This is libby tech here back with another video and im here, to give you a quick review and my thoughts on the gtr pro 3 pro now. This watch does not get enough advertising or you know it. Doesnt get enough videos with the other big watches up there. I wish they would um, but yeah so straight to the point. This watch is amazing and uh it retails for 229. Now, the time at the time i got this watch, they had a sale. I dont know if it was, i think it was a holiday sale, so i got it for roughly around 179, which the pack features that it comes with is well worth it compared to say my apples, uh series 4 watch um, which i currently dont, really wear. Much because its hard to justify the price of a four to five hundred dollar watch when you can pretty much get the same features uh in this watch right here for way less of the price and so were going to go over the specs here. So this baby has a 1.5 inch screen amoled screen um. It has 70.6 ratio. So the screen is pretty pretty big: uh 1 000 uh mid for brightness. So when youre out there in the sun um no matter where what time of day it is, you can see whats on the screen and also uh. The ppi of this watch is 33 331, so pretty crisp for the watch size, the screen size it has and for an amoled, so its quickly uh.

So this is the box fairly simple. This is the original band. It comes with um, as you can see. When i show you my watch. It has a different band because you are able to change it now, its not as easy as say. The apple watch um to change the bands, but as long as im able to customize with my watch im happy so as you can see on the front, it says: advanced, uh, biometer, all around health tracking, uh, 150 sports mode, while other watches really have has 150 Sports mode for this price, or even over 100 sports modes um, and it has music storage and playback so thats a plus just go put that off to the side. So this is my watch right here. The amaze fit gtr 3 pro. As you can see, i did change my band. I love it. You can get bands for this. Uh, i think, is a 22 millimeter. You can get this off amazon about a pack of 10 for about 20 bucks or less so yeah. I always i always buy my bands off of amazon. I dont like, for example, the apple watch. I dont uh buy the bands from apple store unless its uh some limited edition, one or something, but other than that. I do go on amazon and buy my bands for cheaper people, cant tell, and they do last fairly a long time without any issues so its quickly getting to the watch here.

So, like other watches such as um, again apple watch, you have siri well. This has built in alexa, not too many android, watches or android type watches um have that this is not android based, but its similar in a sense um. It does work on ios and app uh android because of the zep app which its running the zev software um, as you can see, right here, powered or powered by zip right there, and so it has its own custom ui and things like that. So the thing i like about it is the design the design is beautiful. Um, it doesnt feel cheap at all the uh. You have two buttons here uh. You can use this as a scroll wheel, so you dont really have to touch the screen um. So looking at the screen here, you do have your your main uh screen here, where it shows you the time uh how much calories you burn the power you have left and getting to that. This is what makes this watch stand out from the others. So you have all these features in here all these sensors and yet youre able to get um 12 days of battery life on minimal usage seven days a little bit under seven days with heavy usage and up to 30 days with battery save mode. So again, youre spending 229 dollars for a watch. You barely have to charge, and so it comes into a situation where, if you were to go on a road trip – or you know, vacation for at least a week or so you dont have to worry about carrying your charger and also the charging on this thing Is um a little bit under two hours, so its not too bad two hours for seven plus days i mean you, cant really beat that so moving on you have your.

So when you squeeze down you have your pre selected. Uh watch faces that you can download from the app which i will show you here so youll download the zep app when you get this watch. So when you set up the watch its going to give you a qr code to download that. But essentially this is it right here, so it tells you, your your stats, your tracking, your heart, um, your oxygen level, your steps, and i mean everything – is all there. One gripe i do have um. This happened also with apple back in the day where you would move your arms and would count it as steps well even driving as well. So i i have a little clip here im going to show you um so driving to work leaving the house. I took 60 something steps reaching work. It was. It went up to about 640 something steps so yeah. They need to fix that im, pretty sure that can be done, software, wise and uh, hopefully yeah they get that fixed in the future, but other than that everything is straightforward. Uh you go to profile. If you want to see your how many days right now, im currently at 47, with eight days without charging, so there you go and like, for example, when i took it off the chart of the first day within six, it took six hours just for it to Drop one percent, whereas apple i would be around if it was six hour, probably take like 15 down already or more and so yeah ive.

I was able to um encourage people to you know switch over to this watch. While i spend 400, when you can get everything you want in this uh watch, so pretty much youll go through. You know you have multiple settings which also helps with the battery life. Um. You are able to. You know receive phone calls in this one, not in the gtr, regular gtr youre, not able to uh receive calls. You can see it on your screen, but youre not able to answer it. You can decline it. I believe or mute it, but you cant answer it. Um, the music on here the speakers are pretty good. You know not too many watches allow you to store music on here and listen to it without you know connecting earbuds and whatnot. So overall, you know um its a great watch, one also another gripe. I do have is with the weather, as you can see, it was updated at 9 26. You know so it goes on and off like ill ill wake up the next day and then the weather would say: hasnt been updated since yesterday, so hopefully again they can fix that via software and um get that situation situated with. Also, i noticed that when its nighttime, you wont see an animation of like the moon or anything thats. Another thing thats been happening since the the watch, the other watch. I have from amaze fit call the the t rex pro uh, not the t rex pro the original t, rex and itll be night time and youll look at the weather and it still shows the sun.

I wish they would um try to fix that uh other than that. This watch is great. I love how easy it is to use your notification. You just pull up and all your notifications. Are there uh swipe left. You have your steps uh. How many minutes you? You stood up, etc. Your heart rate and the great thing about this is you can do what it does. Is your heart rate, your sleep, your stress all in one sitting, um. If you decide to do that, if you want to test that out and um, it gives you goals and stuff. Let me see if i can play some music on here. Hopefully, no copyright, Music, so yeah, so yeah thats the music on there very very loud. I love it and um like i said this watch does not get enough recognition, uh, hopefully others. Whoever see this video go out check their website. You cant go wrong with it. I i rarely see any bad reviews on this watch to the videos that are out there. Um shout out to amazing for making a great watch and theyre, not even uh theyre, not like an old company. They just started out like maybe like three four five years ago, so you know theyre doing pretty good and their user base is expanding, so go check. This watch out guys if you want ill leave a link down below um. If you want to check it out some more and thanks for watching this is my quick review.

I hope it was quick.