If you ask me, you can track just about every sport mode. You have a one tab measuring which measures all of the four major half steps. At the same time, you can call friends right from your wrist or you can flirt a little bit with alexa. Of course, this watch has a lot more to offer than that, but let me start by saying: welcome to my channel. My name is leonard youre, watching product, reviewer and thats. Of course me so today we will take a look at the specs at the battery life and just about every feature this watch has to offer so lets get started. Lets start off with the gps, health and sport tracking. The mesa gtr 3 pro has over 150 different sport modes to choose from starting at the basics like running swimming cycling and walking. But you also have some advanced sports, like winter sports strength, training and what i really like, esports ive, never seen that on any smartwatch before, but since its called e sports. I guess i can let that one slide before you start an activity. You can set your goals or alerts like if you hit a certain distance pace time and a few more. You also get an auto pause feature whenever you have to stand still in weight: a virtual pacer and a cadence assistance, both basically trying to help you to keep up a certain pace or cadence just to keep you in shape.

After starting your workout, you get to see your workout duration, heart rate, burning calories, and you can even control your music without having to quit the workout. And after you finish, you get a quick summary of all of your stats. As for the accuracy of the hardware tracking, the mazefit gtr3 pro wasnt, that far off as i was comparing it to my polar h10 chest band on average, it gave me 91 beats and a high of 130, whereas the polar chess pen gave me 88 beats. On average and a high of 121 so overall, not that far off now, as for the gps tracking, its not the best and the lines are a little bit curvy every once in a while, but overall its good enough for 99 of the cases. This watch also has a stress, tracker that tracks your stress, 24 7, a blood oxygen tracker and the usual sleep tracker that one tracks your light and deep sleep as well as your ram in the wake time. It also gives you a score between 1 and 100, based on your sleeping quality. You also get a small analysis of your slumber and compares your sleep to similar users so much for the trackers, but how about the battery life and yeah its actually pretty good? With a few notifications every day, sleep stress and heart rate tracking turn on, as well as the awesome display mode you get about a week of battery life.

Amazing claim that you get about 12 days of battery life, but that is with the always display mode turned off, and that really consumes a lot of battery, so 12 days might be possible. Also, the gtf3 pro only takes about one hour to charge from flat all the way up to 90, which is one hour faster than it should be. So i dont mind having that now to the design, specs and navigation on this watch and navigating feels pretty smooth. You can either swipe left and right on the screen or you can use the rotatable bezel to scroll through your messages and apps. The lower and upper button are customizable and can be connected to any of your apps like for me, the sport mods or the alexa voice assistant. The gtr3 pro has a 1.45 inch amnitouch display with a resolution of 480×480 pixel. It has an aluminum case, a leather straps and a plastic bag, even though i have to tell you that the leather strap in combination with the plastic bag really fits low quality, especially the leather strap, feels very cheap but anyways. This watch also has three gigabyte of internal storage, so you can transfer music from your phone to your watch. It is also water resistant up to 5 atm and its compatible with android and ios devices. A great feature about the gtr 3 pro is the one tab measuring that cool feature tracks, your stress level, spo2 level, respiration rate and your heart rate at the same time, so you dont have to do them all separately.

This watch keeps track with your workout history. As well, so you can look at all of your past workouts. You have a weather widget with a small one week, weather forecast an alarm calendar and a phone feature, so you can call people right from your wrist if your smartphone is nearby and connected to it. Now, speaking of the connectivity, the gtl3 pro has small connectivity problems every once in a while and in order to fix that you have to turn your bluetooth off and on and after that, everything works again. Smartphone left and right on your smartwatch takes you through your different tiles, which are your daily activity, stats, heart rate, weather, pi, music player and alexa voice assistant and by tapping on any of these apps you get additional infos swiping down, takes it to your notifications and You basically get notifications from just about every app instagram, snapchat, whatsapp emails and all of that stuff. Now, unfortunately, you cannot reply to any of them and you can only read them swipe and down takes it to your quick panel with all the usual stuff. Like your d d mode settings, brightness volume, flashlight and a few more okay, the alexa voicing system works great now. In order to use that one you have to connect, your amazon account with your watch via the zap app for that go to the zeb app and click profiles. Then scroll down and click on, add accounts, and over here you can add amazon alexa.

Now you can ask alexa anything you want so lets, give it a try. How was the weather? Do you like me, since this watch has three gigabyte of internal storage? You cannot only transfer music to this watch, but you can also download a few selected apps, which are very basic and not that great and you can download a bunch of different watch faces. You really have a big variety to choose from, like analog spoiler, looking ones minimalistic ones, fancy futuristic or some with a bunch of metrics attached to it. Most of these watch faces are even customizable, so you can choose what background what metrics should be displayed or even choose the style of the pointers as well as we get a few small other features like compass barometer, cycling, tracking breathing sessions stopwatch and a timer, and You can control your camera using your smartwatch. One last thing is that you can use your final phone feature on your smart watch, so you can look for your phone, but that also works the other way around and use your smartphone to look for your watch, which is pretty handy in my opinion and folks.