Allow me to present to you this sub 200 price gtr 3 from amazefit. It is a direct successor to the highly successful gtr2. So is this the best bang for your buck smartwatch? As everyone says it is, or are people just making a big deal out of it? Lets take this watch for a drive in this amazefit gtr3 review to find out how well or worse, this watch works, but before we proceed, dont forget to press the subscribe button, as i will be making more videos on this amazefit gtr3 watch, starting with the basics. The watch features a 1.’ inch amoled display with a pixel density of 326 ppi. The screen can light up to 1 000 nits, which means that even under direct sunlight, the watch is quite legible and easy to read and not just on paper. I found it to be good. In my day to day usage, i was easily able to operate the watch and read all the my new details like steps date and time whenever i was outside. Also, the always on display of the watch ensured that i didnt have to do any gymnastics like flicking the wrist to read the time or any other notifications. It may seem like a nifty feature in hindsight, but it is really helpful. During motorcycle rides, i was able to keep track of my time by a quick glimpse without losing my attention. It has a gorgeous 66 screen to body ratio, which is quite impressive.

Still gtr 3 has the lowest screen to body ratio in the mace fit gt family. The gts3 and gtr3 pro features an even more impressive screen to body ratio at 72.4 percent and 70.6 percent respectively featurewise, gtr3 and gts3 is more or less the same in what separates them as the round shape and square shape display. The case of the watch is made of aircraft grade aluminum, so there are no compromises in that department either. Along with that, you get a 22 millimeter. Silicone strap with the watch, which i find to be decent for the price, but its nothing to brag about. I find them to be a little uncomfortable at times, while doing sports activities like jump rope and running. Thankfully, the strap has a quick release mechanism, so the option is there to swap them out. There are also two variants of the amazefit gtr3 thunderblack and moonlight gray. I have a moonlight gray variant with me for the review, as i like the finish of this variant. Better. The back of the watch features the latest biotracker ppg 3.0 biometric center, which can track your heart rate, blood, oxygen, stress and sleep. We will talk about its accuracy in the latter part of the review. There are also two buttons on the side of the display that you will use to control the watch. The topmost crown of the watch functions as a crown, as well as a button pressing. It opens the menu and you can rotate the crown to scroll through the menu, and it also functions as the back button to exit the app while the crown itself is great in day to day usage.

But i think it could have been a little more responsive with a better rotating feel to it long pressing the crown button launches the alexa, which worked most of the time accurately. However, alexa on the watch felt really bare bones to me and wasnt able to do much outside of the few nifty tasks like weather, updates, alarms and setting reminders. One thing to note here is that the watch only has a microphone, so you wont be able to listen to alexa or pick up calls with the watch. It can be a deal breaker for some users, as i genuinely work with a colleague who uses that specific feature extensively on her smartwatch. You can check out her fossil smartwatch gen 5e review using the i button. The second button at the bottom opens up the workout profile, so youll be able to quickly begin your workout. You can customize this behavior using the zepp companion, app of the watch. You can set it to open workout history, status, activity, sleep, music, weather or some other function using the app i left it on default setting, as i do running every once in a while and its more convenient that way. Similarly, you can use the app to customize the long press function of the crowd button to launch something else instead of alexa. This brings us to the software part of the watch, which is the main battle for a smart watch. I mean build quality doesnt matter.

If your watch isnt up to the markup to in the software department and a lot of competing watches like garmin, 245m and samsung, galaxy watch have built a name for themselves. Just by doing that, you can check out our garmin 245m full review using the i button. A mace fit gtr3 is powered by zep os, which is a proprietary os made by amaze fit. It offers a straightforward and simple to operate user interface, but it does have some shortcomings like swiping from below. Brings you various notifications, but you cant interact with them. You can only dismiss them. Similarly, you can either disconnect or ignore the incoming call notification on the watch. Lots of competitors like garmin offer the ability to pick up the call. So you can answer the call using the phone. I dont know about you, but that feature has helped me pick up. Many calls when i already have bluetooth earphones connected to my phone. It makes picking up the call more seamless speaking of headphones. The watch does have onboard storage of about 3.1 gigabytes, which you can check by downloading the watch – storage space app, but you cannot store music on it, so you may need to carry your phone with you to listen to music when you go out for a run. This brings us to the app store situation of the gtr3. I mean there is an app store within the zep app, but that contains a handful number of apps and its nowhere close to the number of apps available in wear os in fossil watches, iq store and garmin watches or watch os in apple watches.

However, the watch does have a decent collection of watch faces in a separate, dedicated store. You can even create a custom watch face using the app ive created one for myself and another great thing about the watch is that it shows a sign while selecting the watch face telling you. If the watch face you have selected will drain your watch battery faster. Besides the customization options, i found various other features on the zep app to be very useful, like you can schedule the always on display, so there wont be a beam of light blasting you at night, plus you can create a custom vibration pattern for important notifications. So you can ignore all the unimportant notifications that you get throughout the day, while working the zap app also lets you set a password on the gtr3. So no one can snoop on your notifications when you arent wearing the watch. Also, if you want the buttons on the left side, then you can even switch the orientation of the display using the app or the watch itself, while smart features were kind of a mixed bag. But the watch performed well in the health, tracking and sports department. So lets talk about that, starting off with the sports tracking. First of all, the watch comes with a built in 150 plus sports profiles. You can record a wide range of activities on the watch, ranging from walks to skiing. I didnt go skiing with the watch, but i did do jump ropes, pace, walking and running with it.

First talking about the jump ropes, the watch automatically counts. How many jumps i have done wearing it, and you can quickly tell the watch that you have completed a set by pressing the crown button. I do easy jumps or basic jumps and it was almost accurate most of the time it either under or over calculated. Four to five jumps in all of my sets, once you complete the jump ropes, you get a nice summary showing the total number of jumps, workout duration, total set interval, number of sets, heart rate graph, heart rate zone and more it quickly got synced with a zep App, i also tested outdoor running with the watch, and i took my garmin 245m along with me to test the gtr3 accuracy, while the results were similar to the garmin 245m, but it did take 15 to 20 seconds more on gtr3 to lock onto the gps. The tracking was ok. It did show me that i was running right next to the road instead of on the road at times, but it is a common occurrence in all smart watches. One thing to note here is that i was using the balanced profile in the gps settings, so the watch was looking for gps and glonass navigation satellites for tracking my run. Apart from that, you can select gps plus bds or gps, plus galileo combination as well, and if you want, you can also select all satellite options, but i think gps and glonass combination will be good enough for most users.

This brings us to the walking. I do a lot of walking to think clearly after a long day at work and most of the time i forgot to turn on the walking profile in other watches. However, that was not the issue with the watch as it comes with the smart recognition feature for 8 sports, so it automatically alerts you to start activity tracking when you have been doing it for more than five minutes. The watch can automatically track indoor outdoor running, walking, treadmill outdoor cycling, rowing machine, elliptical and swimming. In my case, the watch was always able to record my walking sessions automatically without any issues. Step tracking calories, burned and heart rate tracking is accurate throughout all of my sports activities. You can trust the watch in regards to that. Moving on to the health tracking features of the watch, heart rate tracking was very accurate during my usage, so you can rely on it to track your heart rate while performing sports activities or resting. In fact, i tested the watch with an oximeter and most of the time results were reasonably close, if not spot on. Similarly, you can track your vo2 max while doing sports activities, which is a good indicator to gauge your fitness levels. The watch can also track the workout load that has been put on your body and it can further segregate how much portion of your workout was aerobic or anaerobic activity. Besides that, the watch also has a sleep tracking function that i personally found very helpful.

It accurately tracked my sleep and i personally felt that the sleep score watch awarded me really came close to how i felt about my sleep quality in the morning. It can further break down my sleep to showcase how much light rim and deep sleep ive been getting. Not only that the watch can even measure breathing quality, while sleeping but its still in beta, and there is no way to check that information without any medical grade device. One thing to note here is that its missing a body temperature sensor, which is available at various fitness, trackers and smart watches in this price range. So if thats an important feature for you, then gtr3 pro has a built in temperature sensor. You can also monitor blood oxygen, as the watch has a built in spo2 sensor during my usage, the watch tracked all these health tracking functions well without any issues. Now, looking at all these functions, you might be thinking that two days of battery life is the most you can expect with the watch during my usage, i enabled all the features on the watch, like always on display 24 7 heart rate, tracking automatic spo2, tracking vibration And notification sync enabled doing activities like walking, jump rope and still the watch lasted for almost 6 days and if you disable a few of the features, i am sure you can get even more battery from the watch. The watch took one hour 45 minutes to fully charge from zero to 100.

It charges pretty fast, but it slows down a little bit in the last 10 percent. I would say in the terms of battery life, this blows away where os and apple watch out of the water, i wont be surprised to see the watch last even longer if someone doesnt work out a lot or use gps daily. This brings me to the final part of the review. Should you buy the watch? It really depends on what you intend to use the smart watch. For i mean, do you want nfc to make contactless payments or a smart watch with the speaker, so you can take calls hands, free or better interact with alexa? What about onboard storage to store and play music while running? If you answered yes to all those statements, then no, this watch isnt for you. However, if you want a smart watch that can track your health vitals, do sports, tracking and sync notifications then go with the watch hurries. You are the audience this watch is intended for so folks.