels, on the sides here, which makes it looks amazing, but yeah ill. Keep that for the next video all right guys, i think, thats what i have to share about the amazement gtr 3 right here. If you have any more questions or if there are stuff that you want me to check out dont forget to leave those comments down in the description box below and i hope to see you guys in the next one stay safe.