This is the gorgeous looking stainless steel model, some very slick stuff packing that some upgraded tech, including freshly, but a sensor action for your fitness, shenanigans uh. You got upgraded gps on there as well a new, healthy living shamrock to help you not go crazy and just murder. Everyone anyways, you can probably tell i didnt, really plan out this intro, so lets just kill. It now lets whip the huawei watch, gt3 and out of its box, to take you a full on tour of the hardware and the software and for more the latest and greatest. Please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers so first up what do you actually get in there? Besides, the huawei watch gt3. Well, youve got one quick start guide. It shows you how to download the huawei health app and also gives you helpful life advice. Like dont use, your mobile phone in range of blasting caps bear that in mind. Next time i go back to sunderland. You also have one proprietary magnetic charger and because i got the stainless steel version with the stainless steel bracelet to match, i also have some spare links in here just in case. I need to add any extra in there. Although you know, given that ive got the weediest wrists this side of kindergarten, i dont think ill be needing any extra links, and that should be all right on that front. I might actually have to take a couple out there.

Thankfully, you do have a little switches on the inside of some of the links to help you easily remove them. So thats going to be pretty straight forward, evola a perfect fit and i just had to remove the six links in total honestly who has got a wrist big enough to fit this many links. I dont want to meet them in a dark alley. Okay, so ive got the wobbly watch gt3 slapped on my wrist for about half a day, now, im going to say really liking that design as well. This is the 46 millimeter version got ta admit. I would have personally gone for the 42 mil if id chosen, because ive got the wrists of a seven year old school goal frankly, but all ill assume this 46 mil version isnt too chunky its actually relatively slender, akin to the samsung galaxy watch. Four now stay in the steel case and gives the huawei watch gt3 a premium vibe and matches up well with that steel, brace that was so far is comfortable to wear its actually surprisingly lightweight, as well. Considering all of the metal involved. Certainly, didnt feel that weighing down my arm or anything and as you can see, theres lots of fine detail around that bezel as well, which is relatively slender, certainly compared with some rivals that ive tested recently loving the time markings on there and then the screen itself Is perfectly flat and sits above the bezel as well, so no protection there so hopefully itll prove scratch resistant.

As for your customization, well, youve got a choice of this steel color all black for the while we watch gt3 46 mil edition the 42 mil also comes in gold and as usual, you got a choice of watch straps. You can just yank off the current ones: slap on a new one, youve got the likes of fluoro elastomer leather, all the usual shenanigans, and this bad boy is water resistant to five atmospheres, complete with full swim track and support. If thats, what you fancy now you get the huawei watch, gt3 all set up by downloading the huawei health app onto your smartphone. You can grab this from the google play, store the apple, app store and the harmony os app store, as well once youre, actually logged into huawei health. The actual setup process only takes a couple of minutes, and most of that is just accepting endless permissions. If you havent used drawing health before this, gives you full access to all of your watch settings, you can change up. The watch faces see exactly which notifications you want to receive on your wrist. You set up, alarms and favorite contacts, all that good shits and from within the huawei health app you can check and track. All of your various stats, including your rest and heart rate, lets see how the old stress gauge is looking if youre going to wig out anytime soon and im, not really particularly shocked, to find that the 1.

43 inch screen here on the while we watch gt3 46mm Edition is absolutely stunning, its an amoled panel, so nice sharp contrast, deep blacks, really poppy colors, which is good because the harmony os ui is bright and pretty poppy its a beautifully sharp display as well thanks to the 466×466 pixel resolution. So even tiny text clearly legible and i believe its the same resolution on the smaller 42 mil model as well. Even though it has got a dinkier 1.32 inch screen, ive got the auto brightness turned on and it did seem rather bright still last night, even when i was sat in a dark room, it was still powerfully bright in fact, but you can change the brightness yourself Manually as well, if you want to and yeah certainly on that maximum brightness no trouble seeing this thing outdoors, the actual os is once again huaweis on harmony os. This is quite similar to wear os in a lot of ways, so, for instance, swipe right from that main watch face youve, got fast access to your weather report and other main bits. If you swipe on this way, youve got all your various tiles which you can, of course, manually set up, so you can get rid of any ones that you dont want. This gives you fast access to all of your main stats again likes the weather you play around with this by jumping into the watch settings going to custom cards and then just sticking around in there, unlike where os you can also swipe up from that main watch.

Face to check out your notifications, unfortunately, what you can do with these notifications is very limited. Certainly if youve got an android, smartphone or an iphone. Basically, you can sort of get a tiny bit of detail. For instance, the first sort of few sentences of an email and thats – basically it you cant, actually respond to anything. All you can do is uh get rid of them and then a bit of a swipe. You swipe down and youve got access to a selection of toggles, not again half as many as you do on where os b can you know quickly, toggle the do not disturb stick on an alarm drain, the watch of excess fluids, if youve submerged it and then Actually inside the settings, youve got a respectable amount of customization that you can do. You can set the always on display. You can set the home style, which basically means how your apps will be presented either in a grid or in a list. You can change up the haptics uh. You can set a pin all that good stuff and then yeah to actually get to the full range of apps. All you need to do is tap this top crown button here and, as you can see there, its usual apple watch inspired grid but, as i said before, you can change that to a list, if you prefer now something that wowie watches always do really well. Is the variety of watch faces? You only get a small selection installed on here by default, including a good bit of rim action.

Naturally, but if you bounce back into that huawei health up, you may remember earlier, i said you could change the watch face from within. Here, if youre actually paying attention – and you absolutely shag tons of different options in here all kinds of different analog and digital faces to choose from, although as youll see there, a large chunk of them do cost you actual real life money, absolutely no bother. If youre a total cheapskate like me, though, because there is an option of only checking out free ones and even the freebies are still pretty solid, youll find some good shares in there lots of colorful options to really make the most of that punchy. Amoled display this one right here, being one of my personal favorites seems more apt than ever in 2021. Youve also got plenty of options in there, which will display all of you being so health stats. Your uh step count calorie burn all that shenanigans right there on the main watch face if thats your bag plenty of seasonal ones as well. This is a spooky halloween effort. Oh god, im gon na have nightmares tonight or, as usual, you can just bug on a photo of your own choosing, be it a cherished family member or just some geeky anime style effort with all the usual customization options, and quite a few of the watches come With the matching always on display as well, certainly the ones that come pre installed here on the huawei watch, gt3 do otherwise.

Youve also got your bog standard analog and digital always on displays to match up with whatever youre, using. As for the app situation where youve got loads of stuff pre installed on here, including of course all the usual fitness stuff, workouts heart rate sbr2 skin temperature – there is actually a music app on here as well, because you can actually copy music to the watch for Offline listing youve got 32 gigs of storage on there as well, which is pretty decent. Actually copying. Your music across is accomplished via the huawei health. App, as you would expect, add some songs and away you go as well as that. You can also quickly and easily control any music. You happen to be playing on your smartphone at the time as well complete with a bit of information on the track. You can skip your tracks, you can change. The volume does seem a little bit buggy so far. Theres not too much in the way of lag but im having a little bit of trouble skipping tracks here in diesel. All of a sudden weve also got a built in speaker and mic here on the huawei watch gt3, just as you did in the previous generation. So you can use this to actually take calls via your smartphone, otherwise you can also use it to communicate with the celia voice assistant, although, as you can see there, this does require a huawei smartphone. Unfortunately, you cant use the assistant if youre running off, android or iphone, and the where we watch gt3 will certainly appeal to any outdoorsy types, because youve got the likes of the barometer and the compass on here and as well as your general weather, shenanigans.

Oh rain. Again, what a surprise uh while we watch gt3, could also keep you updated on ludas cycles and tides and all kinds of stuff. Youve also now got dual band 5 system: gnss gps tracking as well, which is supposed to be more accurate than with previous huawei watches. I will, of course, be testing that out for my full review. This should hopefully especially help out with that nifty rude back navigation tour, which featured on a couple of previous huawei smart watches. Basically, if youre hiking out in the wilderness, this can just track your exact motions and then, if you realize oh bollocks, ive got absolutely no idea where i am. This can just help you retrace your steps, get you back to where you started from and back in. You guessed it the good old, huawei health, app youve got access to the app gallery, which gives you access to a small number of, not particularly great apps. It has to be said home. Workout is all right if you want to burn off a few chip, butties or whatever couple of little sort of puzzle, game type, efforts and thats about it. Really now for your fitness tracking youve got huaweis fresh, true scene 5.0 plus sensor, which serves up faster, more accurate heart rate measurements youve also got a full 24 hour tracking for your spor2. You can also measure your current skin temperature as well, which i guess has more bearing in a core video world, not sure, of course, how accurate this is, but you can have it set up, so it does do 24 hour measurements of that, as well as for Actual exercise tracking as well well over a hundred types of exercise to choose from i didnt, even realize this many existed kind of terrifying.

All the stuff found on the previous broadway gt2 pro seems to be in order, including, like this is skiing and snowboarding, and anything thats. Not in that main list. You can just add uh via a secondary list and, like i said, pretty much anything you could possibly think of in here, including yes, a good bit of latin dancing, uh, plaza dance and whatever. That is all the martial arts shenanigans laser tag, even my own personal favorite swinging. Ladies im, sorry, but fishing, surely thats just an excuse to sit around on your ass drinking lager all day and same goes for darts and pull as well. I dont care how much bloody wrist actions involved and for each kind of exercise session. You can set your own personal goals as well and then once we actually get started, hopefully well have full voice feedback from funky, dutch guy. As usual start the workout. Oh yeah love it itll just pop up every now and then to offer a little bit of extra encouragement. Youve got access to your main stats right there on the screen, which of course will change up depending on what exercise youre actually doing. Youve also got your media controls there, which are available with a quick swipe, although that seems to often take a couple of swipes to actually bring up. You can change the volume of those uh workout broadcasts, as theyre called. You can also keep the screen permanently on.

While you are working out, you can always see those stats and theres an auto, detect workout feature too, and naturally, youve got a good bit of sleep tracking here on the huawei watch gt3 as well, which can tell you how great or how mediocre your quality of Sleep was mine was perfectly awk yesterday, apparently, i do like how it gives you a little score on your sleeping abilities. So, even if you suck at most other things in life at least, you can sort of do well at this and thats actually pretty much bang on as well. Quite often, smart watches will start to detect my sleep a little bit earlier when im just sitting commentaries on the sofa, but this got it spot on. I got to bed at a quarter to midnight and then yeah rosa just gone six and the last feature i want to show you here on the one we watch gt3 before we bugger off is the healthy living shamrock and this basically rates your day based on Three mindfulness factors: how much kip youve got, how much exercise youve got and your general stress levels. You can actually set your goals uh through the app and uh, as you can see that ive managed to get up out of bed today, so thats a big, healthy tic. I didnt just cower under the duvet all day. Im gon na do my breathing exercises just to make sure that i can still breathe and ive got a smile once a day as well, because ive kind of forgotten how to do that.

And then my healthy living shamrock will be complete and i can breathe a deep side relief, knowing that ive made it through yet another day on this absolute hellscape. Now battery life is most assuredly. Something ill be fully testing out here on the while we watch gt3 for my in depth review but worry records you get around a week of light use from a single charge, otherwise around four days of heavy use and thats just with the 42 mil version. But this 46 mil version while we rank you can double those estimates, although i reckon thats very optimistic and thats without using features like the always on display and the 24 hour tracking. So far, ive had all of the features turned on, including the likes of always on display the 24 hour heart rate tracking and sp02 tracking ive, obviously done the sleep tracking overnight as well been using this thing for about sort of 15 16 hours and its drained To 20, but that also includes all the setup phase and everything – and i have been using it an awful lot more than i would do in just some day to day use, but certainly compared with a lot of wear. Os watches, like likes of the samsung galaxy watch 4, the fossil gen 6, its a hell of a lot better, certainly much closer to what you would get from the likes of the amirs fit gtr 3.. So anyway, stay tuned for my in depth.

While we watch gt 3 review, hopefully coming in just another week or two, what do you reckon so far youre tempted by this bad boy? Certainly, a very sleek device, all those great premium features, and hopefully the battery life will stand tall so definitely feel free to mentally vomit. Your thoughts into the comment section down below uh. Please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest second to join the spurt and army. Have yourselves a fantastic rest of the weekend.